Review – What Is ‘CloutBucks, Scam or Legit? SCAM!!!

By | May 24, 2019

Short and Quick CloutBucks .com Review Scam Alert Warning – Do Not Waste Your Time There!

There are copies, present and past, of this horrendous scam that has wasted countless peoples work efforts and time! Beware of CloutBucks. com as it is only a heartless scam and in no way remotely ‘akin’ to being legit. Welcome to our review on for those that are wondering on how to cash out in ‘CloutBucks’, how to delete your account in ‘Clout Bucks’, will have all questions answered regarding www.cloutbucks. com.

So do not create an account with them, login, take part in their lies. They are exactly the same site as KidsEarnMoney. co, KidsEarnCash. com, KidsInfluenceryClub, Joinkgm. co, InfluencerClub. co and there are many more. In those reviews you will see that the site is the same time and time again. You may read those reviews if you like, as a review of one, is a review of them all.







CloutBucks. com Review – Report Them Here!

Most people will land on this article – AFTER – they have been scammed! That is the sad part because most people do not bother to look up for reviews to see if sites like CloutBucks. com is scam or legit. That little time effort could cost you big in terms of efforts exerted and time expended for zero dollars. I am sorry to inform you of this bad news, but, there is also good news and we will speak on this at the end of our article.

  • This copy of this scam was up dated 2019/05/23 (see date of this article) which was yesterday. It is very rare to find these sites so soon after renewing, because they usually shut down after only 1 or 2 years, and so those that find this review, before registering on that scam site, are very fortunate indeed. 
  • They have registered for one year and that can be indicative of a fake site. Why not Renew your site for many more years than just one. Their site says they have been online for 10 years – why not ten more years?
  • There is never a founders name or real address. If there is then please always consider these copies of these scams as fake information. 
  • The sign up fee alone should alert you to something being wrong here. I mean, $25 just to sign up?!! Now, you can take that free cash and run away without doing any work. So, how is this site earning from giving away free money before they have made you do any work?
  • Creating an account with their fraudulent site does not earn the unknown cyber-crooks any cash at all. Then they are promising $500 Bucks a day for doing work that a five year old could do after 30 seconds training. I kid you not – these people that run these sites are skilled and intelligent liars.










The Illusion of Earning $500 A Day On ‘CloutBucks’ Shattered!

Do you know how hard it can be at times to earn even $500 a month online? It ain’t easy and does require training, somewhat skilled application, time and a shed load of effort. After much practice, it is possible and of course even more is possible all down to one’s determination.

But anyways, these guys are chucking people a massive $500 a day for the work they have on offer.

Remember, we do not know the owners name, where they are from as in business address, zip-all contact info that is legit and so how can we even trust them? Be careful guys… not all that ‘glitters’ is gold…

...more like a mirage…


Scam Point 1!

No one on Earth is paying ‘you’, ‘me’ or anyone else for that matter, $25 just to sign up to a website. If you know of one then let us know about it in the comments where we would definitely investigate

Scam Point 2!

$500 a day from day one is nonsense! That is only to get people excited and get them busy working away and adding other people to this fraudulent platform. 

Money is being generated but the owner of this site, whoever he is, never shares. You may Google all the of the aforementioned connected scam sites and you will see nothing but complaints. Only scam reports.

There are no, nor will there be, any payment proofs from any of these sites. If you see any, then know, you are seeing liars or – only a few payments made to generate payment proofs – and then they will forever stop. 

Scam Point 3!


Make Hundreds Online With Social Media. Get paid by inviting your friends to our site. Earn $10 for every friend you invite“.


That is their mission statement and how they are promising to get you paid. 

All utter rubbish, nonsense, lies, deceptive, dishonorable, ignoble and never is anyone giving $10 just to ad a friend to some unknown scammers website!!

Please share this article if you have invited your family, friends, co-workers to their site, as now you have unwittingly put them in harms way.


These scammers do not just use you for your work efforts and time. They are actively seeking to deceive you out of your hard earned cash potentially.

So do indeed give considerable thought about sharing this article as a real and genuine attempt to stop online criminal activities. If not, not to worry, I personally take great pleasure from help others and a ‘hello’ in the comments would be great 🙂 .

Scam Point 5!

They have 185K Members! T


63K FOLLOWERS! But they do not even say ‘followers’ on what.

10 Years In Business!

None of the above is true. Perhaps they have been pulling the same scam on people for ten years but there is no proof that version of this scam has been online for that length of time. They prove nothing but only make statements! How is that trustworthy??

Scam Point 6!

Further to the lie they have been online for 10 years, have you seen their Twitter Account?!



Why is their Twitter Account say January 2019 with 7 Followers when they have been online for so long? Can you see now that there is seriously something very wrong here. If not – thanks for coming by…

Is There A Way To Earn That Is Not A Scam?

Yes, that is the good news and it is only for those that have a work ethic. You can learn to make a website with full training easy to follow training. You can earn from home in your spare time and learn to work in an area of your interest.

No credit card required to sign up for a free account with Wealthy Affiliate who are perfectly equipped to help anyone earn online from home.

You may see our Wealthy Affiliate Review Here. Those that sign up will have my expert help and advice to help you all the way up to a full time income online. 






Final Thoughts.

I hope you have found all the answers you came for. You have also found our #1 way to earn online. We hope that you report the site below if they have wasted your time. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers Websites Hall of Shame!

Sadly, by the end of the scam, they may try to get you to pay some monies in order to cash out. Do not fall for that. Contact your payment provider if you gave payment information and perhaps you need to cancel your card to safeguard your funds. Thanks for coming by and look forward to hearing from you all in the comments. 





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    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Michael,

      They are a scam. I KNOW that you did not read a word of the article above LOL, that’s OK. CloutBucks is not a legit site. You can not shut down your account with them. That will be deleted when they delete their site. That could be a year from now or when they decide to randomly collapse that copy of that scam site. Hope that helps Michael.


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