What Is ChicMolly.com – Is ‘ChicMolly’ Scam Or Legit Online Store?

By | April 2, 2019

Our ‘ChicMolly’ Review – What Is ChicMolly.com Really About.

All of your researching needs about What Is ChicMolly.com, found at www.chicmolly.com, are here. Is ChicMolly com a fake, fraudulent, scam site or Is ‘ChicMolly’ safe, legit, real, genuine? This ‘Chic Molly’ Review will present information freely available online. This is compiled to save you time and to give you a place to report about your experiences in the comments below this article.

Those with customer reviews, questions, concerns, stories are welcome to add to this discussion by placing anything you feel is relevant below this article. We have found some reviews online about them and they have rated some of the worst we have seen. We will get into that soon.




why www.chicmolly.com is not trustworthy!




What Is ChicMolly.com Actually About – Your Reviews Are Welcome Here.

  • Instead of relying solely of other peoples words online we will first do our own background, site check, first. From these simple tasks you can glean a sense of whether a site is trustworthy or not. Of course, mistakes can happens, so always look for reviews from multiple sources to get an overall picture. What Is ChicMolly.com really and truly about? Let’s find out.
  • We start by asking a few simple questions like who the founder is, contact information, where they are located in the world and when they started their online business. 
  • So they registered their e-store in 2018/02/05 and did so for two years. This is a sign of a hit-and-run scam site, but not always.
  • It could be that the founder wants to see how their online biz goes before renewing their site. But, it does run to the same scam pattern of fake shopping sites.
  • We see in WHOIS, at whois.com, that their sites information is not impressive at all. I say that because they have not registered the founders name and are using a business address not their own. That address is being used by so many other online businesses there is no real way of finding out how many.
  • This is called a proxy address and it hides the true location of their founders location online. What we want to see is an actual and honest business address for their customers.
  • Now we must go to their website and see that they have NOT supplied a business address nor a phone number for their own customers. There is also no founder name. So we are now left in a situation where people maybe giving unknown online persons their payment information. 
  • That is very bad practice in the most extreme regarding your own online personal financial safety because we can not possibly know the true intentions of others.

So far, with the most basic ‘check’ on their information, they have failed to show honest transparency!




Scam Signs of ‘ChicMolly’.

Let us now see if they possess many scam signs and that surely will help us in our decision to buy from them or not. 

First thing that strikes me is that their prices ARE too-good-to-be-true, unless of course, they really are giving $100 off of their Bohemian Mid-Sleeved Flower Embroidered Blouses. Original price at $151 and reduced to just $50!

If the original price is to be believed then they are just making a huge loss on that sale(s). Crazy reductions on items like that is nearly always a sign of a scam site. So always look at the reductions and please use common sense before making purchases online!!

Zero contact information. If they have left their address, phone number etc, tucked away in one of their pages then that is even suspicious. 

It is normal and actually expected to leave their business address etc in their contact us section of their site. All we see is a contact form. That is not enough for customer support and really that should get you worried about parting your payment information to them.

They have a pretty bad reputation online. You can see from the reviewson TrustPilot that they have a rating of 98% Bad! That really is as bad as it gets for reviews from your own customers. It matters not the complaints once you see a stat like that.






Final Thoughts.

There are sufficient reports online now to call them a scam site. We can expect to see some bad reports online about sites because even good companies get bad reports.

However, given their low-low prices, no information at all that is legit attached to their site, then we are confident they are not a good and trusted online business.

We are submitting them into our List of Internet Scammers. If many good reports come through, and that is also reflected online, then we would be happy to re-categorize their website.

That is all on What Is ChicMolly.com and looking forward to your and others reviews in the comments below.

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