What Is CoolBuyShop.com – Is ‘CoolBuyShopStore’ Scam or Legit?

By | May 18, 2019

Use Caution – CoolBuyShop.com Review.

CoolBuyShop.com is a new e-store offering up to 60% off, free shipping over $49 plus a further saving of $25 when you use their coupons. How are they making any profits for the advertised goods? So, we have concerns that they are simply giving a way too much savings to customers and that is a big concern for us. Are they delivering on what they are advertising? Is ‘CoolBuyShop’ actually a scam and not trustworthy?

Those with customer reviews are welcome to leave your views in the comments. Perhaps you made a purchase and nothing has showed up, shoddy goods, damaged, over charged? Well, this is your time to have your say and to help warn others. Would you recommend them? Let us know below in the comments as to why.






CoolBuyShop.com Scam Check.

  • Their savings as said are very high. They are a new site and so how can they afford to be so generous? We typically see such pricing on scam sites, to be blunt about it. We will seek out owner name, business address, contact information and quickly Google that to see if there are any attached scam reports about CoolBuyShop.com.
  • Registration is displayed in WHOIS for this site as 2019/12/27 with only a year registration. Why set up a business, with all the entailed efforts and expense, for 1 year? That is indicative of a hit-and-run site, but not always. It could be there is an honest e-store founder operating this site and so just decided that time frame to see how things go.
  • A chance, but I feel, a slim one. Those prices, plus all the savings, makes me wonder heavily how they are making this profitable thus worth anyone’s time. We must consider the manufacturing costs of these high quality goods. Inventory cost. Materiel’s. Logistics etc etc and so everyone involved in their eventual sale has to earn something. This is why I have a problem with their pricing.
  • We also see a ‘Highland Avenue’ address that I have personally witnessed being used by far too many sites now. That is only an address that hides their actual location and really is why scammers can get away with what they do – no one knows where they are located.
  • Founder Name? No sign of it and it is astounding that sites can set up without verifying who they are. I would need more identity to get a small loan then e-store owners are required to eventually end up handling and processing banking information of potentially 1000’s of people. Not good.
  • On their site we have no clarity on their business transparency and so people may be handing over their payment information to an untrustworthy site. If something goes wrong, you are at the mercy of your payment provider, who do not always swing in the customers favor.
  • Quickly outlining some of their scam signs, we can see bottom of their site, they refer to themselves as ‘coolbuyshopstore’. That does not exactly match their URL. So site logo name and URL must match as that is a classic scam sign.
  • Huge discounts. No founder name. Real business address is unknown. No phone number for customer service. Would you really hand over cash to these guys without knowing who they are? In essence, this maybe happening right now as people may become blinded by the price and quality of the goods advertised.
  • There appears to be no scam reports about this site at present. They are new and so hopefully there will be none.




Final Thoughts.

We have quickly listed common attributes of scam sites. They have a bunch of them. Common as well is no biz transparency even though they intend to do business with the online community. I am not recommending them at this moment for the reasons stated.

With only an email address of support@coolbuyshop.com for customer contact then I feel this is the correct determination for now. Your customer reviews will be evidence enough for us all to determine if they are a scam or legit company. 

That is all for now on What Is CoolBuyShop.com and thank you kindly for coming by. Hope to hear from you and others in the section provided for comments below this article.




4 thoughts on “What Is CoolBuyShop.com – Is ‘CoolBuyShopStore’ Scam or Legit?

  1. Mika

    I ordered shoes and a dress. The shoes were advertised as genuine leather but they’re rainboot material and are off gassing strongly. The dress I ordered in size large (I’m about a size 12) and the dress that came looks like a size 4. The items arrived in about 2 weeks. I’m never doing that again. I’m out my money with items I can’t use. Lesson learned.


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