What Is Cola Tree Store at ColaTreeStore.com – Scam or Legit Review!

By | January 29, 2019

Find Out What Is Cola Tree Store – Is Cola Tree Store at www.ColaTreeStore.com Good or Fraudulent?

After stumbling across this site I noticed an alarming scam sign that directly links them to scam network we have spent so much time exposing! What Is Cola Tree Store about at www.colatreestore.com? Is ColaTreeStore.com legit, good, genuine, safe, real or is ColaTreeStore a scam, fraudulent, bad, crooked? This www Cola Tree Store com will put the record straight! They are not legit due to this ‘connection’ spoken off. If I am right, there could be 100’s of these fake shopping sites floating around online.


The sites that maybe connected to the one above are HelmetsVip.Club, –

  1. BreakPrime.com.
  2. Popularable.com
  3. Surprise.Shopping.
  4. Inescany.com.
  5. ForTopVip.com.
  6. AngoHub.com.
  7. OvertureBuy.com.
  8. SuperGoMall.com.
  9. ShopMyBest.com.
  10. SurpriseShopping.com.
  11. Ofun.Store.
  12. Easious.com.
  13. MyLoveGoods.com.
  14. Neoiu.com.
  15. InovGoods.com.
  16. MoreRate.com.
  17. Conglide.com.
  18. Escany.com.
  19. OnlineGoodBooks.icu.
  20. BalmllJucy.com.
  21. Coolerones.com.
  22. Morderneo.com.
  23. MySuperGoodss.com.
  24. Allkks.com.
  25. YouthForSome.com.
  26. MjKiu.com.
  27. Skying.icu.
  28. InnovStylish.com.
  29. 1SuperShop.com.
  30. VsTroll.com.
  31. SetComing.com.
  32. ShoppingLily.com.
  33. Elepantate.com.
  34. NuxtFitr.com.
  35. OnsuathyMealle.com.
  36. LucuryBuy.com.
  37. Ofun.Store.

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Many fake stores are coming out of China and that is a monitoring factor. Actually, it seems this network is coming out of that region, but in the case of the aforementioned site i.e. Cola Tree Store, they have made reference to Lithuania. Let us find out more in this ColaTreeStore Review below.





Cola Tree Store Review – Is ColaTreeStore.com Really a Fraud?

Yes, it is possible that they are not legit and that is based on the first thing I saw when I landed on their site. So please take a look in their ‘ABOUT US’ part of their site and you will see a few words. The words being referred to here are these:- 


…we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUNESS. And to spread that… is our core mission.


Please take a look below at the ActionSallyhy.com ‘ABOUT US’ section, and you will be see the same wording:-




How can two seemingly separate companies be saying the exact same thing in their about us section?!! Alarming to say the least. That is like their scam networks calling card and so, since ActionSallyhy.com (and all sites that look like the one above) are proven and 100% scams, what else am I to think about ColaTreeStore?!

Really, nothing more than that needs to be said. However, we will go through the usual way of determining why a site is a scam (or not) so you see it is more than just this connection as described above.

Back Ground Check!

  • Their site was registered in 2018/09/11 and only for a year they registered. So now 1 year online is nothing really and actually legit sites tend to register for years to come. If we stop to think about it, why would you deliberately open an online shop for 1 year and that is all? It only follows the scam pattern laid down by so many other fake sites before them.
  • 96 Mowat Ave, Toronto, ON, M6K 3M1, CA is not their address even though they have used it to register their site online. Some many times they use other addresses and so I will be watching out for that. Where we find multiple addresses then that is a signal your order could be coming from a country out side of your own.
  • As always, no founder name and there is not a customer email address left either! So really there is no reason for this to be happening as legit sites do not hide such info. The only reason feasible where this is is when a site is being deceptive! They are trying to hide their real world location from us and who the owner is. All by design.
  • At their site then is where we see that they may have a left a UK or USA or Canada address. Those are key places for scammers to impersonate their location from, as it imbues trust and legitimacy, from their unwary customers.
  • Their customer service email on their site is support@247serving.vip. So, 247serving.vip used to be a selling Shopify Store that is now closed! Disgusted with myself I did not locate them earlier. Never mind, hopefully this article will save others from this scam network.
  • Below their email they have some mysterious looking information, and that is, UAB “TAURUS LITHUANIA”, Vilniaus m. sav. Vilniaus m. Jogailos g. 9, Lithuania. So, that is strange alright because they registered from 96 Mowat Ave already. Now we see the plot thickening and there are our multiple addresses. Legit sites do not do this.




Cola Tree Store Scam Signs.

First off, having multiple and undisclosed sites to their traffic is considered very deceptive. We have already covered that there is no way that many companies can have the same wording in any part of their site. So that alone is proof of a scam network operating and you only need to see those many reviews to see what I mean.

  1. Also, check out the date on their site bottom left. It says 2015-2019. That is not true and they are only lying about that to make you think they are a trusted site. Sites that have been online for relatively long periods of time get more trust and that leads to more sales. Always check the details in WHOIS before believing that kind of data.
  2. Weirdly enough, and I see this often with scam sites and I have no idea why, but if you do not land on their site through their home page link – then you can not go to their home page as there is no link for it anywhere else on their site. Strange but true.
  3. Prices are too-good-to-be-true and that is a sure fire sign of a scam site. I see most of their prices are either just under half price, just over half price and even one item was $$139.02 down to $52.45. That is too much of a reduction and what company, that is new online and still should be working at making a healthy revenue, can afford those discounts. 
  4. Think that is enough and hope you have not been scammed by them.
  5. Not so much as a scam sign but more of a warning:- Sometimes scammers may keep you waiting for 2 months before you realize something is wrong. If they send you out your order it may be inferior, not what was advertised, completely wrong product, degraded, damaged, counterfeit and even perhaps stolen goods.
  6. What has your experience been? Did they supply you with a legit tracking code? Has support stopped responding to your emails or are you getting the same old replies?






Why Not Leave Your Own ColaTreeStore.com Review or Scam Report Below T Help Others – Thank You.














Final Thoughts.

Honestly,  I do not think that verdict is wrong and I am hoping to hear from many of you. There is just no way separate companies could have so perfectly worded any section of their site if they were not connected. And since we have exposed sites with the same about us section wording – that really is cased closed. They are going into this sites List of Internet Scammers along with the rest of them. Please do report them below if they have scammed you.


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That is it on What Is Cola Tree Store at www.colatreestore.com. Hope it has saved your cash from scammers, if not, then you know to contact your bank for a refund and maybe cancel your card. Those with reports on other sites, want to have a good rant and a rave in the comments about their experience with the aforementioned site(s), are very welcome go-for-it in the comments below 🙂 . Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to your comments to come.




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