What Is ChicgGo.com – Is ChicgGo.com Scam or Legit? The Final Word!

By | January 31, 2019

What Is ChicgGo.com about – Possible Scam Network Connection Found!

Is your order late? Nothing arrived? Their Support of no help? Well, this article is all about What Is ChicgGo.com found at www.chicgg.com. Is ChicgGo com a scam, fraudulent, crooked or Is ChicgGo legit, good, safe, real and genuine? This www ChicgGo com Review is a possible Scam Alert! We must complete this review before saying that for sure. Those that are of no doubt that they were scammed should contact their banks for a refund and to possibly cancel your card. 

You may also leave any reports of losses in the comments below this article to help warn others. There are so many fake selling sites coming out of China that I even saw a petition to stop these fake sites from this region. Typically too many times they seem to know how to make shoddy, counterfeit possibly, inferior goods instead of the goods they are advertising on their site.

Even I jumped onto their Facebook page and immediately was struck by a lady saying they took her money and did not deliver her item. So beware, fake sites may even send you out stolen goods. Always look for reviews before paying anything form a site you do not know or is a new site.




ChicgGo.com Review – Real or Nothing But a Scam Site?

Below is the research to show you why ChicgGo.com is not a real site and I believe they are only out to defraud people. It is not my intention to defame a good site intentionally, but, I do not believe they are a good site and so this article is to warn you to stay clear of them entirely. During the research a scam connection was already made to DressInYou.com. You can read about there in that link. Also, DressInYou had some horrendous scam reports on their Facebook page and you read all about them HERE. 


ChicgGo.com Review

Beware of ChicgGo.com!


As you can see that is the first thing I saw on their ChicgGo’s Facebook page and that was alarming. I snipped it here to keep it as evidence in case they remove it sometime.

Their sites registration was in 2018/09/25 and only 1 year is all they have dedicated their site for. That is very unusual because honest and legit sites tend to register their main marketing website for many years to come. So 1 year does not make any sense and is only typical of fake sites.

‘N/A’ is written in for ‘STATE’ in WHOIS. They are from HK (Hong Kong) per that database site as well. That is a bad sign already. No founder name and there is nothing for an email for support. This is an intentional cover up of identity and exact location and really only scammers behave like this. Do you know of any legit online company that hides this kind of basic information?

Their prices seem to be too-good-to-be-true and where that is so then you should be very careful. I am concerned that they do not even own the images they are using and so may not have the permission to be promoting these products.

For example, I see one product that was priced at $$100.88. Now they want to make a huge loss on that sale by offering it to you for just $33.92! No. That does not make any sense and it is only bait-and-switching cash out of their unwary customers.



ChicgGo Scam Signs.

  • The biggest scam sign that I saw was in their CONTACT US and ABOUT US sections. Except for the mentioning of their respective website names, they are word for word copies of ChicgGo and DressInYou! No two companies can have the same wording on their site, and dates within that wording, as that is just impossible. So now we can see we have made a scam connection. 
  • If there is no doubt that DressInYou is a scam, that they are I can assure you and you will see that in the link left up top about all the complaints about the on Facebook, then so is ChicgGo. They have exact wording in the exact same places on their sites. So, there is no refuting that.
  • There is no founder name on their site or anywhere online. No contact number and also there is no support email. These are classic hallmarks of a fake site and so do look out for these things going forward.
  • Their Facebook page is just them spamming their visitors with all of their products. There is next to no comments and no doubt complaints may just be getting deleted fast. 





Have You A ChicgGo.com Review or Scam Report? You Are Welcome To Leave All Reports Below In The Comments To Help Alert Others – Thank You.















That is all on What Is ChicgGo.com. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. Those that want to report on them below are welcome to do so. Given the scam connection to an already known scam site then we had no choice but to give them that verdict. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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2 thoughts on “What Is ChicgGo.com – Is ChicgGo.com Scam or Legit? The Final Word!

  1. Jenna Berthoud

    I was sent cheap cheap cheap not usable items for $70 and when I contacted them to say these are not usable they said well since it cost so much for you to send it back to us why don’t you give it as a gift to someone else and then we will give you $15 refund or $18 credit on their website. HA no way do I want MORE of your product. Sizes are so wrong my youngest daughter is teensy and can’t wear their adult medium.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Jenna,

      Thank you for being the very first to leave a customer review on ChicgGo.com. I am sorry to hear they have not delivered the service they depict on their site.

      Given your report then perhaps you should contact your payment provider for a refund. This is wholly unsatisfactory, and even if you own daughter can’t wear medium adult size, that is a very bad service indeed from ‘ChicgGo’.

      Thanks again Jenna and you are very welcome to let us know if you apply for a refund or not from you payment provider. ~ Philip (Scam Witness).


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