What Is ChaoLily.com – Is ‘ChaoLily’ Scam or Legit E-Store? – REVIEW!

By | April 14, 2019

Find Out What Is ChaoLily.com Here – Our ‘ChaoLily’ Review.

This is one of very reviews online on What Is ChaoLily.com. www.chaolily.com is selling bobble-heads from your photos. Is ChaoLily com a scam, fraud, deceptive or Is ‘ChaoLily’ safe, real and legit? This ‘Chao Lily’ Review is to warn you about that site. They are simply not a trustworthy site. We will detail why below.

All customer reviews are welcome in the comments. This will help others know further why we can  not trust the site in question. Too many times we see sites of this kind from China. We will research the founder, the attached site data and contact means. Where that is not available, or provably false, we will determine them as scam or not recommended. In this case – SCAM!




Is www.chaolily.com a scam?



ChaoLily.com Review – Report Them Here.

So we have to go to WHOIS to see the info left by the founder of ChaoLily.com. We see that they were registered in 2019/01/02 and only for a year they have registered this domain. Founder name is not listed and the supplied address is not theirs. We have seen that address too many times for them to claim it as their own.

So, that address is a proxy address and hides their true location. It appears that such addresses is to make them look legit but also to register their site.

We look at their site and we see:-

 617 Crown House North Circular Road London England NW10 7PN. We have QANDIES LTD
 (qandies.com) above that address. We note that the address is actually an image
as we could not highlight the words. 
Their email is cs@chaolily.com. Google that email and you see a scam report about
that email address, phone number of 00852-97175256 and their address.

Furthermore, that address has showed up on a number of other sites online. Sites, that we have deemed scams. Where you see this address it is always, in our view, a reliable sign of a scam site. Very least, you should make good efforts to research the site where this address appears.

The founder name is also mysteriously missing within their sites content. 



Final Thoughts.

We are not happy to declare their site as safe or legit. They are deemed already to be an untrustworthy store by OTA scam-busting site.

They are now going into our List of Internet Scammers. We thank you for your time in this short review on What Is ChaoLily.com. Looking forward to your customer reviews / complaints / scam reports below.

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