What Is ChicZora.com – Is ChicZora.com Scam or Legit Ladies E-Store?

By | April 7, 2019

Find Out What Is ChicZora.com all about – Our ‘ChicZora’ Review Guide.

Hello and welcome to our review on What Is ChicZora.com which can be found at www.chiczora.com. Is ChicZora com fake, deceptive, fraudulent, a scam or Is ‘ChicZora’ safe, real, honest, trustworthy and legit? This ‘Chic Zora’ Review will check out their sites attached data, website for scam signs, in order for us to say ‘scam’, ‘legit’ or ‘not recommended’. 

They are a new site and so reports about them so far are not abundant. This forum has been created for all people who have had contact with that website. You are welcome to add to this article with your own reports below in the comments. The more that share what you know the clearer everyone will be about that site.



ChicZora.com Review.

Lets begin this short ChicZora.com Review by seeking some information from WHOIS. There we can see that ‘ChicZora’ was registered in 2018/11/14 and till only the same date in 2019. What company do you know that starts up a biz for just a year? So that could be considered as a indication for a hit-and-run site.




Is ChicZora.com a Scam?



However, and we have said this many times now in other articles, that it could be an honest founder setting up for a short time to see how things go. If business is good in the first 1 or 2 years then they have the option to renew their domain.

They have left an incomplete address from PANAMA. That is a huge scam sign as I have seen that exact PO BOX address on other sites. SO that is not their address. Moreover, it is not a complete address and what company do you know that uses a ‘PO BOX’ as their address?

They have an email address of service@chiczora.com but nothing else by way of the information we spoke about above. There does not appear to be a phone number either for customer support. There are now too many important biz details missing.

This is worrying as people are now, or could be, giving their information like their payment info to a complete stranger online. Always look for reviews. We are not saying they are scam site but that it is bad practice not to know whom you are trusting with your card details.

Scam Sign Of Note:-

I am worried about their generous discounts. How can a new site be offering up to 61% discounts? That is alarming as it can take some years before a business really begins to make it online, or anywhere else for that matter.

Also, they are offering a further 8% off if you buy above $59 plus free shipping. So, I see those kinds of discounts on scam sites often.

The Good News Is:-

Despite all that missing information, they may still be legit. 

RatingPlease.com has some gleaming and positive reviews of the site in question. That will open in a new browser so you may return here. Do you agree with those reviews?


Final Thoughts.

So we see we have ended on a positive note and I hope they are legit. Those with customer reviews, as said, are welcome to comment below to help others in their own research.

We will reserve judgement until we have received your reports. If they get too many bad reviews here then we will place them in our List of Internet Scammers.

That is all on What Is ChicZora.com and looking forward to your reports below. Be sure to check out the comments for further information, if any.

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8 thoughts on “What Is ChicZora.com – Is ChicZora.com Scam or Legit Ladies E-Store?

  1. Jean

    Hi all. I hadn’t heard from ChicZora and as someone mentioned, the tracking number in the one email sent, was invalid. Concerned, I hunted around and found this site. I sent an inquiry email this morning….but when I arrived home today the item was in my mailbox! Not sure what that says for others waiting, but the shirt I ordered was as advertised. My order date was 3/30/19.
    Hope you all have good outcomes.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Jean,

      This is great news and I am happy to hear this. Hopefully, as time goes by, we get more and more good reports like yours Jean.

      Thank you kindly for taking the time to share your own customer review of ChicZora.com. It is very much appreciated Jean 🙂 ~ Philip.

  2. Fran Walker

    I placed an order on April 2 and got an email confirming and that I would be notified when order shipped. Today is the 14th and no further communication from them. I am calling my credit card company to report fraud. I also commented on Facebook that it was a poor purchase experience–item not received. How can we get Facebook to take down their page?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Fran,

      Sorry to hear this Fran. You can report them to FB but they may say that site does not violate their policies. Be interested to know what they say about that FB page alright.

      Thanks for reporting them here and wish you well with your refund.

  3. Heather James

    I made an order on the 18th March………they took payment the same day and to dat have not received my order. I have sent numerous emails, and messages on Facebook which they have now blocked me on. I have had to contact my card company to dispute the charges. Definitely a fraudulent company, even the card company thinks so as they have no contact details either.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to hear of this Heather. Thank you kindly for your ChicZora.com Customer Review / Scam Report / Complaint. It is appreciated and no doubt will go some way to helping others in their own research.

  4. Randi Ziring

    I placed an order. Gave my credit card info and received a text message, not an email confirmation. The text included an order number.
    A week has passed and I started questioning the site. It’s early in the game. I will give it more time. But there seems to be NO WAY to track my order or confirm it.
    Considering calling credit card company. Suggestions?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Is that number supposed to be your order tracking number and it is not working? If so then that is a bad sign for sure.

      Take images of all communications and the tracking number and store it all as evidence for a refund should it come to that.

      So 1 week as you say is not so long. Give it a while more, contact them again and question the tracking number and ask them how you can track you parcel.

      Making a few more attempts at contact, and being able to prove that to your payment provider, may go a long way should nothing arrive from ChizZora.com.

      Thank you Randi and hope this works out OK for you.


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