What Is Clipzio.com – Is ‘Clipzio’ Scam or Legit? – SCAM ALERT!

By | May 21, 2019

Here Is Our Proof That Clipzio.com is not Real  – Our ‘Clipzio’ Review Warning / Please Share!

This article is for those that may have made the mistake of purchasing from Clipzio.com. Why is ‘Clipzio’ a scam and not trustworthy? “At Clipzio we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that…is our core vision”. Without “At Clipzion”, just Google the rest via copy and paste.

They have other sites using the same exact quote but only replaced the site names for each e-store URL. We have exposed these scammers sites in the past and we will leave proof of that in this article. Their past sites kick-up quite the storm in the past as they rampaged defrauding online. 







Clipzio.com Reviewing Warning To All ‘Clipzio’ Customers.

  • Those with Clipzio.com Customer Reviews are asked to please help expose this site. Those that have other sites they are not sure of are welcome to leave that information in the comments. Where there are real customer reviews then that can help others stay clear and save their own cash. But also, you are helping to decrease damage to local economies not helping to monies in their own regions and not be defrauded outside.
  • We are to ask some basic questions like who the owner is, business information, contact info and also when they made their site. All of this data can tell us something useful. WHOIS can show us the date and so they registered their site in 2018/11/09 and for one year. That is not a long time for a new start up and in itself is suspicious.
  • Location is Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. There is no founder name and there is also no business information. If we come across  many of their sites, which I guarantee you will if you Google their copied and pasted ‘ABOUT US’ section, then we are not trust anything they leave on their site as legit and trustworthy.
  • They may send you out goods but not the advertised goods from their site. Actually, you run a serious risk of receiving nothing for your hard earned cash!


Fashionmeu.com Review


  • That image is but one site that has the same ‘UNIQUENESS’ quote in their about us section. We have exposed, as said, many dozens so far and continue to find out quite routinely.
  • We can not find any Mcaffee Trust Seals and others like that and so now your personal information is definitely at risk. It could be surmised they maybe harvesting personal sensitive information. This is common practice for cyber-crooks as they can make very big cash very fast. 
  • Watch your inbox for emails from unknown senders. Check your bank statements that you are not getting charged by different companies, overcharged etc, and alert your bank.
  • You may find that if you have ordered from them that even up to 4 months can pass by and still nothing arrives. Also, Fashionmeu.com is still operating so please beware of that one as well. There appears to be a new batch of these sites, all looking different in different niches nestled in Google Search Results. Always look out for reviews about any site you do not know or is new.
  • Where business transparency is lacking then that is usually a sign of a fake site also. It is not common practice for honest companies not to detail founders name and department heads.




Final Thoughts.

They are definitely a scam site and so we are now placing them into our List of Internet Scammers List Hall of Shame. You may view our list and even at that we have had not the time to add all of the sites exposed. If you think there should be more sites added then feel free to add them in the comments where we will be happy to expose.

Thank you very much for coming by and checking our answer to What Is Clipzio.com. Looking forward to hearing from you concerning this fake website. 




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