What Is ChainAntion.com – Is ChainAntion.com Scam or Legit?

By | September 4, 2018

What is www.ChainAntion.com and Will You Make Big Money Fast – Real or Fake?

Looking to find out What Is www.ChainAntion.com? Is ChainAntion com real and payng? Is ChainAntion fake and fraudulent? This Chain Antion Review is going to clearly layout your chances of financial success with this scheme. They are hailing from the UK and looking for investors now. They say “if you make them famous ChainAntion will make you rich!”. Big Claim – let us find out if that is possible or just cloak and dagger stuff to make them rich. By the end of this article you will know whether you should invest in this illegal scheme or not. And, yes, they are a scam site. Below is why I am calling them fake and not legit, though granted, some people will probably make a lot of money.

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What Is www.ChainAntion.com, Founder Info, Investment Offer and Your Slim Chances of Success – Know the Signs.

ChainAntion.com Site

On the question What Is www.ChainAntion.com I shall look for legit owner details. A quick trip onto WHOIS then I see this ChainAntion was created 31/08/2018. UK is listed as their real address. They even possess a Companies House Certificate, more on that later. OH – Look Here! They almost tricked me LOL! They are not from the UK but from Panama <<- that is a scammers address and I have seen the same one used over and over many hundreds of times!

You can clearly see the UK flag on their site as well and so that is quite convincing. Anyways, the founder name is not listed at site registration nor mentioned at Chain Antion website. This is worrying because hiding your details, giving out contradictory address details, are all tell tale signs of a scam. So, we have no legit owner info to connect anyone to this site. In essence, if you invest, you are handing over your real world money to an unknown person online – that is not safe or advised.

What Are They?

They say they are some high flying big shot group of professional traders that can attain a higher efficiency in crypto trading. They continue to say by the the implementation of investment instruments and correct allocation of funds they have a way to make big money with crypto currency. That is all hog-wash-garble and actually there is ZERO TRANSPARENCY on their site as to HOW they make their money to offer such returns. Another sign of a scam.

They are a Yield Investment Program or HYIP for short. They can also be termed a Ponzi Scheme. Since most of the money flows upwards they can be classified as a Pyramid Scheme as well. They are very illegal!!

Where does the Earnings Really Come From?

They come from people like yourself that were or have been tempted to invest some money for those returns. The returns are as follows:-

Plan 1:-

150% After 1 Day.

Min – $5.

Max – $5000.

Plan 2:-

225% After 2 Day.

Min – $100.

Max – $5000.

Plan 3:-

320% After 1 Day.

Min – $300.

Max – $5000.

Plan 4:-

450% After 1 Day.

Min – $500.

Max – $5000.

Those earnings, as said, come from other people online wishing to make quick and very easy cash. Those that earn at the start are either lucky or know what they are doing.

When to Invest?

At the start of any scheme like this then you have about two weeks before ROI become nearly a thing of the past. The payments may even continue for up to 1 month. The reason is to make up so good and legit payment proofs and then that encourages new investors. Soon enough though the founders will just make off with all the earnings, I have witnessed this many times online.

Since there is no ownership details connecting anyone to the site then there appears not to be a way to capture the crooks and make them pay people or at least get their cash back. This is why its pretty important that you don’t be tempted with schemes like this – but of course, it is your own choice.

How do HYIP Schemes Work?

Pretty simple really. There is no physical or digital product you are paying for. That is a hall mark of these kinds of operations. You simply feed money into a fake investment site, sit back, and pray others will dot the same. Then another lot of people may come along and invest and do the same. Now, that fresh money is shared with older the investors (1 is you) and then you are happy. Now the second lot of people must hope new people come in. Perhaps they will be paid to. 

With each payment to members the founder will most certainly take the Lions Share. When the ground is thin on new sign ups then the last lot of people (this is the biggest group of people and may consitute 90% of participants) will not see any money back. They will just be ignored by Admin as the unknown people are busying shutting down their site and starting up a new one. Sounds unbelievable but many millions of dollars are lost to scams like ChainAntion.

Why Does ‘Chain Antion’ Sound/Look Familiar?

Its ‘quite’ a well reported fact that scam sites will have similar URL’s of popular and legit sites. This is to confuse and make people to go their site and not the legit site they were originally looking for. Those new to investing online may then think it is safe to invest. That is one reason and why its done.

Is Their Business Registered by Companies House?

NO! It is very easy to check. Simply go to the Companies House website and insert the company name, you will see no returns for that business name. Those scam sites that have a legit certificate of business registration, can buy those certs from between £5 and £140, which is very poor and not a good and reliable indicator anymore that the cert much anymore. Anyways, point is, overseas businesses can buy those certs and then that is their ‘UK Registration’ – I was shocked when I first learned of that! Hardly helps to stem the tide of online scams.

ChainAntion has a Companies House image at the bottom of their website simply stating they are registered in teh United Kingdom. It is just an image and links to no proof. Meaning, they are not registered and is a lie.


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Know of an online scam?

Feel free to report all online scams to this sites support email at scamwitnessadminsupport@gmx.com. Don’t forget to check the comments to see if there is additional data, if any.




Final Thoughts.

Their new investment platform will or may make some payments for a while. Historically, these schemes rip off over 90% of participants. This is because the next waves of people is always greater than the last so the debt is forever increased by 100%. Such debt creation can never be paid off leaving such sites unstable and collapse at any moment. Some, even last just a few weeks. The choice is yours but I don’t suggest you invest in scheme that has zero financial regulator over-seeing their handling of your cash. Since their site is based on an illegal business model then that is alone enough to call them a scam site!

Have you got any questions on What Is www.ChainAntion.com or on How to Set Up Your Own Online Business without a fee? Just ask me below on anything here today mentioned and I KNOW I can help you. Thank you all very much for putting your trust in my research and I am very much looking forward to all of your comments come below.

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