What Is CliqueCoin.Net – Scam or Legit New Paid to Click Site?

By | August 19, 2018

CliqueCoin.Net Website.

What Is CliqueCoin. Net – Are they a Trustworthy PTC Site? – Let’s Find Out.

Thank You for stopping by in your search to find out more on What Is CliqueCoin. Net (www.cliquecoin. net). This article will also answer is CliqueCoin Net real, safe, genuine, sincere,
legitimate or Is Clique Coin Net a malicious, fake, fraudulent Paid to Click site that does not pay out. They are a number of ways to earn with this site it seems, from clicking ads, their clixgrid for a bonus etc. They are also an advertising site where you may purchase Adpacks. However, Adpacks for advertising your own services/products/websites may not be such a hot idea. That will be covered as well as to I we don’t recommend such advertising.


Company:- https://cliquecoin. net.

Created:- 13/08/2018.

Founder:- Could not locate founder ID.

Minimum Pay Out:- $2. Payable by PayPal, PerfectMoney and Payeer.

Scam/Legit:- See ‘Final Thoughts‘ bottom of this post for a quick answer.

Farewell Note. Contains a potentially lucrative way to earn online legitimately and for the long term.




What Is CliqueCoin. Net, The Hidden Founder and How to Earn.

CliqueCoin Website.

Before we can fully trust any site online, that is offering paid work to its members, we should minimally be able to locate a founder. That is paramount to answering What Is CliqueCoin. Net, in this particular member review. The founders usually are the one’s that are most articulated to explain the purpose and ethos of their enterprises.

When any site is registered online the owner has the option to put in full name, address and contact info. WHOIS is such a place online that houses such data for the general public to see. From there, I can see that theirs is called PANAMA. Many scam sites use the same vague PANAMA address description, and is always a starting point for me, to be suspicious. 

No founder name registered as well.


But, is that enough to call it a scam?

NO. This article will bring a balanced view of their site and will only reveal data that is available online, as it is found. Those who go to WHOIS and look up my sites URL, will NOT see my name there. That is because bloggers don’t have to but online businesses offering paid work – DO! I only raise this because there is confusion on this point online.



How to Earn with Clique Coin.

Piggy Bank Penny Earnings

Assuming at this stage is real and paying, here is the small and simple jobs or tasks you can complete, to earn some money in your spare time.



Sign Up and get your Bonus.

Incidentally, I did not get any kind of a bonus when I signed up.

1). PTSU OFFERS (Paid to Sign Up). Members may not be protected from bad website offers.

2). Clixgrid – Get 20 clicks a day.

 $5 to your account if you click on the right square in their CliqueGrid, or, CoinGrid.

4). Buy AdPacks to drive traffic to your own offers online.

5). View Ads.


You can buy adpacks to advertise on their website. They offer these packs for 30 Days for $3.99 – pretty cheap. However, there is a draw back to this kind of advertising and that will be covered in the ‘CON’s section below.

CliqueCoin is just Six Days Old at the time of this review on them. At this point I do not see details on how much of a sign up bonus you receive or how much you get for PTSU Offers. Transparency is lacking a little, so I have to assume its around $000025/$00.0005 – I just can’t see that data. However, they may sort that out soon and their site could be a fun way to pass some time at a bus stop etc earning a few cents.


How Much Is YOUR Time Worth to YOU – The Whole Problem with PTC Sites.

What I am about to say here can be applied to any Paid to Click site online, whether old and famous or new and still under question. 

CliqueCoin offers you $00.04 per viewed ad. That is quite high and usually 1/2 cents and even less.

So now, all is promised upto $00.04 per click, and you also receive $00.02 for all of your referrals clicks, then we have to ask where does your referrals get their full $00.04 from – if they don’t have any sign ups? The numbers don’t add up! Something I just noticed, anyways..

Paid to Sign Up Offers will give you a good deal at the start. But, if you don’t watch the trial period, you could be charged full whack – including their hidden charges, usually tucked away their Terms and Conditions.

It can take a long time to earn anything worth more than pocket money on PTC Sites. At times there are not even ads to view to earn anything from. Most participants last a few days, if that, and then leave. The few pennies earned is then kept by the website.


My Experience So Far.

So, I clicked on a few ads. I noticed something peculiar. Some ads promised $00.0025 to view it. I immediately checked my account and only noticed that earnings were going by just $00.0005. Another sign that we should be concerned. Also, one ad I clicked on sent me to, what I am sure, is a BTC Scam Site! THAT IS NOT OK! “Earning BitCoin every 15 minutes with 100% commissions” just does not sound right. 

Also, 2 ads left me sitting there for minutes on end and nothing happened. I was not credited with any earnings. As we can see, the money is small. I spent five minutes at this and I have not even earned 1 penny. Personally, that is not worth my time. 

OK, so we can just take this site as a way to pass some time but not a serious way to Earn Money Online.


Final Thoughts.

I am sure, if CliqueCoin turns out to be legit, many more reviews will surface. But for now, the earnings are minuscule and one could not consider that a way to earn anything tangible. Even if you spend 8 hours a day to earn, then still, your earnings (at a guess) maybe $10 per monthmaybe! But, I did love the CliqueGrid for a while but all the ad sites it sent me to  was for CliqueCoin to buy Adpacks – that was weird. Anyways, I am not sure if they are legit or not. I have seen many sites like this that turned out to be good. I have also seen sites like this that were scams. 

Its just too early to say


Did you get paid by the site under review?

Were you scammed for your time and not see a penny?

Another problem with them is that I don’t see a minimum payout on their site – I had to source that info elsewhere. I don’t see a Privacy Policy Page. Alas, time will tell and this article needs your experiences as well.

Place your comments of your experiences below in the comments so we can all get a better picture of their legitimacy. 

Those that have questions on this new PTC Site can go ahead and ask me. Where errors have been made, or relevant data missed out, do let me know below for additions and corrections. 


That just about concludes what there is time for on What Is CliqueCoin.Net. I definitely have some concerns on them and hope they are not a scam. There is great potential there for them to be the next great and legit Paid to Click site. Those that are looking for a more substantial way to earn online can read our #1 Choice HERE. Alternatively, you sign up HERE or below to see if you would like to earn a full time income doing what I do every day from home – with just my laptop (no sign up fee or cc to begin). That is it! Looking forward to all of your comments to come guys.

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