Review – Is ‘CharmFancy’ Fake or Safe Online Store?

By | April 19, 2019

Find Out What Is Here – Our ‘CharmFancy’ Review.

We want to find out if CharmFancy is a scam or a safe and legit site. is a new site and so we must always be cautious with new sites. This review will detail all the points that concern us. We are asking for the founder name, business address, contact information, and we will compile this info in our review to answer what is CharmFancy com.

Your reviews are welcome and you can place them in the comments below this article. Where many reviews come through then we will be able to share our combined knowledge to either highlight a good site, or to warn others, of a bad site. Most sites are from China, and we see in WHOIS, that is where they say they are from. Not all sites from this region are bad but it is a scam-monitoring point even the overwhelming amounts of fake e-stores from here.




Is www.charmfancy a scam or a safe site?

So we go to WHOIS and type in We can see the date of 2018/12/10 with a registration of just one year. This may signify a hit-and-run site. Such sites exist for little time to only defraud many people, typically. However, there are plenty of instances where there are legit founders registering for tis time period to see how things. They can obviously register for long if they deem if it makes good business sense to do so.

We do not see a founder name registered inside WHOIS for this site. That is all they have submitted and now we look on their own website to see if they have left this data. A total black-out is not good as there maybe some people leaving their own payment information to an unknown founder.

There is nothing in their ‘CONTACT US’ section. We expect to see a business address, founder name, email address and perhaps a customer support phone number. None of that is there.

SO we go to their ORDERPLUS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED7/F SPA CENTRE NO. 53-55 LOCKHART ROAD WANCHAI H.K. is being used by How can two sites be using the same address? Of course, one company can only be using the one address at anyone time.

Email address is Scam Signs.

Seeing images of models heads lobbed-off in the images is never a good sign. Why do this? This does not look very professional, and per many comments I have read online in some forums, this is a scam sign. Legit companies don’t go around defacing their own product images.

The prices maybe too-good-to-be-true. I see one discount from $247 reduced down to just $28.86. That is only giving htat item away and would only ensure this company made a huge loss from that sale. Typically, they have too high discounts across their goods. This is only real if they are sending out inferior products and not what is being advertised, perhaps? What has your experience been?

No business transparency on ownership. Where we are dealing with companies it is common practice to detail founder name and department heads. This is not listed.

Contact support for customers is limited and why is there no customer support number?





Final Thoughts.

There are some serious signs that we may be dealing with a fraudulent site. I am not saying they will not send your goods. I am worried however it maybe inferior and not what they are advertising. The discounts indicate this to me as they would, or perhaps be, making a loss on their sales if those prices are real.

We are not recommending them for now and we will wait for your reviews on this site first. Those that have the time are welcome to detail your experience with this site. In this way we can protect others from bad sites. Conversely, we can highlight good sites.

That is all for now on What Is and looking forward to hearing about your own take on them. If we get too many bad reports then we will list them in our List of Internet Scammers.

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4 thoughts on “ Review – Is ‘CharmFancy’ Fake or Safe Online Store?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to hear this Candice and thank you for taking the time to reveal your opinion about It is very much appreciated.

  1. Vera

    Their stuff is a real sh*t. Just like it is shown on photos from chinese websites “expectations/reality’. Thei do not fit, they are made of a cheap synthetics and stick to the legs. Some are much shorter, than on the photos.


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