ClareLeo.Shop Review – Is ‘Clare Leo Shop’ Scam or Legit? WARNING!!!

By | May 22, 2019


ClareLeo.Shop is not a good e-store! They are now re-directing from – very bad sign! We know this scam network inside and out, and only in seconds, do we know how to identify them all as fake. Also, mind out for and They are part of a new batch from same unknown e-store cyber-crooks that did much fraud in 2018.

Anyone that has purchase from any of these sites are welcome to let us know about that in the comments. The more customer reviews helping to warn others the less the cash these cyber-crooks can swindle out of people to fund their own lifestyles.







ClareLeo.Shop Review – Our Warning.

  • ClareLeo.Shop, and so many of their other sites, have the same wording in their ‘ABOUT US’ section. You may just Google the first paragraph, excluding any of their sites URL name or site logo name, and you will see that there are pages of other companies using the same wording.
  • How is this possible that separate company entities could coincidentally being doing this in the very same sections of their own websites? Of course, they are all owned by the same unethical people that are be committing cyber-crime unchallenged.
  • 2019/03/14 was when they have registered ‘ClareLeo’ and one year is all they have done so for. This is suspicious in itself as why set up a business for so little time? But by itself it is not enough to say they are dishonest. It is only one point that falls under a ‘scam pattern’ that is well trodden.
  • Founder is as always elusive, and no matter what addresses these sites belong to this same scam network have on their sites, it is always a lie. They will never reveal their true location because they law would be too interested to speak with them. They have been defrauding people a relatively long time now.
  • Typically we find that their prices are too-good-to-be-true and so you should know that is never a good sign. Always up for reviews, and compare their products prices with other places online, to see if they check out that way. Where no reviews then use common sense and ask how are they profiting if they are so cheap.
  • Also, they are always offering free global shipping for easy minimum spend. That is more expense to them. However, since we know that they are really from China, we know that their Government pays for most of the cost of exports. That is of course they are delivering anything for your hard earned cash.
  • So expect NOT what you have paid for on any of their sites. If anything arrives expect it to be shoddy, cheaply produced, damaged, lose stitching, cheap electronic junk that does not work no where close to its description, maybe even stolen, or some else’s returns, that you could not even give away for free as a present. Many times people are forced to throw these goods into the bin from such fraudulent sites.






Final Thoughts.

So that is almost it for this quick damning burst from us about ClareLeo.Shop and hope you know now to keep well clear of such sites. So it is their ‘ABOUT US’ section wording that links them as the same fake network in the SERP’s i.e. search engine results pages on Google. Thank you for coming by, and as said those with reviews are welcome to leave them in the comments, and so that is all for now.




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