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What Is – Legit Way for Fast Cash?

Those interested to know all about have come to the right place! Here you will also know answers to questions like:- Is CmpInvestor com fake, crooked, a swindle, a con, or is CmpInvestor good, legit, paying out, honest and a good way to earn online? This non-member review of Cmp Investor is going to lay out some startling truths that new comers to such investments may not be fully aware of. Ultimately, you will know if it is a wise choice to gamble with such a site.

Personally, such sites are only looking to take money from as many people as possible before shutting down. That is not to say that it is not possible to earn, because it is, but the criteria is tight! Those looking for a way to earn from home maybe interested in building something for themselves. Those interested, may wish to take a look at a platform that has, and continue to personally help me, earn on a regular basis. They are called Wealthy Affiliate and you may read HERE on what they offer. They offer out a free lifetime account HERE as well, no credit card to join, so you can see if your own online business is something for you or not.
 Owner ID and how it Really Operates.

So, who owns There is no trace of owner name attached to the registration of their website. There is no mention of a founder on their website either. This is indicative of sites that are not legit. However, if a site appears legit now then they are thinking of the time when they will turn into a scam, and so now they can get a way freely because no one actually knows who they/him/she is.

Date Created is 23/08/2018. They are a new HYIP Scheme, by their own admission in their FAQ’s section. That is the same as calling themselves a Ponzie Schemes. They are also saying that all investments are handled by their experts for real investments. There is no proof of that and so we will just have to trust a complete stranger with our money – not a good idea!

Their registered address in WHOIS is:-

10 Coporate Drive,





I only list their registered address because I think the website owners are really from India. Should you go to their CONTACT FORM on their site, oddly enough, they have Google Mapped themselves, it appears. Why they would do this is anyone’s guess. So, I spotted a location called bhagwanpura which is a village in India.


Here are their Investment Levels:-

Be Care Investing


That table is explanatory but the ‘BUY NOW‘ button raises even more concerns! What are we meant to buy? As far as can be see, they are not selling anything real, or any digital product of service/value, and therein, I have just given you the attributes of a Ponzi Scheme. You only invest money, and like magic, you receive your investment back plus the percentage profit – in an ideal world. But of course, there are only so many people that will invest and so your money is always at risk until you cash out or just lose it point blank.




How it Really Works!

There is a surprising number of people who know that they are investing in a Ponzi Scheme/HYIP. They will invest in the first two weeks and maybe do quite well. However, such websites are not after the experienced HYIP investors, they are after the newcomer and that does not recognize what they are looking at. Such newcomers can lose thousands of their own money and with no way to get it back. This article is primarily for such people.

So, here is how it really works.

You sign up, pay your investment money and then you wait on your returns. That is all you do. You can of course make your own referrals for 15% commission with CmpInvestor, but this won’t necessarily win you any loyalty from the unknown operators i.e. no guarantee you will still get paid. They only run these affiliate programs to convince you to share your referral link. They advise to share it with your audience i.e. those with significant following on:-





Website Bloggers.


They want to leverage and use your hard work for their own financial gain. I have witnessed such sites work up a huge following on their schemes and collapse, that means they shut down the site without warning, leaving their members coming to sites like mine complaining of no payouts. Be very much warned, I ain’t making this up!!

Now, once you have invested then you are hoping more people will invest. When a new lot of people sign up and donate, ops, ‘invest’ then you are meant to be receiving your profits along with all the others who invested around the same time. The second lot of people have to wait their turn for new sign ups. This keeps on going! The owners are racking up huge debt to all members and eventually it becomes a mathematical impossibility to pay out to everyone. This business model is based on well designed lies that are inherent its in make up. The owners know full well they can not pay out to all in time and don’t care because they will end up with most of the profits!

Almost needless to say, when there are no more investors then there is no more fresh money to give to anyone. At this point they will close their doors and you will never hear from them again. There is no way to get your money back. 

People who run these kinds of websites appear to have full anonymity and tend to run more than 1 such site. When they have made enough, or it simply collapses from lack of funds, it is nothing to them to copy and paste their old site and carry on. Or, redirect it to a new URL when the old URL web reputation has turned very bad. In essence, we are living in a day and age when these kinds of owners are very resource intensive for authorities to bring down. We can all play our part by sharing articles like this, or anyone on this website, to raise awareness of what is legit and what is not legit online.



Scam Signs.

You may apply these signs of a scam to any online site. Observation of just one or two is not sufficent to declare something a scam. I will try to be as thorough as possible, for those interested. Below this is my Final Thoughts as a conclusion and recap.

Minimum Age of Investment is 13 Years Old! Seems like they are very willing to target kids in their pursuit of money.

Generic statements on their website to hide clarity of how they are earning money to pay out to people.

No proof of their experts or of investing your money legitimately as a source of revenue.

Their FAQ’s has 3 questions, where they only answer 1!

They advocate spamming your referral link. Spamming is not an acceptable way to gain profits and is a fine way to ruin your own name with Google.

No Privacy Policy Page Present.

No Cookie Policy Page Present.

No Legal Disclaimer Present and normally such sites will warn you that you can lose your money and only invest what you can afford to lose – not this one.

Their “HOW IT WORKS” section has just 5 lines to describe how their website can generate such amazing returns so soon after investment.

They say they are using your money for a TV Investment Company but that is not real as there is no proof anywhere to say this is true. Then, they say they sometimes use your money to invest in the markets when they are favorable – garbled! Not real! Again, there is no affiliation I could see that proves those words to be accurate. It is something to say to give the impression of website content. All they really want is for you to go straight to their ‘SIGN UP’ option to invest.

INSTANT WITHDRAWALS” is a sign of scam sites and should be questioned WHERE EVER you see it.


Were you paid out by the site under discussions?

Did you invest and just get no returns?

I appreciate if you, or anyone reading this, would report your experiences below to help others to decide if this is the route they should take. Personally, I think it is a big risk!




Final Thoughts.

In my opinion, they are not a legal entity and they do seek out free money from their investors. Some will be paid, that is a given, but the older the site the chances of payment are significantly reduced and maybe even zero after only 1 month online. Those wishing to invest anyways should know that if you knowingly promote a Ponzi Scheme you can have your profits, from that scheme, taken from you by the law. Those ignorant of the real intention of such schemes I believe can keep their earnings, which is something I really don’t understand, because someone else had to lose that money in the first place.

That is pretty much all we have time regarding I certainly hope it was of value you to all, and those with questions about them, are welcome to ask below. As a friendly reminder, those interested in starting up their own online business without initial investment, may do so below. No credit card to sign up even, so you really have nothing to lose by having a look. Further info on this can be found HERE.

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