What Is ‘Charles Miller Watches’ – Is Charles-Miller.Shop Scam or Legit Watch Shop?

By | May 19, 2020



Where Is ‘Charles Miller Watches’ ~ ‘RECHERCHE’ Located – Our CharlesMiller.Shop Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Welcome to our quick review on What Is ‘Charles Miller Watches’ located at www.charles-miller.shop. We see watches that appear to be unbranded and potentially too good to be true. We see a lack of business information and that is nearly always a huge scam sign. But also, why do they have ‘RECHERCHE’ as part fo their e-stores branding? Those that may have spotted an online scam are welcome to report that to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2000+ 2020 / 2021 section and we may review them.

Your customer reviews will help others in deciding if they should purchase from ‘Charles Miller Watches’ or not. Did you get your goods? As advertised and if not are you happy with the goods? Feel welcome to share what you may know about them in the comments below.

Time to look further into ‘Charles Miller Watches’ at CharlesMiller.Shop and see the comments for real customer reviews. If that section is lacking any contributions right now then, as said, feel invited to share your own thoughts about them below this article.



www.charles-miller.shop was registered online on the 2020-04-22 for just one year. That is not a good sign. One or two years online for a business is deemed to be suspicious as it may indicate a hit and run site. However, not always.

Upon registering their URL they did not leave their own founder’s name, there is currently no business address or any contact info like a phone number or email when they registered their site per WHOIS.com. That is never a good sign.

On their website we see an email address of Charlesmillerstore@outlook.com. There are two things wrong with that email address. An ‘Outlook’ email is a personal email and not a business email. Secondly, ‘CharlesMillerStore‘ – ‘Store’?

So that is not even the name of their website for as we can see it is ‘Charles-Miller.Shop’. So those are two big scam signs to always watch out for. If the business email does not 100% reflect the site’s URL/Branding then something may be very wrong.

Also, why are they referring to themselves as ‘RECHERCHE‘? That is very alarming and I can not imagine a genuine company making a mistake about their own company name. I mean, that is just a stackable offense and it is only too easy to suspect such a site with such a scam sign.

I have witnessed other websites using copying and pasting to create multiple sites. They sometimes just plain forget, or just too lazy, to remove any traces of the old site. I am not saying that is what is going on here but that ‘RECHERCHE’ hints at the possibility.

If you drop one of those images into images.google.com then you can have a route around for other stores selling those watches. You will see their own branding and you will also see they are double in prices. So this is why we are suspecting ‘Charles Miller Watches’ as potentially selling counterfeit goods.

incredibly, people are looking up online for counterfeit goods all the time and so it is up to you if you wish to purchase from such e-stores, in this case.

This website is lacking some key components, that while may not be of interest to over 90% of any site visitorship, Google does expect to see them there. They are part and parcel of any sites makeup.

So we do not see any Privacy Policy. Nor have they offered us the option of cookies when we land on their site. There is no ‘ABOUT US’ Page and that really is very important as that is the introductory branding of who they are, where they are from, and how they came about into their line of work.

Also, limited forms of contact is a howling scam sign that you should always be looking out. If this e-store was really selling legitimate watches then surely they would have a shop, a phone number, as it is not professional nor feasible to run a business of this nature from an email address.

There is no contact name on their website either. So, what if your order goes wrong, or you are not happy with your purchase, who is it then that you contact to resolves any potential disputes?

If you paid, and nothing has arrived for your purchase from any e-store, then simply call your bank for a refund. Take screenshots always of your purchase order page as evidence. Ensure you get an e-receipt and also did you pay taxes on your purchase?

Did you receive a legit tracking code page? Check with the logistics company to ensure they know about your order. If they do not then that is a very bad sign that you may have been had by any online store. 

These are just generic tips and may not necessarily apply to ‘Charles Miller Watches’ at CharlesMiller.Shop website.



Online Reputation for ‘Charles Miller Watches’.

In order to answer What Is ‘Charles Miller Watches,’ it is a good idea to look online to see what others are saying about them. Sometimes when e-stores are too new then that can be hard to find. However, if you do find reviews already around, and the store is a scam, those reviews tend to reflect that.

We see a charlesmillerltd.com but of course that is an entirely different website. We see a video by ScamFinder and he reckons this website is potentially a scam. One comment, per date of this post, agrees. The other comment made a purchase of two watches and waiting on delivery.

So, there is not a lot about this site currently. Having looked on Facebook there are no mentions it seems about ‘Charles Miller Watches’ and so they have no social media, it appears. We see on their site also that they have not put up any social media icons.

That is not a good sign to see a company that is not using social media. The lack of this could send a company under as over two billion people use Facebook alone so it makes no sense not to be using such platforms.




No founder name anywhere online. The watches appear to be unbranded, or as ScamFinder said, they may have used something like PhotoShop to take out such branding.

We do not see any contact information but only an email address. Has anyone got a reply from that email? 

Their site is missing a host of key components. They are not verified by the likes of McAfee, Verisign, etc. No trust seals for an online business simply means they have not been vetted by anyone to ensure legitimacy and safety.

They appear to have no proof they are even legally allowed to be selling those watches. Where is their supply chain details? Where are they getting or producing these watches from? 

No social media is quite common when dealing with potentially untrustworthy online stores. There simply is no real reasons for this.

Perhaps this store is being run by someone working from home? Perhaps, but then why not just state this? No one would hold it against the owner and actually would probably help sales as many would like to assist up-starts in their new ventures.

As mentioned, there is already a well-established scam busting You-Tuber calling them a scam, in his opinion. So that is not a good sign. Such people, like our selves, would be quite accustomed to the scam signs that may not be so obvious to others. 

Having said all of this, we are going to give ‘Charles Miller Watches’ a chance to prove they are legitimate, regarding a scam or legit verdict. While we can not endorse a somewhat generic site, due to the overwhelming lack of identity along with the other key points mentioned, we can allow a space for others to express their views about Charles-Miller.Shop below.
















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