What Is ChicMe.com – Is ‘Chic Me’ Scam or Legit E-Store? Review

By | April 7, 2019

What Is ChicMe.com about – Our ‘ChicMe’ Review.

You are most welcome here as we investigate to see What Is ChicMe.com (wwwchicme.com) . They have been online for a long time and so we should have plenty of reports by now. Is ChicMe com a scam, fake, fraudulent, deceptive or Is ‘ChicMe’ safe, real, genuine, honest and legit? This ‘Chic Me’ Review will take a look at their site, reports online, and compile the evidence here.

Those with customer reviews are welcome to place them in the comments to help others make up their own minds. By this articles end we hope to have a definitive answer for you. However, if we are unsure then we will be depending on yours and others customer reviews.



ChicMe.com Review – Scam or Legit?

We must watch out for selling stores that come from China. Most fake E-Stores are from this region and so it is worthy checking up on this point. In this ChicMe.com Review we will start off by asking who is the founder, business address, contact data and when they registered their site.







Where this information is missing, false, then we can begin to have doubts about that site. We see per WHOIS that their registration date began in 2007/09/30 and renewal date for that domain is in the same date of 2019. That is a long time and so that is a very good sign of a legit site.

Many fake sites will tend to register their new online business for 1 or 2 years. While there are legit founders out there that just want to see how their business fairs, they will give themselves 1 or 2 years and take take a step back, to see if it is worth renewing it.

However, short registration dates for sites could be a sign of a hit-and-run scam site.

WHOIS also shows us their address of 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona. This is called a proxy address i.e. an address that hides their real location. There are countless sites, fake and safe, using this address to hide their locations.

However, this is considered not to be a good sign. We see that there is no founder name when they registered their site. Why is all this information missing?

When this happens we have to head to their website to see what they have left for this data. They have an email address of vipsupport@chicme.com. We do not see a customer support phone number and we have to ask why?

Their business address is not displayed anywhere on their own website. So now we have people who may be handing over payment information to someone that no one knows. I mean, we do not even know where their business is located. If they have put it on their site then it is not clearly displayed. 

Anyways, so far they appear to have left out some vital customer service information. There really is no reason for this.


Online Reports on ChicMe.com.

Since being online since 2007 they have racked up a good lot of reports about them. We see that TrustPilot (at the date of this post) has 963 reviews. When we first enter into that site about ‘ChicMe’ there is a banner warning. It states basically they have removed a number of fake reviews about this company.

Bad sign…

They have been rated, out of all of those reviews, as ‘POOR’. 

Common complaints, per page 1 of those reviews, – scratch  that-, page is is mostly positive reviews. Anyways, the overall rating of ‘POOR’ is very worrying to say the least.

We go now to SiteJabber where we can see 418 reviews about this company. Out of all of those reviews 325 have given them a ‘1 STAR’. That is shockingly poor.

SiteJabber has the address for this company of 139 INDUSTRIAL PARK DR STE A, HOLLISTER MO, 65672-5771, United States. So now we have located two addresses for the same business.

We first found out about ChicMe.com on Facebook HERE. There is a complaint saying that they are being ignored regarding their purchased order. That is definitely a very bad sign.

It seems most of the reviews online, from the sources so far, shows us they are getting bad reviews.



What To Look Out For – Scam Signs.

We will now detail some things you should watch out for when it comes to e-stores. Time and time again, where they are scams, will make these mistakes or simply not bother to do them.

First things first, is your Tracking Number Legit?

Many times fake sites will not bother to give out a real tracking number. If you complain then they may give you a legit one. Check the weight of the order, and if it is way off, then you know they are probably sending you something worthless for your cash. E.g. earplugs, USB cable, phone charger – all cheap and shoddy.

Did you receive an e-receipt?

Here is another stick-point of where they fail and ‘out’ themselves soon after purchasing on fake sites. We all expect to get a receipt for all purchases as clearly that is proof of purchase. Fake sites just sometimes, or many times, do not bother on this point.

Customer Support has Poor English / Broken English / Unprofessional?

So I have read so many reports of scam sites on how they communicate to their own customers. When the orders are late, they may say things like:-

Be patient.

Be sympathetic.

Be understanding.

Excuses maybe:-

    • Tsunami.
    • Logistics problems.
    • Manufacturing problems.
    • Technical Problems.
    • Delays due to holiday season or upgrading their system.
    • Package got lost or damaged. With scam sites, they will usually have a clever way to word, that if your order gets lost or damaged then they do not refund or replace the item.

Order Taking Too Long – Support Ignoring You?

Late orders and support ignoring you tend to go hand in hand. If they have broken their delivery promise by weeks and in some cases months then that is grounds for a refund.

Take pics of ALL COMMUNICATIONS including the information in your tracking number and e-receipt, if received. This will show you have made a purchase from such a site and so it is up to the scam site to prove otherwise.

Do not be surprised if such sites then suddenly send you something out in order not to lose the profits from your purchase. It usually will be nothing like what you ordered and is only to generate a legit looking tracking number for the payment dispute.



Let us see now if they have many scam signs on their site. We see from the research above we failed to locate their own business address on their own website. Maybe it is there somewhere, but it is not located in their ‘CONTACT US’ section, where you would expect to see it.

There is no founder name or heads of departments names either. That is not good. 

The prices on the home page we can see that there are a fair few items that have 60% reductions. That seems too-good-to-be-true. If they were selling those high quality goods, then how can they sell them for those prices, and still make a profit?

ALL RETURNS ARE AT YOUR OWN COST! Not good and that is very common with fake sites. To be fair, they say that if they make the mistake then they will foot the bill for returns. Have they lived up to their word on this?

The word ‘Chic’ in an e-stores name is usually a sign of a scam site. So keep that in mind, and definitely look for reviews where you see it, in all its variations.

We can not see a customer service number. Those with additional information on this company are welcome to place it in the comments below.



Final Thoughts.

Most of the reviews online about them are negative. Fake reviews about this site have been removed by at least one review website. They have not left enough information about who they are, where they are from, on their own website.

They are using a proxy address to hide their location. That is a lot of important and expected information to be missing.

We are not recommending this site right now as we feel that you may have some kind of bad experience with them. We must keep in mind as well that they do have positive reviews as well.

All are welcome to report on them below, whether positively or negatively, and so you may leave your reviews below this article to help others in their own research.

If we get too many negative reports then we will gladly place them in our List of Internet Scammers. 

So please use your voice and speak up and let everyone know if you recommend this company or not – and why.

That is all on What Is ChicMe.com found at the web address of www.chicme.com. Looking forward to hearing from you and others about this site. Those that suspect any site online of being a scam are welcome to report them in the link directly below.



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