What Is Chutoreorger.com / Qtrew.com – Scam or Legit E-Store? Review

By | June 15, 2019

Chutoreorger.com AKA Qtrew.com Is Not Legit. Our ‘Chutoreorger’ ‘Qtrew’ Review.

Churtoreorger.com, also known as Qtrew.com, has multiple flaws indicating a scam. They are not legit and actually cyber-crooks have created countless of these sites. They only defraud people by sending inferior products or sending nothing at all. We have been exposing these sites for a long time now and so we know how they operate.

People with customer reviews about that site, or any site that looks like that one, are welcome to help warn others by leaving your own reviews below this article. This will help so many other people from losing their hard earned cash therefore stopping local economies have cash taken from their areas.








Chutoreorger.com and Qtrew.com Review.

  • You are looking up Chutoreorger.com (Qtrew.com) because you are suspicious or have already been scammed by them. I hope it is the first. They are a long running scam network that like to use the template we see on this site. Any site that looks like this one should be avoided always and appreciate additional information should you possess it. 
  • We are now going to look into their sites attached information to save you time and to show you why we are saying they are fraudulent. We see a number of new copies that have been created quite recently.
  • Their network has countless complaints already against them, and yet they operate still very freely online to snare those who may not know, they are operating illegally.
  • That site was registered in 2018/12/27 and has decided to go into business, with this copy, for only a year. That is only to defraud people quickly and perhaps shut down that site at any moment. In our experience, the cyber-crooks that operate these sites, do not care about us exposing them or anyone else.
  • They tend to let these sites run their natural domain registration periods, because they know most people do not look for reviews, and so it appears it is worth their while.
  • So always look for reviews, and do not believe any e-store that is new or you are not familiar with, because they own a site and their products are cheap.
  • They have not left a proper address and only put AZ, US as their location. That is not good and also they have not left a founders name. They never leave anything legit, so to us, that is nothing new.
  • On their site we see mygoodone.servise@gmail.com. Note the spelling error. Also notice that business email does not correspond to their sites name.
  • Their site logo name of ‘Qtrew’ is also at odds with their sites URL name. That is three points of conflict on their own brand name. Always an extremely bad sign.
  • We also see that email being used on a multiple of sites that are identical, and so how can different companies, be using the same email address? This is how we found so many of their new ones and now we are exposing them.
  • Their phone number of +19375531384 for customer support probably does not work. We expect, if you email them, you will not get a response.
  • If you gave payment information to this site then you should contact your payment provider for a refund and also to cancel your card for a new one. They are very fraudulent so do take action.
  • No business address, or founder name, email address connected to other sites with a vast number of former scam sites by these same cyber crooks. 






Final Thoughts.

That is our answer to What Is Chutoger.com (Qtrew.com) and hope that has helped you to stay clear of them. If not, you are welcome to leave your own reports in the comments. They are going into our List of Internet Scammers Websites Hall of Shame for good. 


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