What Is Conglide.com – Is Congide.com Scam or Legit? Scam Alert!!

By | January 14, 2019

In Truth, What Is Conglide.com About? – Your Warning!

You will be glad to read this short review on What Is Conglide.com found at www.conglide.com. Is Conglide com dishonest, crooked, scam, untrustworthy, fraudulent or Is Conglide good, real, safe, legit, genuine, honest? This www Conglide com Review is to alert to you to avoid that site. They have too many others as well such as MyLoveGoods.com, Skying.icu, VsTroll.com, Morderneo.com, SetComing.com, NuxtFit.com, InnovGoods.com, YouthForSome.com, GadJetMart.com, SuperGoMall.com, InovGoods.com, InnovStylish.com, Rena1ssance.com, Poisly.com, Tylious.com and LucuryBuy.com. Many exist of them online not listed here. Please leave your scam reports to help alert others – thank you.

Aside from delivering not what you ordered, if anything, they are after your banking details. Those that bought something from any of their sites need to contact your payment provider. You will probably have to cancel your card and also you must get a refund. These sites are already proven to be dishonest and fraudulent in  nature. Also any and all personal data  you handed over maybe sold onto scammers for further fraudulent purposes.

Typically it is noted most fake shopping sites are coming from China and regions close by. They have a way, or most do, to make goods that are inferior, cheap versions, counterfeit goods etc. Those that receive an order may notice that the item(s) are very poor in quality, wrong item, damaged or even just an empty package like an envelope in order to produce some kind of legit tracking information. You may click on the reviews above and you will see the identical resemblance in most cases.


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Further Information on What Is Conglide.com.

So now you know What Is Conglide.com, but also, you now know to stay clear of their other sites like NuxtFit, MyLoveGoods, Morderneo, Skying.icu, VsTroll, SetComing, InovGoods and InnovGoods, YouthFroSome, SuperGoMall, GadJetMart, InnovStylish, LucuryBuy, Poisly.com, Tylious.com, Rena1ssance etc. The are all the same and run by the same scammers as the site in question.


MyLoveGoods.com/Conglide.com Review

Another 1 of their Sites! Stay away from www.conglide.com!


They are further a bad company because they have hidden all legit details of the owner name, contact information is not registered at WHOIS, and information on their site is connected to other online scams. Those that do not have connections of that nature then you may notice their phone number may not work and you may not get a response by their email. 

Their site was registered in 2018/12/28 and that is done for only a year. Companies will normally set up an online business for many years to come and so 1 year is indicative of sites that want to scam, for around 1 or 2 years, and then shut down without warning when their site(s) get a bad reputation. This bad reputation comes about when people take the time to leave their scam reports where they are invited to do so online. Then when the earnings on their site(s) becomes poor enough they will shut down because now too many people now know about them.




Conglide Scam Signs.

1). Please take a quick look to the bottom of their site. Look bottom left and you will see their copyright date. So go to WHOIS.COM and you can type in their generic URL i.e. ‘conglide.com’. Now you will see the information that was left there by unknown founder. I see that they registered their domain name in 2018, as discussed. So why then do they have it as 2010 to 2019 on their site? That is a disastrous error and one to alert you that something is profoundly wrong here.

2). alicious sites sometimes will lie about the age of their sites to try to gain more trust from you. People may think that how can they be a scam if they have been online for so long and so then may risk their cash and buy something from that site. It is a very common scam trick to try to increase their sales.

3). Having a quick look in their About Us section I see that they use the same wording that is used elsewhere online. Word for word! That is a good place to always look to see if there is duplicate content online and it really is used by many sites, that are owned, by the same people – despite how different some of their sites may look.

4). Their address is 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255, Phoenix, AZ, USA. That is an address that is used by many other sites online. And so, once again, how can other companies be using the same address as the site in question? The answer is they can’t be and so we have to assume one of two things, they own all of those sites, or are hiding behind someone else’s data in order to avoid answering questions from authorities. So, we see in this instance of their site, that they did leave an address.

5). There is a phone number as well and that number has a warning against it online. That  number is +1.3478717726. However, on their site, they have a number of 1 626 456 6688. That number is being used by online companies that are proven to be fraudulent and of course they belong to the scam network being exposed here.

6). Prices are too low on their site and lso they are giving a discount on Global Shipping. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE OFFERS are usually not real and require you to search out reviews to confirm them. Where there are too many negative reviews you should probably then give them a miss. Not all those people can be lying about the same company.

7). Images are not their own products and so you probably willnever get what you ordered from any of their sites.

8). Tons of identical sites online that are not being disclosed to their customers. Where we see many identical sites is so they can continue to earn even if one or two have to be shut down. However, they are swift to replace usually ahead of time so to keep on earning. Many times they will take the names of good and trusted sites, with slightest variations, and so in the hope people will get confused and click on their site. 

9). Using identical images used on their other sites. They look like they have simply copied and pasted one sites code, changed the URL name, and pasted it to start a new clean slate with the search engines in terms of reputation.



Do You Have A Conglide.com Scam Report? Please Report Them Below In The Comments – Thank You.












Final Thoughts.

There is no doubt that they can not be trusted and you will not get what you ordered. Cheaper versions, shoddy, inferior goods will be sent to you instead of the items advertised on their site. Please spare a moment to report them below to try to get them shut down sooner. They are now going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.

Those with questions are welcome to ask below where I will respond. Anyone that wishes to report any online scam are welcome to leave their URL’s below. That is all for now on What Is Conglide.com and I hope it was useful for now. There are 2 free websites below for those that want to start working from home in 2019. Thank you all for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments below.


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