Common Affiliate Marketing Scams for Newbies to Avoid

By | September 9, 2017

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Avoid the affiliate scam sign.

Affiliate Marketing Scams that Rip Beginners Off Online.

Affiliate Marketing Scams gives affiliate marketing a bad name and defrauds countless new comers to the industry of time and money! From crazy sign up fee’s to ever increasingly nasty up sells after sign up, I would like to show you the kinds of programs to avoid like the plague, comes a long with own Number 1 RECOMMENDATION.

Firstly, we need to understand what Affiliate Marketing is to begin with and how, after much work
and time, you can earn a very respectable and honest living online for you and your family.

It is when you have your own website, for instance, and you do the following:-

  • Set up and building your own website.
  • Structuring your website i.e. Pages and Menus etc.
  • Add engaging and relevant content to your website.
  • SEO your website to attract traffic, which, is continuously done when creating content.
  • Adding aesthetics to your website so it’s easier on the eye and maintains attention of the readers for easier digestion.
  • Monetize your website by adding banners and advertisements.
  • When a reader clicks a banner or advertisement they will be directed to the sellers site, whereupon, they purchase a product, whereupon again, website owner earns commission.


In a nutshell, that is all affiliate marketing is! Through learning and hard work anyone can do it!!

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Affiliate Marketing SCAMS That Rob You Blind!Lady running with tray of cakes while copper chases. Old style cartoon.


Now we know, exactly, what it is meant to be all about, lets take a look at what you NEED to avoid at all costs. There are too many, thousands, of programs out there that promise to show you how to earn money online from home. GREAT! However, like a virus, too there are from home programs are out just to scam new comers and have gotten very good at it as well.

My post will help you steer clear of:-

  • Losing money, we are talking potentially thousands and thousands in sign up fee’s and nasty up sales.
  • Loss of time!
  • Wasted energy.
  • Finding out the hard way you’ve been conned.
  • Will stop you looking like a total tool in front of all your friends and family that know your trying to make a living online!
  • My post will help you understand that NOT ALL of these programs are fake and criminal. This is a very important one.

Is there a Sign Up Fee?Scales of Justice.


STOP! LOL! Don’t you DARE pay that fee! If you are thinking about signing up to a ‘tempting‘ program, and, you encounter a sign up fee as soon as ‘click’ that link, then you are dealing with something is just no good for you. More than likely you have stumbled upon a lion’s den of MLM scavengers who prey on newbies to the industry.

You should never have to pay someone else for a job! That’s just bonkers and backwards and a SURE-FIRE sign you are dealing with illegitimate marketeers. What you WILL find, I have no doubt, as soon as you pay the fee, you will get a few crumbs of features but, to get full access, you will pay hundreds and thousands, by the time you give up on it!

Don’t take my word for it – try Global MoneyLine! It is FREE to sign up (only bonus), however, up sales are into the thousands, and if you don’t buy those worthless digital products, even if you make a successful referral, you will not make any commissions on those products! That’s DARK! TOTAL RIP OFF! Here is my Review of Global MoneyLine Scam!


Imitation Affiliate Marketing Training Programs for a Fee.

Image of Osho Guru.

Osho! A True Guru!!

These ‘training‘ programs are targeting newbie affiliates, hoping to prey on their inexperience in the industry, and will do nothing other than make you gasp at how successful THEY are! These scum bags are all over YouTube showing you flash cars – which they probably don’t even own – and telling you how you can be like them!  Don’t believe these Criminal Marketing ‘Gurus’!!

You will be pressured, under the ‘guise‘ of your own free will, to join an online seminar, for a fee of course, which will (invariably) to further sign ups, costing you even more money! It is a ‘rabbit-hole’ to being scammed!

Others will offer e-books, PDF etc that contains nothing but ‘fluffy‘ nonsense and data that really does not get you anywhere closer to establishing your own online business. I can these programs ‘imitation’ because they are fake as fake could be. Anyone with an ounce of affiliate marketing training could train newbies far better and quicker for only $49 a month! BOOM! No nasty up sales and no pressure to keep up monthly fee’s. These guys take the ‘mick’ and charge exorbitant fee’s, and sadly, people pay them!


