What Is Charmedco.com – Is Charmedco.com Scam or Legit?

By | January 18, 2019

What Is Charmedco.com About – Are They A Fraudulent Site?

Wondering What Is Charmedco.com? Asking Is Charmedco com good, safe, real,legit, honest or Is Charmedco.com a scam, crooked, fraudulent, dishonest? This Charmedco Review is going to be shedding some light on their site. Those with scam reports about that site are welcome to leave them below in the comments area, and of course, good reports are also welcome. They have been online for sometime now but one online scam report really nudged me to do this review of them. Perhaps there are many people in the same boat? Let’s find out.

Many online shops are from China and typically sell to you products that are shoddy, inferior, no good quality and nowhere near the price you paid for it. Even though such sites may deliver you some kind of a product, if it is not the one they advertised and you paid for, then you still have been defrauded. In this case you must contact your payment provider and cancel your card. Even you should ask for a refund since you did not get your correct order. This is going to be a very quick review on Charmedco.




Charmedco.com Review – Scam or Safe?

We start off with a background check of that website. We are looking for legit owner information, where they are based and of course contact information. We will look online to see about scam reports and what others are saying about them. Where we find too many bad reports then we have to assume one of two things:- they are a scam and so stay away, or, they do deliver their orders but too many times they just get it wrong. In either even, they would not be good or recommendable.


Charmedco.com Review

Image taken from www.charmedco.com.


That site was put up online in 2015/06/24 and registered up until same time in 2019. Since I spent lots of time exposing online scams, anything over 2 years registration is a little unusual for a fake site but it does happen. So they have passed that little scam-monitoring point. Too many times bad sites will register for 1 or 2 years, that is plenty of time to take peoples cash, and shut down their site. It is very common for scammers to follow that pattern.

Founder Name Is Kendra Mattox.

Organization is called Charmed.

Address is 232, EppsBridge Rd 14J, Athens, GA, 30606, US. I just Googled that address and it looks like an apartment residential accomodation. So now I am getting dubious and worried. That is unfortunate and shows that potentially they are trying to hide their real location. But, let us find out more first before jumping the gun.

+1.7066142063 is their registered phone number. Google returned no matches for that number. Has anyone got through using that number? It is unusual there are no returns and kinda makes one feel like it could be a fake number. Of course, I can’t be sure on that.

Email is GetCharmed1@gmail.com. Google that email and it will take you straight into your own email inbox. That is weird to say the least. Anyways, moving on.

Let us now take a look at their site and see if they have left data regarding their location, name of the owner and also contact information.

I see that there is a P.O. BOX 7021 ATHENS, GA 30604. A P.O. BOX? What kind of business operates out of a ‘P.O. BOX’? Anyways, that is not a good sign at all. Legit online companies would love to give you all this information of their location etc and never do I see such addresses, but only with scammers. Fortunately for them, there is no scam reports tied into any of the above information. That is fairly unusual if they are not legit and so let us now move on.




The Online Complaint That Made This Article Happen!

So after reading a scam report from the BBB.org by a very upset lady I felt strongly that I had to find out for sure if the site in question was real or not.You may view that scam report below.


Charmedco.com Scam Report

Taken with thanks from the bbb.org/scamtracker/us.


So no item has NOT arrived for the $50 paid for a necklace. They have shunned her on social media and have since refused to connect with this lady about her order. This is the stuff of scam sites and so is why I decided to help make even more people aware of this scam report.

However, putting the brakes on the word ‘scam’, it has to be said that there appears to be minimal online negative reviews. Even good sites get bad reviews and so that is simply not enough to label as bad.





Do You Have A Charmedco.com Scam Report or Positive Review? You Are Welcome To Leave Your Reports Below In The Comments – Thank You.







Pending ‘YOUR’ reports about the site in question. There simply is not enough evidence to support a ‘SCAM’ verdict. Even to say ‘NOT RECOMMENDED’ would be unfair if they are indeed good and legit.






Final Thoughts.

I feel there are some ‘issues’ with their address as they have provided it to everyone. A P.O. BOX is very odd to say the least. However, nit-picking here and there is not grounds to label them dishonest and crooked. I am handing this one over to the people who have encountered their site and so please do leave your reports below to clear up this issue once and for all. These reports will help others online make their own decisions regarding the site in question. Lastly, I am also concerned that there is simply not enough info on their site for customer service! That for me is very glaring and actually would put me off using them. 


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That is all we have time for today on What Is Charmedco.com. I hope it has shed some light on their site to help you decide for yourself. Make sure you check out the comments for further information, if any. Those with questions, problems with their orders etc, are welcome to ask below. Thanks again and look forward to your comments below.


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2 thoughts on “What Is Charmedco.com – Is Charmedco.com Scam or Legit?

  1. Atisha

    The fact that I placed an order on March 6, 2019 and haven’t received it and I also have a case open with Paypal to get my money back is another reason for any potential buyers to beware. We just aren’t likely to google it here before placing orders. I live in Athens and was just trying to support a business in my hometown. I too got scammed. DO NOT SHOP WITH KEANDRA MATTOX. Her phone number she’s using now is 706-410-6846 and email is keandramattox@yahoo.com. Try your luck that way with contacting her.


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