What Is Cash4Offers – Scam or Legit GPT Site? The Pro’s and Con’s.

By | September 29, 2018

What Is Cash4Offers and is it Really Worth Your Time?

With so many scam GPT sites online, this article will will help you understand What Is Cash4Offers (www.cash4offers.com), and if it is profitable per time and effort. Also, those asking Is Cash4Offers fake, scam, dishonest, crooked or Is Cash4Offers.com real, genuine, safe, profitable, worth it will find out in this Cash 4 Offers Review. For now, I can say they are not a fraudulent site.

Despite their very generous $5 sign up bonus they are not out to ‘get you’ or anything thing like that. Usually such sign bonuses are fake and only to get you to sign up and rip you off. But, I will be researching them first before being certain of that. You will also see the work, pay, how to make sure you stay qualified to cash out and ultimately if they are worth your time. We will also answer if there is another way to make a full time income online legitimately with a $0 start up fee.

My personal take on GPT (Get Paid To) sites is that they are really hard to earn good money on in a good amount of time. I have tried so many and I never seem to cash out with any of them for reasons I will soon get into. While Cash4Offers is not a crooked site, there are better ways to earn online. You may read How to Get Started Online Fast and for Free. That article gives you a free account with Wealthy Affiliate HERE who offer 2 free websites, and a ton of free training, to help newbies get started online. Has premium options but you are not pressured to upgrade – its all your choice.




What Is Cash4Offers and are they the Best Way to Earn Online?

Cash4Offers REVIEWED



Already, you know I am not a fan of such sites. However, that does not mean to say you can’t make money with them. So we know What Is Cash4Offers but now this article is going to do 3 things:-

Find out Owner Identity and Website Credentials – sites that hide this kind of data usually can’t be trusted.

The work on offer and how to stay qualified to cash out.

Scam or Legit or even worth your time – they are not a scam but let’s take a look to see if they are indeed worth your time in terms of profits per time and effort.

WHOIS is out first port of call to find out who actually owns this Get Paid To (GPT) site. Their site was registered 05/03/2003 and set to expire 11/12/2018. However, I believe they will just update their registration. So, they have been online for a long time which is a good sign.

The founder name however is missing at site registration and there is an address of 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona. Registrar is GoDaddy, LLC. Unfortunately, this kind of address is favored by scammers. Cash 4 Offers is not Fraudulent, as said, but its just a surprise not to see that kind of address for me.

Anyways, no founder name listed is definitely always a concern for me and usually implies the site may turn into a scam. Should they do then the founder and make off with member profits and no one knows who to go to get their money etc. I don’t believe that is the case with this GPT site though.




All the ‘Get Paid To’ Work on Offer – How to Stay Qualified for Pay Out <– Very Important!

Stay Qualified for Cash Out

No doubt you can tell you are getting paid to take various actions on their site. Such actions will require you to go to other sites, not connected to Cash4Offers site, and that is just plain risky. I will explain that also soon. First, let us take a look at their options for earning money with them:-

Coupons for purchase savings.

While surfing through all of their options, I did notice a valuable resource. I tend to shop online for my weekly food and groceries and so I was happy to see coupons available for various house hold items. Unfortunately, I don’t live in the United States of America! Sadly, those coupons are for USA citizens only – 🙁 .

Reading Emails – Get Paid To.

Those that sign up to their site then you will be auto-qualified to receive their emails to read and earn some cash. These emails can be a lot at times so do make sure you DON’T give them your main email, unless you want your inbox potentially flooded. 

When the emails come in you will notice a link. SO, once you read the email then you are not paid yet. That link is an advertiser link and once you click on it then you are taken to that advertisers website. There, it seems you have to sign up to that site and take some action. Also, you may see instead a survey for you to click on and THEN you get paid.

How Much Per Email?

It is only 10c and that is not a lot but generous enough for a GPT site. So many other sites offer so much more less and even at 10c you will struggle to get enough money to cash out anytime soon. I am not a big supporter of reading emails for cash because there are some risks you should be aware before clicking on links from third party sites.

