What Is CatwearInc.com – Is CatwearInc.com Scam or Legit? #1 Review!

By | January 26, 2019

Find Out What Is CatwearInc.com in this ‘CatwearInc’ Review.

Is your order taking too long or it seems nothing has arrived yet? Well, What Is Catwearinc.com is the discussion for today. Is Catwearinc.com a scam, fake, fraudulent, dishonest or Is CatwearInc legit, real, safe, genuine and good? This Cat Wear Inc Review is advising some caution here regarding their site. There is one report that complained of no product delivered. We will be taking a manual analysis of their site to see if we can find scam signs to warn us against them. We shall look for legit and transparent information like founder name, location and legit contact data. Where this is missing, then we can say, they are not a good company as good companies do not hide this info.

Those that have been undoubtedly scammed by that site are welcome to leave their own reviews and scam reports in the comments below. If defrauded, contact your bank and claim a refund plus cancel your card to stop unauthorized transactions. Many fake shopping sites coming out of China always an so that is something we will be looking for as well.

Too many fake sites will send out shoddy, inferior, counterfeit and perhaps stolen goods to their customers for their hard earned cash. It must be noted right now, ‘CatwearInc’ does not have a lot of scam reports or negatives reviews against them. That is what is to their credit, or, people were too dang lazy to have reported their scam experiences with them, if any more than the one found at the bbb.or.


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CatwearInc.com Review – What Is ‘CatwearInc’ Really All About?

Usually fake sites will register online for only about 1 year and sometimes for 2. These guys have registered for 3 years and that is 1 year outside of the usual scam pattern for fake sites. That is something to their credit, once again, but still I do have my suspicions given the horrendous report I just read.


Catwearinc.com Review

Use Caution at www.catwearinc.com!


  1. Basically, an order was placed and it was promised in 14 days, right before, Christmas, for this gentleman’s Wife. It was a Cat Purse that this lady wanted. So, after many emails before Xmas, nothing arrived, but was promised the item in a couple of days. Xmas went and still  no item. This man got a refund and reported them to the Better Business Bureau. That report is why I am writing about the aforementioned website. Additionally, the complaint continues to say that the complainee could not understand the lady on the other end of the phone because of the crowing of chickens and roosters! Lastly, on this complaint, a fake tracking code was given to him after all of that waiting around. Nothing arrived.
  2. So, let us find out some who the owner is now and when they registered their site.
  3. So they registered their site in 2017/01/31 and done so up until 2023/01/31. They have been online for long enough now for them to have many scam reports. ‘1’ REPORT does  not make them a scam! That is very important we don’t label good sites as scams.
  4. The rest of the information left at their registration is disappointing to see. Fake sites will always hide the founders name or give a fake one. They have decided not to list the founders of ‘CatwearInc’ and that is a very bad sign indeed!
  5. No support email address and a phone number of +507.8365503. The country codes of +507 is PANAMA and that is their location as they have listed it. HOWEVER, ‘PANAMA’ is obviously an incomplete address for their business location address, and worse still, it is common for scam sites to give ‘PANAMA’ as their ‘address’ instead of a real location address. So I am not happy with them right now. I even personally would not buy from them, because as said, legit sites do not hide themselves online.
  6. Let us go to their site and see if they have legit and transparent details to redeem themselves. Oh, and they have also left a PO BOX for their business address as well and that is something businesses in general, when real and safe, do not do. It is not professional and suspicious.
  7. There is an email address of contact@catwearinc.com. Anyone get a response from this email?
  8. Phone number of 707 892 0745. ‘707’ is a California area code that in 1959 use to be 916. But, they said they were from PANAMA! So there is no need for these contradictions at all. 
  9. There is no Founder Name that is clearly visible on their site. That is not good. There is no contact address. Is this enough to make them a scam? All I know is legit selling companies online have this information without problems.





Do You Have A CatWearInc.com Review or Scam Report? Please Place Such Info In The Comments Below To Help Others – Thank You.








Not Recommended








Final Thoughts.

I do not feel warranted or comfortable to call them a scam site. Granted, it is a big problem for me to see a company without a contact address, and for most bloggers, that is enough to call them a fraud. But, there are so few scam reports online that I feel that is unfair for now, however, they did give him a fake tracking code – time will tell. So, let us know your experience with this company and are they scam or legit in your opinion.

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Thank you for supporting us by visiting scamwitness.com. I hope this article has given you much to think of regarding whether to purchase from that site or not. For me, given the research above, I would feel somewhat cautious and worried. So I personally probably would not purchase from that site. But, I expose online scams everyday, so, I may be a bit paranoid 🙂 . It is now over to you and you are welcome to ask your questions, express your views as passionate as you like (no swearing) and add any additional data. Those that have scam reports on the aforementioned site and other sites are of course welcome to place them below. That is all on What Is CatWearInc.com and looking forward to your comments to come.



2 thoughts on “What Is CatwearInc.com – Is CatwearInc.com Scam or Legit? #1 Review!

  1. Jane

    I have put a duspute to my credit card company and will be reporting CatWearInc to BBB. I placed an order in October and got a T-shirt that smelled strongly of perfume and then some weeks later got other items. I am still to this day missing my final item of that order, and I’ve emailed them numerous times at the email your article mentioned, and I always get vague responses such as: “We already forward this issue to our fulfillment team. Please rest assured that they are working on it right now.

    We will email you immediately once they give an update on your order.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    CatWear Team”

    I never hear from them. I initiate a follow up email to them each time and then get the vague response. The tracking number was useless and to this day says only “Label Created, not yet in system”. They eventually said it would be delivered by Christmas (even though I ordered in October with the promise of delivery within 8-14 business days. I still do not have it and it’s mid-February! (Almost 4 months since I ordered).

    I’ve asked for a refund and they ignore my request. This is why I’ve reported them. Do not trust this company as they ship out of China and just make excuses for delayed shipping.

    1. Scam Witness

      4 Months is a hell of a long time Jane and I am sorry this has gone on this long just to order something online. Thank you Jane for reporting them here and also I wish you well with any refund attempt as well. Let us know if you have time how that goes 🙂 ~ Philip (Scam Witness).


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