What Is ChiclookCloset.com – Is ‘Chic Look Closet’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | March 26, 2019

Find Out What Is ChicLookCloset.com Here – Our ‘Chic look Closet’ Review – Scam or Legit Review?

Hello and welcome to our review on What Is ChiclookCloset.com which we find at www.chiclookcloset.com. Is ChiclookCloset com a scam, deceptive, fraudulent and run by cyber-crooks? Or, Is ‘Chick Look Closet’ safe, legit, genuine, trustworthy, real? This ‘ChiclookCloset’ Review will try to determine to if they are scam or indeed legit to save you time, worry, and potentially, your hard earned cash.

Those with with www.chiclookcloset.com customer reviews are more than welcome to leave those in the comments below. Initial inspection we can see there is not  a whole lot on them. So now, we must manually review their site and check for scam signs. Let us find out more in this review.





What Is ChiclookCloset.com Really About – Your ‘Chic Look Closet’ Review Guide.

There are common scam-attributes all online scams share. Some are unique per each scam-niche. That is no different to online shopping scams. With all scams, we start out asking who the founder is, where is their business located, contact information and registration date. As you will see, each of these important questions will yield us some insight to the sites true possible intentions. What Is ChiclookCloset.com actually about? Let’s continue..




www.chiclookcloset.com review.



Their registration date was in 2016/03/16 and that is up to same time in 2020. Usually scam sites will register for just 1 year. Maybe even for 2 years. That is a sign of a hit-and-run fraudulent site. But not always. That is a good sign.

It can be that some founders have registered their new online business just to see how things go. If things go well in this time frame then they have the option to renew their site. So we must keep this in mind.

96 Mowat Ave, Toronto, US – is not their address. That is called a proxy address. That simply means, for those that may not know, it is an address used instead of the address of the site owner. Even legit sites do this at times. However, and generally speaking, it is not classically considered a good sign.

No founder name listed when they registered their site! For me personally, there is no need for this. There are the rare occasions that they founder simply does not want to be spammed and so hence the ‘no name’ and legit address.

But having ‘NOTHING’ instead is NOT the answer. It smells of a cover up – lets find out more.

Their Business Addresses Are:-

Head Office Address: 2180 – 8888 Odlin Cres Richmond BC V6X 3Z8 Canada. That address throws up a PLAZA CENTER – A SHOPPING CENTER!!

Invogue Ecommerce Technology Inc. This piece of information we find HERE as a legit and registered entity online. It is not clear to me if they are registered to the site in question.

# 1100-1200 W. 73rd Ave. Vancouver BC V6P 6G5 Canada. This address does link back to their site. However, it appears to be a VIRTUAL OFFICE ADDRESS which can be purchased online cheaply.

Neither one of those addresses accepts returns!

Email address of info@chiclookcloset.com. Where is customer care phone number? Typically that is located top of the site, or at least, somewhere really convenient and obvious for customers to ring for support. That is not the case here unfortunately. How can you run a legit business without a phone number?



‘Chic Look Closet’ Scam Signs.

  • Typically, where we see the word ‘chic’ in a sites name there are those that believe that denotes a scam site, most of the time.
  • We have 3 addresses linked to the same online business. The one in WHOIS. The other two on their site do not appear legit as a real world location to their business. One is a Shopping Center and the other is a Virtual Office Address. Where are they really from?!
  • Up to 85% Discounts! WHAT?! That is far too high and that is only typical, in my extensive experience researching online scams, of a fake site.
  • Their site has not been updated in 3 months. Their home page slider shows promotions from Christmas. Please see date of this article to see how that is looks suspicious.
  • Their ‘Notice Board’ is empty.
  • When I click on their ‘REVIEWS’ section then we can see they have zero reviews. They have been online since 2016 and not 1 person reviewed them? That is not a good sign.




Final Thoughts.

We can not call them a scam because there are too few scam reports online. So we must depend on those that have had experience with them as customers.

Those with reviews are welcome to place them below this article to help others who maybe thinking about purchasing from that site.

That is all on What Is ChicLookCloset.com and hope it has been of use to you. Looking forward to your comments below.


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