Referral Program – How Much You Get Paid for Referring Others.

Their referral program is actually quite decent for the money they offer. It appears to be one of the more potentially lucrative parts of their site – if you can get people to click, sign up and complete an offer of some kind. After that, then you are awarded $3! Incidentally, if you have your own website you could place such links into it and make good sign ups, it is the best way to make money online.

Amazon Gift Cards.

Here you will have to earn some points to be qualified to get some Amazon Gift Cards. I have seen this offer many times before elsewhere, and those points, may take you sometime to build up. This type of earning online should only be considered for when you are stuck at a bus stop, or other such time wasting activities, and then  you do a few actions and the points will build up. Kinda like a savings plan for the festive season to get a free present or two for family friends.

Cash Out Correctly!

Your account must adhere to their policies or you risk losing your money. Those earnings is not considered ‘cash’ if you account does not retain an ACTIVE STATUS. Read their Terms and Conditions so you know all that is required of you.

The Minimum Cash Out is $35! Some sites will have set that a lot lower like only $1 or less. Some sites set it at $20 and even $100. $35 is a reasonable level, however, it does mean it will/may take you a significant amount of time to cash out.




Pro’s and Con’s.


There are many things about their site that is attractive to newbies to making money online. I mean even to have the opportunity to make some cash from home is very appealing to most.

It is free to join.

All regions of the world can participate – some restrictions apply for some of the Cash4Offers.

Work is easy and requires no previous experience or qualifications.

Has not too many complaints about their site and some ‘OK’ reviews about them.

$5 just for joining!



You may not qualify for every survey! That can be frustrating and annoying.

Maybe sent off to sites that could be a scam site!! That is one of my main concerns, not to say they would allow that, but its a risk you personally take when you engage with their paid to read emails.

Can take too much time for you to have the patience to continue to try to reach minimum payout.

You can’t get your $5 sign up bonus until you reach cash out.

The work you are offered is just too low per actions, and those actions can be time consuming, it is not worth my time.

May receive an endless stream of emails to visit third party websites to complete an offer or do a survey. This is annoying as it will fill up your inbox and that is something no one needs. To stop these emails then you must close your account with Cash 4 Offers.

Completing offers is a Risky Business! Be sure you cancel your subscription(s) before trial period ends. Also, watch your bank account daily and see if there are small big amounts being billed to your card. This is the risk I am talking about, though we know Cash4Offers, we don’t know the sites we are being sent to.

There are better ways to make money online.

Did you know that most GPT and Paid to Click (PTC) Sites are mostly scam sites! Google hates those sites because of that and because most people just give up due to the long time it takes to cash out anything of worth. But also, I could not locate the founder name! I could not locate it on the site or within their site registration details. Should I be a little ‘blind’ then I welcome that piece of information. Uusally, where you have this info missing is a sign of a scam site – BUT not always.

Will only ever net you some monthly pocket money, if you cash out the minimum of $35 that is, and so for the hours you will put into earning that, you may indeed be earning just cents an hour. Many give up on this kind of work in a day or two, and so any profits generated in this time, is obviously kept by the site.




Final Thoughts.

They are not a scam site! That is the main quest of this article, but also, that they do pay out as well. We have covered their work, which anyone can do, and that all are welcome to join. However, they are indeed a long way off of having a means for others to earn anything substantial in an reasonable amount of time. This length of time just puts me off of all sites of this nature. Too many times I have sat for up to 3 hours on such sites and still NOT make enough to amount to $1! That good and for that reason I believe they are not worth you time – but least they are not out to scam people.

Still have some questions on What Is Cash4Offers? You can ask me below so I can try to help you. Need to find a real way to begin your online business? Again, you can ask me below in the comments and I will be happy to make a number of recommendations. Those interested in making real money online, for the long term for yourself and your family, can check out my #1 Recommendation of WA to help you earn online. Alternatively, you can still sign up HERE for your free starter account! Thank you all for clicking this article and looking forward to all of your comments to come.



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