Review – Is ‘ChicFavor’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | November 8, 2019

Is Legit – What Is ‘ChicFavor’?

Do you require a Review? What Is ‘ChicFavor? Is a scam or is ‘Chic Favor’ legit and real? This review is going to take a sneak-peek into their sites set up, background information, online reputation etc. We will detail any scam signs we see and if they are already part of a known scam network we have covered before. We can say they are a new e-store and as such they should not be granted trust until they have proven themselves.

Those that were scammed, or believe they were, are welcome to let us know about that in the comments. We have a List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame you may report any site to if you suspect them of fraud. We also show people online how to make cash from home. You may read our Ways to Earn Online From Home – Free Start Up, for those interested in online business.

Scam or Legit?




Is a Scam?

  1. There are piles and piles of online scams running right now all gearing up for the Xmas Holidays. This is the time of year that people are targeted for fraudulent purposes and Social Media is one of the forefronts that is very weak indeed in protecting people from online scams being advertised on their platforms. However, is one of them?
  2. We begin easily enough by looking up their sites info at Whois. We can see that they have registered their website in 2019/09/20 which was done for only a year. So one year is very short indeed as it can take up to 2 years for a business to get off of the ground. Where we see domain registrations with low time frames then that is considered suspicious by Industry Experts.
  3. Not always can we say that they are a scam based on that. There are times where we have come across work from home entrepreneurs making commissions from sales. However, for some reason, such people rarely state this on their site.
  4. This is a problem because such people are not required to leave information like their home address, phone number but an email would not go amiss. Clearly, no one expects anyone to put up their home address etc to prove they are legit for their online as it would not be safe to do.
  5. But when we see a site like ‘ChicFavor’ who have branded themselves as an actually online company then they have no excuse to have no founders name, no business address, phone number or email when they registered their site.
  6. We head to the actual website and see they have an email address of No name, phone number or even business address. So this is a real problem for me. Who is it are you giving your payment information to? These guys have chosen to remain strangers to their own customer base.
  7. So what happens now if your order fails to show up or they send you out something other than what was advertised exactly? Well, you have the email address and hopefully they do respond to their customers. It is dubious in my opinion they will send out your order as they have advertised on their site.
  8. It is only my opinion and I am not stating fact on that – I have not ordered from them.
  9. I looked again at their site and that email is all they have on their ‘CONTACT US’ section. While they may have stored the info we are looking for elsewhere on their site, which is a common trick by scammers, we all know it should be where their email is.
  10. Legit companies do not play hide-and-go-seek with their own business credentials.
  11. There are so many stores online right now with the word ‘Chic’ in it that it is now a scam sign in my opinion. Where you see it then look up for reviews. If you see there are none, because perhaps they are so new there is nothing yet on them (like ‘ChicFavor’), then ask us in the comments and will definitely look into them for you.






Final Thoughts.

Not Recommended. I will wait to hear from you and others about the company in question. Perhaps they do not send out anything for your cash? Perhaps they send out shoddy, inferior products, counterfeit etc goods? Delivery time going close to or exceeding two months? Long waiting times are indicative of scam sites. Very much looking forward to hearing customers of their site below. Why not check out our latest scam alerts below and or our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame.





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