By | May 19, 2019

Beware of the Ultra Spammers / Cyber-Crooks Running The Website Called CBDOILINN.COM.

Wondering what on Earth is ‘UP’ with CBDOILINN.COM? Well, after receiving our fill of spam links from that site, we thought we would pay them so well deserved attention 🙂 . There is an infestation of CBD Oil Fever hitting the Net with all kinds of beneficial claims. That is not our discussion. Our discussion is to expose ‘CBDOILINN’ for as a site that is not safe, legit, but only a fraudulent deceptive website.

Those that have experience with that are website are welcome to leave your thoughts below in the comments. We are going to be looking into the founder name, business address, contact information and site registration. On the surface, they appear to have hidden all of this.








  • This is going to be very short indeed. There is no business transparency at the point of their sites registration. You can go to WHOIS and see that for yourself. They are new and registered in 2019/04/30 and with only 1 year it is hard to take them seriously as a real business.
  • No founder name as cyber-crooks do not like that kind of attention. They have expertly hidden anything that would trace back to themselves. So its a great ‘Internet’ we have when a site like theirs can 24/7 spam a site like ours. 
  • We believe we know why as well. This spamming started when we exposed Auate.com. We were not the only ones, but we must of done a great job indeed 🙂 , as we are now under constant attack by unknown cyber-crooks who seem not to have anything else to do with their time.
  • So, enough is enough. Do not even click on CBDOILINN.COM’S website, for if you do and then click anywhere else on their site, you are earning them cash! Why? How?
  • They are immediately re-directing to other sites, sites that may also be fraudulent in nature just like ‘CBDOILINN’, and so they maybe getting some earnings for that. Unless of course they own those sites as well. 
  • SO do not support them one bit as they are not providing any value to the online community and therefore are non-existent to purpose and meaning and therefore a ‘blank’ in the annals of Internet History. I am sure they will gladly take their place without argument, for when you attack, you have no defense to complain when done so right back at you.


Stay Clear of them folks. They are not dealing in any healing CBD Oil but only out for themselves to cause harm.


That really is all I personally am willing to waste time on these cyber-crooks and hope this article has saved you some time. All the best 🙂 .



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