What Is ChOiES.COM – Is CHOiES.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | November 17, 2018

What Is Choies.com – Don’t Buy Anything From www.Choies.com!

Curious on What Is Choies.com? Good! I am glad you have done your research to answer the off-shoot questions like Is Choies com fake, fraudulent, dishonest, scam, crooked or Is Choies good, safe, legit, real, genuine, honest and delivers ordered products after customers pay for them? I have not bought from this site and so this is a warning to all. If you want a Choies Review from someone that has expereince with that site then you should continue on with your research. For this article is a heads up to help save your money and avoid harsh disappointment.

So, they are a scam site! No doubt!! Everything to come is my research to help you decide for yourself. However, and very quickly, I also show others how to earn online for the long term. You may check out my #1 Recommendation called Wealthy Affiliate for those interested. If not, no hard feelings as I truly do enjoy exposing fake sites 🙂 . OK, lets continue with this www.Choies.com  Review.



What Is Choies.com – Your Warning To Avoid Disappointment.

BTW, welcome to scamwitness.com! You are very welcome here and I am very happy to see you here 🙂 . You already know What Is Choies.com – they are scam, fraudulent and not a good site to buy from. To start on why this website is calling them fake and no good then let us begin with the founder. Surely, if they are legit, they will be proud enough to display their founder? Where such data is missing then that is the beginning of some concern and warrants further research.

All websites are required to register online and to submit some legit details. This is not so much for bloggers but for sites that say they are a real business, where monies are exchanged for real world products/virtual products, then it is plain common sense we know whom we are dealing with.


DON’T BUY FROM www.choies.com!


Their site was registered on the internet 2012/03/28 an set to end in 2020 same date. That is a long time for a scam site to survive and to register. It is not uncommon for sites to be legit for a year or two and then turn scam  – happens all the time. Real world businesses are naturally going to submit their real world address, contact info etc. You can go to WHOIS and type in any known legit company and you will see a fine example of this. Where you see founder name missing for obviously trusted sites, so long as you can verify ownership by their site and confirm that elsewhere online from other trusted sources, then you are fine.

Choies has no Founder Name and that is now the start of concern. People who are legit in the fashion industry LOVE to be known for such a thing, so to see that name missing, makes no sense. There is also no address listed either or contact information.

That is a failure and a deliberate for online identity. This is so when they are reported to be fraudulent, which they have been enthusiastically online, then the owner has the choice to shut down their site and take all the earnings.



How Their Site Operates and The Problems People Are Encountering.

What Is Choies.com per Choies description? They call themselves a ” Global Fashion Destination for the ‘IN’ Girls”. They are selling jewelry, cloths, shoes etc  – ladies fashion. However, while researching another website, I stumbled upone Choies. I noticed they have horrendous and numerous complaints (numbering into the 100’s) and so they became a priority.

Here is how they try to scam you:-

Their ‘cute’ website, as one complaint describes them, has an authentic looking site. They are advertising fashion items that are high quality but not the reality of what they have. When you have decided on what you want to buy then they take your money quick-time! You will notice all the usual tracking information.

However, sometime between 6 to 8 weeks or 10 weeks it is not uncommon for those tracking pages to vanish! That is a common complaint about these kinds of fake shopping sites. It is only to string you along to give such sites time to trick others out of money. But really – where on Earth is there a store that takes 2 months or more to deliver a product?! That, to me at least, is another alarming scam sign.

So, when you buy from the cyber-crooks behind their site then a number of complaints says everything. 

An item may arrive but it probably will not be the correct item you ordered. Too many complaints that the item advertised is of a much higher quality then what they have received. Even spending money to return those items, which when a company who makes such mistakes should actually, and then they receive nothing back anyways.

WORST OF ALL — NOTHING ARRIVES!! That is a common complaint.

Their customer service, when it is more than evident that your product has not come, is completely rude! Rude Customer Service from a seemingly legit online business is another sign of a fake site.

Where are these guys from? While they don’t have an address listed there are online complaints, that Choies Customer Service Reps, tell them their item is coming from China! That did not surprise me because so many online shopping scams come from this region.

Scam Sites like these love to charge your card multiple times. There are well over 600 reviews on TrustPilot.com and probably they are guilty of that as well.

Choies is also offering you 85% Off of some items! They are also offering 40% and over 60% off of other items as well. The reductions generally speaking are too frequent and too high in most cases. This is an obvious sign that something is not right. I say ‘obvious’ because I see it all the time, however, I am fully aware that not everyone’s job is exposing online scams and so I can also see how it can be convincing as well. That is just one way they get money out of their customers.











Final Thoughts.

Payment is always taken first. Item does not arrive. If it does then its of far-far-far-far lower quality then what was advertised. Such fake shopping sites like to say they are from the USA, but amazingly, its quite common for the guys behind their own scam to tell people the items are being shipping from China! Why, I don’t know, because pretty much so many people many fake shopping sites come from here. This may not be known until something goes wrong. To get your money back alert your bank etc and tell them about how you got scammed. Once they investigate then I believe you stand a good chance of getting a refund.

Have questions on What Is Choies.com? You are welcome to leave such questions below. Perhaps you know of another fake online shopping store? That URL would be exposed on page 1 as I am actively hunting down such sites to stop as many people as possible from being scammed as the holidays approach. Don’t forget about the #1 Way to Earn Online for those that have that entrepreneurial people in the world. Don’t forget:- Report them below to help stop others from being scammed online. This is so important as we are really the only ones that can give a real heads-up to each other. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are still scratching their heads on how to protect their own users from scam sites that are as plain as day on their own platforms! So, if you want to be part of helping others, then reporting on such sites in forums like this is the only protection, relatively speaking, we have. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.



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