What Is ConfortShopp.com – Is ConfortShopp.com Scam or Legit?

By | March 3, 2019

Find Out Here What Is ConfortShopp.com – The ‘ConfortShopp’ Review.

You are invited to read our review on What Is ConfortShopp.com situated at www.confortshopp.com. Is ConfortShopp com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, bogus and fake or Is ‘ConfortShopp’ legit, safe, real, genuine, trustworthy? This ‘Confort Shopp’ Review is a scam. They have other scam sites and one is called GoTrekian.com. Those that were scammed by eithe site are welcome to report them below in the comments to help others avoid them.

Our research is to help you decide for yourself if they are legit or scam. You should know right now, that the BBB.org has already reported on both of those sites in connection with scam behavior. That is per their report on ConfortShopp of which we are exposing to our readers now.



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ConfortShopp.com Review – Stay Clear of them.

We will source information on What Is ConfortShopp.com online in our ‘ConfortShopp’ Review. We begin to ask basic questions like who is the founder, where is their business address, contact information? We also will find out the registration date as that can tell us something as well. Those that know of any sites in connection with them are very welcome to report them below this article.




www.confortshopp.com scam alert!



Registration date was in 2018/11/05 and for a mere year is all they have registered their new online business. One year is a low time frame to achieve success in business and so that is a telling sign of a hit-and-run site. Of course, it may be that they want to see if it is worth their time and so they have the options to renews their site.

No founder name and the address they are using per WHOIS is 96 Mowat Ave. So that address is being used by many other websites online. So how can it be theirs? That is an address designed to hide their real location. 

Looking to their site we can see that it is an IDENTICAL COPY of GoTrekian.com, that used to be called ‘Loteknia55.com’ – now closed and re-directed. Where we find copies of sites is a bad sign. They set up new ones it seems, and when the old ones are exposed too greatly, they either shut them down or re-direct to new URL’s. The copy is only a copy and paste of the older closed sites.

We have proven that their address of their site (700 3rd Ave N, Clanton, Alabama 35045, #unit 365 links to a ‘First Methodist Church’! See that review linked above for that proof. So that address clearly is not their own and therefore a lie. 

+1 229 351 4921 is the number on their site and that is also the same as their other sites. How can complete different online companies have the same address and phone number? Of course, they can not unless they are being run by the same people.

support@confortshopp.com is the email address they have. It is worth noticing, if you type into Google ‘confort.com’ it re-directs to the site in question.




ConfortShopp.com Scam Signs.

  • They are not being truthful about their real location unless of course that church is the owner of these scam sites. That is not even an option to consider.
  • Multiple sites using the same business information, and at least one other we have reviewed, is identical.
  • Their McAffeec Trust Image is not clickable. That is just for show. You should be able to click on that image and it takes you to McAffee website.
  • Upon which there should be proof that they have certified ‘ConfortShopp’ as safe to use.
  • Bottom of their site we can see their date is set to 2017. That is not true. They have not been online since 2017 and WHOIS shows us a different date – the real date.
  • They are lying about this point because the older they can make themselves the more trustworthy they appear to their visitors. This then has the unfortunate effect of leading to more sales.
  • Their prices really are too-good-to-be-true. They are all priced at $12.97 at this point in time. No one is selling you a bunk bed with a ladder for that price. That is a very good scam sign to find and that leaves me in no doubt they are not legit or real.
  • When we go to check out a product we see other Trust Seals. Not one of them are clickable and therefore are lies. They are just trying to give you a feeling of reassurance at the point you may enter in sensitive information.
  • There are complaints on Facebook of money being taken immediately from their account but no delivery of products. 





Final Thoughts.

We have more extensively covered their other identical site in GoTrekia Review top of this article for those interested. There is no doubt that any site that looks like these two are scams and should be avoided at all costs.

Those that information on other sites or the sites in questions are welcome to report them below. That is all for now on What Is ConfortShopp.com and looking forward to all of your comments below. They are now going into our List of Internet Scammers.


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