What Is CmeCoins.fun – Is CmeCoins.Fun a Scam or Legit?

By | August 26, 2018

CmeCoins.Fun Site

What Is CmeCoins.Fun and Can You Earn Quick Money.

Welcome to your the only article you need on What Is CmeCoins.Fun. Those asking Is CmeCoin Fun fake, fraudulent, dishonest, underhand or asking Is Cme Coin Fun legit, good, genuine, honest, good and paying out, will find those answers in this non-member CmeCoin Review. This article is intended to find out if I can suggest this as a good way to earn online to this my website readers or not. To this end I base this article on my experience in exposing online scams and my opinion. You may take it or leave.

Personally, CmeCoins is not something I would recommend given that it is a HIGH RISK VENTURE! I will explain in depth very soon. While I have recommended some good companies for others to consider, I always stick to my #1, which has proven to work for me. It is not hard to begin your own online business. It is hard to make it work. Those who don’t give up end up with financial success, of course, some fail. That is a given in all endeavors. Those wanting to quit the rat race for good, may want to consider how I Earn Online from Blogging. Alternatively, you may sign up HERE for free to see for yourself how Wealthy Affiliate can help you really succeed online! No cc to start.




What Is CmeCoins.fun and is there a Connection to CmeCoins.com and BTCCLICKS.com?

Its been very interesting researching to find my own answer to What Is CmeCoins.fun. I found two other sites that have similar names. With CmeCoins.com and BTCCLICKS.com, well, they are copies of each other – identical. Online reviews say those two sites are paid to click, but when I go to the sites, they are HYIP’s – Ponzi Schemes. Ugg, I give up. Anyways, the founder of CmeCoins.fun can not be identified online. The site was set up on 23/08/2018. The address given is PANAMA and that is all. There is no email support and there are no identifying details of ownership on this site.

Those are worrying signs and pretty much now entails this:- You Don’t Know Who You Are Giving Your Money To! That is very important to understand, especially if you are new to such schemes, as these sites do target the newbies who actually end up losing the most.

Here are the Investment Levels:-

CmeCoins Investment Levels

CmeCoins describes themselves as a Global Asset Management Fund. The site also says they are headed by a group of expert managers with expertise in the identification and assessment of subsequent changes, as they are often the catalyst for compelling changes.

There is more but there is little in the way of transparency on how they are able to earn money to afford to be able to return such profits to their investors. Lack of transparency on how earnings occur is a sign of something not too legit, to say the least.




Company Registration Number of 10372977 – This Company Registration Number is Dissolved.

They make claims that they are registered in the Vietnam, Hong Kong and the UK. Being Regsitered in the UK seems to allow sites legitimacy. Saying they are are registered with Companies House, UK’s primary registrar of registered businesses, is a common statement made from such sites. Sites with legit registered company numbers can buy them relatively cheaply. However, in this instance, the company registration number, they are claiming is theirs i.e. 10372977 that is meant to registered with Companies House, was dissolved 20th February 2018 – see image below:-

False Registration Claims?


In this instance it appears their registration claim does not appear to be accurate.




How it Really Works – The ‘Instant Payments’ Red Flag.

Any site that makes claims of instant payments should alert you to something not quite genuine. Let us now talk on exactly how money is really generated by this site and how good your chances are of earning anything.

Upon sign up you, which you must do with your chosen crypto wallet, you then make your investment level. Once made, sit back and wait for your investment to return according to their ROI Invesment Levels. 

Another thing, I want to point out to you, is on their FAQ’s page – right at the top where it says “How can I invest with cmecoins.fun?” – they answer that you can open your new HYIP account … etc. HYIP is another term for a Ponzi Scheme. Ponzi Schemes are not entirely legal. They are illegal to set up. They are illegal to promote. Those that invest and earn, that did not know it was a Ponzi Scheme, can keep their earnings. Those that did don’t get to keep such earnings. The law appears to be funny on this, though I am no lawyer, so you may want to seek legal advice as this is my own understanding.

Now that you have paid in your money you are now waiting, whether you know it or not, for new members to sign up and do the same. The money from these new members is now going to pay you your initial investment plus your returns, and hopefully, all members get the same treatment. However, creators of such schemes will make payments for about two weeks or even four weeks and then everything goes haywire for returns.

Now the second wave of investors are waiting, as you did, or new people to sign up and the cycle repeats until there are no more no people to take money from to pay for the whole operation. These models of business can collapse mere weeks after setup. 

They do run a referral program that pays you 10% commissions. This is a ploy to get in more new members to keep the site up long and keep the founder raking in more and more money. Again, this is based on my time exposing such business models and I advise you should proceed with caution by not investing with them. 

There is a better use of your time to help you earn online with hard work and a passion to succeed. Those interested can sign up at start of this article, or below it, for a way to earn from you own website. It really is a free start up and so since you credit card is needed, you might as well have a look and see if it is for you -> Free Start Up!




Final Thoughts.

I am not convinced they are even a legal enterprise and many may indeed lose their investments. While the first two weeks may show good returns for the first wave of investors, the older the website becomes, then the hard it will be to get any payments per your investment level. This then is a SCAM SITE, in my opinion. Those that have been paid then it would be great to let us know below to help others see if it is worth their time to invest. However, as said, don’t recommend it, but of course it is up to you.

I am also concerned that they appear to have lied about their registration with Companies House. They also did not provide proof of registration in Hong Kong or Vietnam. Should a site so openly lie about this in the hopes no one checks, what else is it capable of lying about?

That is all we have time on to consider What Is CmeCoins.Fun. I hope it was of use to you. Your No Sign Up Fee Account is Below where you can receive much Free Training on how to make money online in any area are passionate about, and yes, that does include crypto currency. Should you have any questions on WA then just ask below where I will respond to you. Thank  you for stopping by and I hope you consider sharing this article to warn others.

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