What Is CIFunds.PW – Is CIFunds.PW ‘A Richer Journey’ / Scam or Legit?!

By | October 11, 2018

What Is CIFunds.PW and Can You Really Make A Pile of Money Quick and Easy? 

Fake or Real - GoldHour.Biz Reviewed

Congratulations on finding the only review to answer What Is CIFunds.PW! Is CIFunds PW fake, fraudulent, fake, bad, dishonest or Is CI Funds PW genuine, real, good, legit, real, trustworthy and paying out? This CIFunds Review is going to expose their false claims of those incredibly high returns for no work or skill level. The founder will be sought after and investigated. Website credentials reealed and ultimately the shocking truth revealed on they plan just to steal your cash. Will some be paid? Perhaps, maybe and probably a few. Let’s take a look further so you can make up your own mind.

For me, however, they are an obvious scam site that is only build on an old con called a Ponzi Scheme. Ponzi Schemes have been ‘rebranded’ as High Yield Investment Programs, because the later name wasn’t cool anymore for the widely reported economic devestation caused by its business structure. Thos seeking ways to earn online that is not going to simply run off with all your money without warning can have a look at the image below. 1 ‘CLICK’ and you will see my #1 Review Recommendation Below for those that have the work ethic to make it big online for an honest full time income. Sounds Fun? Free Sign Up, NO CC to begin.




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What Is CIFunds.PW and All The Reasons They Can NOT Be Trusted!

What Is CIFunds.PW has been answered, but to ‘you’, it seems it is only ‘my’ opinion. That is fair enough and understandable. Let us look to see who owns this website, surely a business as ‘legit’ as CIFunds will have proudly displayed their Founders Name, Real World Business Address and Support Contact?

NOPE! None of that except a few emails that is being re-routed throw a contact page, set up by some kind software, asking for your full name and email address. Please, don’t give them that information – only a phishing attempt. Where you see lacking identity information, on sites that are offering work from home jobs, investment offers etc, then you should question that site. This does not apply to bloggers! This applies to ACTUAL COMPANIES that operate in these areas.

The purpose of hiding all of their identity is so when the site wants to shut down and run off with all of your money, who is going to chase an ‘invisible man’? No one knows who that person is or person are. Registrars do not appear to be overly worried about inspecting these sites to see if they are legal or not. I guess people getting scammed online is not their problem… they are just giving them the platform to do it! More on this later.


How Are They Trying To Get People To Invest?

CIFunds creator is trying to spin everyone a story about how they are investing in Forex etc and that is how they are making all their revenue. Seemingly, these guys are so brilliant at this, they can promise you returns of 98% Hourly for 5 Hours, with just a Minimum Investment of $100. ‘WOW‘. There is no evidence of this activity having been supplied on their site. Just some nonsense about being from London and being integral part of that regions economic advancement, or something like that. I have read a similar script on another site that looks suspiciously similar to the one I am exposing now.

Anyways, that is not real and if you do not believe me then go and find out the hard way yourself. I am only warning everyone, and yes I know there are people who know its a Ponzi Scheme, but there are also people who sincerely do not. This article is for such people.

Can People Really Make Big Money At CI FUNDS LTD?

After two weeks then your chances of earning anything are very slim indeed. That is the average time scale such sites will pay anything out to their ‘investors’. The older the site becomes then the harder for the owner to pay back promised returns per investment level. So, yes, it is possible to earn those returns but its usually just the founder that gets it.

Who Should Be Most Concerned Joining Their Site?

Generally, those that have never invested online before are most at risk. Most of the earnings these sites make come from new comers to the online investment market place. Speaking of which, no matter what ‘financial experts’ tell you, your chances of earning anything on these markets is 50/50 – its the same for everyone. Comes with heavy risk of losing all monies for nothing, and of course, you could earn a fortune. Minimum gamble on markets is about half a million to make any real and substantive, per my research.

Are They A Cash-Gifting and Pyramid Scheme as Well?

Considering that the owner will keep most of the money fraudulent duped out of people, make some spotty payments for a small time, but most of it is actually kept by the strangers behind their site. This is clearly a situation where all the money is floating upwards and therefore a Pyramid Scheme as well.

Cash-Gifting is the mistake of voluntarily giving your money to others in the hopes others will give you their cash, but doubled-quadrubbled etc. This is such a bad idea that it is actually completely illegal. There was a scheme, or is running still, way back in the nineties. Their cash gifting scheme was simply to make you make some money. Let you read some info and now you have to find out others to pay you! What a con.













Final Thoughts.

As said, you can make some money, but its more down to luck than anything else. These sites are illegal and so you play the money games they have on offer at your own risk. They are just another scam site, spinning a story about ‘something’ that they can’t even prove they do, and so that is all their are about. They will circulate donors cash until they run out of people to mug. That is all about those guys, for me, they are a scam site!

Need more info on What Is CIFunds.PW? You are welcome to ask me below where I will always respond to you. For those tired of running into online scams you may click the linked image below to my #1 Recoomendation Review. That will show you and everyone else how to earn a full time income, from home using your latop, and comes with a $0 startup and no cc required to begin. That is all for now and look forward to all of your comments regarding anything written here today.


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