Wha Is CaseIBuy.com – Is ‘CaseIBuy’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | March 1, 2019

Find Out What Is CaseIBuy.com – The ‘CaseIBuy’ Review.

You are very welcome to our review on What Is CaseIBuy.com which can be found at www.caseibuy.com. Is CaseIBuy com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive or Is ‘CaseIBuy’ legit, safe, real, genuine? This ‘Case I Buy’ Review has a few concerns on the site in question. Those that wish to share what they know are wecome to do so in the comments below about this that site. We will be doing a quick scam-check and source information online to reach our ‘Verdict’. 

There are many tons of fake shopping stores online and so it is always best do to some research before making any purchases. Sites that are new, or ones that you simply do not know, then you should always look for review. Those that feel strongly that they have been ripped off by any site should contact their payment provider. In this instance you maybe advised to cancel your card and also do seek a refund where ‘you’ being scammed is undeniable.




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CaseIBuy.com Review – Trustworthy or Not?

No matter our research below, you are advised to always seek as many other sources online to come to your own verdict. Scamwitness.com is not to be taken as the final word about any site we write on. It is only an aid in helping others come to their own determination. We start off now with doing a check on the founder, location, contact and registration of their site. We hope the following will to answer What Is CaseIBuy.com in this ‘CaseIBuy’ Review.




www.caseibuy.com genuine or fake?



2018/11/04 and for 1 year is all they have decided to set up their own online selling business. That is a low amount and unfortunately it is similar time to fake sites, typically.

1 or 2 years online is not a very long time to invest in your own online business and is just something to help us build an overall picture. By itself, it is not something we can use to say ‘scam, far from it.

14455 N. Hayden Road is not their address. This is a proxy address and that is being used by countless other online websites, scam and legit alike. Where we see a businesses address being hidden it is a sign of a scam.

However, it should also be taken into consideration that perhaps the owner(s) do not wish to be inundated with spam communications from the outside world. Also, Founder Name is not listed at their sites registration. You may go to WHOIS and see this information for yourself.

cs@caseibuy.com is the form of contact they have elected to provide their customers. There is no founder name, phone number or business address. That is worrying for me personally because now, should something go wrong with your order and you want a refund, who do we contact?

This is a more than reasonable request if you are going to hand over your payment information to a site as new as theirs.






Are There ‘CaseIBuy’ Scam Signs?

  • Covering up all of that information, information that other online legit selling businesses make available, is too much for me. I could not part with my own card info knowing that has all been covered up. Let us see if there are any more scam signs to be aware of.
  • Upon Check Out there is a Smart View Case for a Huawei P20 and that is originally priced at $43.93. That has been reduced to by more than 50% down to just $15.82. That is relatively huge and there appears to be no real reason for this. There is no mention of a special sale going on.
  • If they are making these kinds of reductions on most of their products then that is a worry for me and also it should be a worry for anyone. Too-good-to-be-true-prices is normally a sign of a scam. Its up to you, but for me, its looking only worse.
  • ScamAdviser.com has given their site a Trust Score of just 60%! So that is something you should keep in mind before purchasing. I have seen at least 3 online reports about no delivery of product. Where some people are continuously being told to wait for their product and given all kinds of excuses. I will be leaving links end of this article to help you continue with your own research and to prove these words.
  • The Facebook Sharing Icon bottom of their site does not link to any site that is by their own name. They have simply linked to Shopify’s Facebook page. Why would they do that? So that is common enough with fake sites.



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Final Thoughts.

The sheer lack of information about this company is very worrying. They are linking off to Shopify’s FB Page and their prices do seem too-good-to-be-true. I am not going to recommend them based on the above reasons. Those that have reports, good or bad, are welcome to add to this article with what you may know. 



























































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