Nasty Up Sales Funnels!Business trying to scam lady and lady telling him where to go.

I have already made reference to this, but, since it is one of the primary ways scammers rip off newbie affiliates online, I will go into further detail.

So, what is an up sale/up sell anyways? A classic example is when you go to McDonalds, despite your over-weight Doctor telling you it’s killing you, you order a burger and chips. Then they ask you “Do you want a drink with that?“. That, right there, is an up sell and a positive one at that! Not all up selling is bad.

It is BAD when you sign up (usually already paying a fee with such nonsense) and your hit with another fee! How so? OK, you sign up and now you get a message saying if you want customer support you have to pay a small fee of (whatever the fee is). Then, you gotta pay for more training to continue your online success. More possible fee’s with nasty up selling funnels is paying for websites/hosting and another ‘tool‘ for this and that until you are spending more on ‘earning-money‘, rather than, actually earning money!

If you sniff this out about a program you must bolt and never look back! They ain’t gonna show you anything other than how to get ripped-off! TRUST ME!


Clickbank Scams!

Don’t misunderstand me! Click Bank is not a scam, far from it, however, in my experience with this site, I have found only ONE product that I was able to put onto to my own website. Too many products just aren’t good enough to promote. Here is why:-

Product Links send people to dark and overly ‘mysterious’ video landing pages and then try to sell some unrealistic way of making money. Usually with the dreaded sign up fee! RUN FOREST RUN! Stats show such pages have a huge ‘bounce-rate’ i.e. people leave in seconds after page loading.

Products ‘bait’ people to click their products promising them they can work from home and earn unrealistic pay for their time and efforts. Here is a list of the types of work from home scams I came across through Click Bank:-

  1. Work from Home Data Entry Jobs.
  2. Refund and Recovery Online Jobs.
  3. Stuffing Envelopes from Home.
  4. Assembly work Jobs from Home.
  5. Medical Claims Processor Jobs.
  6. Rebate Processor Jobs.
  7. Package Forwarding and Reshipping – this one is particularly nasty and can land you in jail quite easily!

I did an investigation into all the above ‘opportunities’, hence, why they are linked.

I no longer go to Click Bank to promote products anymore.


Pizza Boy Millionaire Rip-Off!Pizza cook holding pizza with red freckles and a cartoon smile.

I am sure we have all seen ‘snippets‘ of the work from home mom’s being advertised as being millionaires now! Why? Because they were smart enough to go and take advantage of whatever nutty and rediculous opportunity it has attached to a headline such as:- “Dublin Mom Earns Millions Online Working From Home!!”. I nearly fell for this crap once! WOW! I really was that GREEN!

The Pizza Boy Millionaire Rip-Off (as I call it) is the same thing but has worked far better than anything else out there promoting work from home moms/dads scams! It details a story how a young teenage boy, delivering pizzas of course, made millionaires by taking part in some ‘secret system’ online marketing guru fake affiliate program.

If this kid could do it then why aren’t you?IT’S CLICK BAIT TO BEING DEFRAUDED!

You’ll pay to sign up and then they will go to work on you by getting you to buy nasty priced tools and products and training that won’t work! Simple as. You have to do correct SEO and work your socks off (only in the beginning though) to be successful in marketing online as an affiliate. I know, I am doing it now.

Anything similar to above about making a fortune working from home in a short amount of time is BULLSHIT! TOTAL BULLSHIT! Don’t click on it and you’ll be safe.


Proof of SUCCESS Scams.Fake Check.

Your looking to work from home as an affiliate marketeer, legitimately, and you believe you found one! Cool – you click on the link and the first thing you see, which is ALL you see, is ‘PROOFS‘ everywhere of financial success stories!! Your blasted with images of 10k checks, 20k checks all earned in 1 second flat! OK , 5 seconds flat!

