‘CocooningShop’ Reviews – Is CocooningShop.com Scam or Legitimate Online Store?

By | May 19, 2020



Where Is ‘CocooningShop’ Located – Our CocooningShop.com Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Hi and thank you for coming by our ‘Cocooning Shop’ Review and so we are asking What Is CocooningShop.com all bout. Are they real or just another fraud trying to steal from others online. We will check out all available data online about them and try to come to a finite verdict of scam or legit. If you believe you have spotted an online scam then why not let us know about that. You may report suspicious e-stores to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2000+ 2020 / 2021 section and we will potentially review them. Please leave the FULL URL. 

Your customer reviews are always needed to help spread the word about any e-store. If they are good, or not so good, then forums like ours are ideal for sharing information of this nature. Did you purchase from ‘CocooningShop’ and di you get your order? If so, is ‘Cocooning Shop’ Worth It? Let us know in the comments below.

Time to do some research on ‘CocooningShop’ and please see the comments for real customer reviews about them below. If there are no reviews as yet then you are most welcome to detail what you may know about them below this article, as said. 



www.cocooningshop.com registered online on the 2020-04-12 for just one year. They are using an address that is not their own in WHOIS.com. That address has been given out to many sites by this hosting provider over time as a way to protect the privacy of their users.

Why is a genuine company hiding their real location? We see an address on their site but if that was legit why then was it not submitted upon their site’s registration for online indexing?

One or two years anyways is not a good sign as that is typically not long enough, in most cases. Since genuine companies tend to register for far longer then these time frames are considered to be suspicious.

On their site we see the address of 2-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU. So it is easy enough to find out if that is legit or not. We simply Google that exact address to see if they are where they are claiming to be.

Per CompaniesMadeSimple.com that address is actually hired out to site owners for the sole purpose of protecting the site owner’s identity. Once again, why is this company using a privacy service?

Could it be that the site owner is working from home for commissions? And so that could be a very good explanation as to why there is no real-world physical store.

In this case, that is fine. We do not expect the personal home address, etc, of any individual working from home as that is personal and sensitive information. However, they have utterly failed to declare this.

I have been to enough affiliated sites to know what to look for. Usually, when someone has signed up vendors to sell their goods, there is a disclosure to state this. Or there is a link, bottom of the site, to click in order to verify a legitimate vendor.

That is the case with this e-store. Also, at the bottom of their Return Policy Page, “We do not guarantee we will receive your returned item.” So how then can the individual know for sure if their returns have been received by this e-store owner? 

We have no name for this online store and so no way of contacting them. We can not use their virtual office address as they are not really there. What about their phone number?

There is no phone number. Their email of info@cocooningshop.com is all there is for contact. Limited forms of contact is a big scam sign to watch out for. 

So here is this e-store with absolutely no identifying marks to it. Only an email address. It is not possible to run a real company with just an email address and so that is highly suspicious.

We see on Reddit that they have allegedly already duped someone out of their cash and so that is not a good sign. However, one bad report does not constitute a scam site, though, I am suspicious of them currently. Given the above research we have reached our conclusion.














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