What Is CoolandFunnyTees.com – Is ‘Cool and Funny Tees’ Scam or Legit?

By | April 5, 2019

What Is CoolandFunnyTees.com About – Our ‘Cool Funny Tees’ Review / Potential Scam Alert?

Not sure on What Is CoolandFunnyTess.com at www.coolandfunnytees.com? Is CoolandFunnyTees com a scam, fraud, fake or Is ‘CoolandFunnyTees’ safe, legit, trustworthy, real and genuine? This ‘Cool Funny Tees’ Review has seen one complaint that they have stolen an image from a group on FB called Deaf Pride



scam or legit

Is www.coolandfunnytees.com a scam?



Those with customer reviews are welcome to leave them in the comments to help others in their research. There is not a whole lot written about this site and seemingly few scam reports as well. We will take a quick look to see if they have legit information like founder name, business address, contact information.

ScamAdviser.com has given them a trust score of 79%. Not bad at all. They say that this site is located in the USA but other countries are involved. 

We are unable to locate their business address, no founder name, no customer support phone number and also no email address, though, they do have a link to click to contact them via email.

These are bad signs and especially that report on FB about this site having stolen other peoples image. But one scam report does not make them a scam.

What are your thoughts about this site?

All are welcome to open up this discussion on What Is CoolandFunnyTees.com. Where too many bad reports occur then we will gladly list them in our List of Internet Scammers. That is all for now and looking for to your reports below.



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