It’s total garbage. There is nothing wrong with providing proof to your success ‘if’ asked for, but, to promote your opportunity with a website littered with such promo, is asking for people to get ripped off! If those checks are actually real it is because new comers to the industry got done! The time frames that these people say is possible to earn such money is not realistic, no where near it! Unless, of course, you’re scamming people! That’s it. No other way.

If you see big earnings in such a short amount of time with some ‘get rich quick scheme’, please have the sense, to walk away and report it to ME! Thank you.


Key Red Flags to Online Affiliate Scams.

  • If you take nothing else away then please remember this:- DON’T PAY A SIGN UP FEE WITHOUT A TEST DRIVE FIRST. It’s OK to sign up to something but get a taste of it first and assuming the price is affordable.
  • Don get hooked by ‘Proof’s’of Financial Success Earned Over Night!’ It’s not possible unless you are defrauding people.
  • Watch out for Click Bank Scams! There many fine and reputable products, obviously, on click bank, but, it is strewn with garbage as well.
  • Fake Training and crappy E-book courses that cost you an arm and a leg and an ear lobe also! They are usually cruddy with little no to chance of financial success or refund.
  • Nasty Up sells after signing up! These up sells is where online tricksters turn into millionaires in a short amount of time and then, VANISH, like a bad smell!
  • Eat Pizza! Not Bullshit! Watch out for “I used to be a shoe polisher and now I have one million super model girl friends, Bill Gates Mansion and a theme dedicated to roller-coastering my brief cases of cash around all day long!” success ‘stories’. Don’t fall for the hype!

Let’s say however, you are looking for something that is legit. It is free to sign up. Premium is $49 per month with no obligation to renew. You be taught all the secrets to affiliate marketing (good practices). You be taught website creation and development. Content creation (correctly). The all important and coveted SEO tricks. So much more.

Consider then reading my review of which comes with a special offer also Wealthy Affiliate – Is It Legit.

No hard sell here, just making you aware that there is real and genuine ways to earn money online starting from now.


Conclusion to Marketing Affiliating Scams Online.

An eye watering $1000,000,000,000 is lost globally to online fraud. Signing up to something, paying through the teeth for it, and STILL not making money online? This is deplorable and very unfair. Not all programs are like this but it has many on YouTube saying “all affiliating marketing programs are scams!”. That’s nonsense as well and just plain commonsense impossible!

I have given you six of the most common scams in this area online right now. Please go ahead and share to help others not to get defrauded in these fashions.

Perhaps, like myself, have been scammed a few times online with such programs, hence, why I made a whole website with Wealthy Affiliate to exact revenge! To make money also, but, the vengeance part is nice to lol!

I have learned much and had fun here writing this post. I hope you learned enough here to help keep you safe from those black hat marketeers. If you have a story of your own or a question about an opportunity then please leave it in the comment section. I will respond speedily.

Should you have any questions regarding my offer to you then please ask me about that as well. I will do everything I can to assist you in your journey to make a living online, without expensive training, and to do so in good time.



Helping You And Your Family Stay Safe On The World Wide Web.


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4 thoughts on “Common Affiliate Marketing Scams for Newbies to Avoid

  1. Harish Kumar

    Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business, where most newbies are facing a problem with fake registration forms and fake courses because they need to make money quicker, My friend lost nearly 1500$ with these type of scams, keep creating awareness about scams, have a nice day!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Harish,

      Thank kindly for your wonderful endorsement of this sites work to spread awareness of online scams. We really do appreciate you for taking the time and making the effort to have your say on this matter. You are welcome back anytime.

      Much appreciated!



  2. Sarah

    Have seen so many of these sites that always demand a sign up fee before anything, It’s great what your doing making people more aware and educating them!

    1. Scam Detector Post author

      Hi Sarah,

      Thank you kindly for your comment.

      Yes, so many ‘opportunities’ that boil down to losing a lot of time and money and generally feeling let down.

      It happened to me a few times but now, with Wealth Affiliate (my review thereof) I am finally starting to make money online from home!




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