Carleek.Club Reviews – Is ‘Carleek’ Scam or Legitimate Online Shopping Store?

By | April 15, 2020



What Is Carleek.Club – Our ‘Carleek’ Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Hello and this is the review that will tell you all about Carleek.Club. ‘Carleek’ is part of a huge online shopping network that we have been reporting on a lot lately. They have complete deleted their own ‘CONTACT US’ section because we have been exposing all the stolen addresses they claim to possess. Please report all e-stores that look like ‘Carleek’ to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2000+ 2020 / 2021 section. 

Our SCAM REPORTING TOOL allows our readers to submit their own articles to let everyone know who and how they were scammed. Has the option to upload your own images to show the quality of the goods sent.Please be informative and supply the full and correct URL.

Time to start now our ‘Carleek’ Review and have a quick look at our comments to see if there are any reviews. If not then feel welcome to book mark our website to return to us daily or submit your own to help warn others about ‘Carleek’.



The format for these scammers is always the same. They always use their hosting providers privacy service and so they have not address, no founder name, no contact data when they registered on their online ‘business’. Only scammers hide their identity and so we see as well they have done likewise on their own site.

Their site by the way is a copied and pasted job, whereby they take the code from one of their old fraudulent e-stores, and paste it an add a new name here and there and that is that. Google can’t tell the difference and so gives all new scam e-stores an unknown trust rating.

They have no legal permission to sell the goods they are pretending to sell. Likely you won’t get anything for your cash. IF you do, then it is most probably going to be dirt. I mean, inferior, damaged, stolen or something silly-cheap like fake Ray Bans or a USB cable. Something round $5 you could of got from your local Thrift Store.

They have hidden the only form of contact they have in their Privacy Policy Page. Once again only scammers hide their contact info. They know that maybe ten percent of people ever click on sites Privacy Policy Pages and so they can still say they have given contact data. Its nonsense. That email is

I doubt they will respond. If they do then probably they will say some rubbish that your order got lost, stuck with the logistics company, tracking code – if you get one -is probably going to be fake. If real check the weight of the item next to your order.

If it is too light then screen shot all communications. If you get the goods, please RECORD YOURSELF OPENING THE PACKAGE! RECORD ALL INFO ON THE PACKAGE!

So if it does turn out you got rubbish goods then you have proof for your payment provider to get a refund. If after providing such proof to your payment provider, and they don’t refund you, call your solicitor and press charges. Report them to the BBB.ORG and every review site online like TrustPilot etc.

That is criminal fraudulent negligence and it is not even their cash.  




‘Carleek’ Scam Sites List Updated.

All the reviews below are the ones we have had time to do to expose the scam sites from this ‘Carleek’ network. There are possibly hundreds more and they are always manufacturing more. Please keep on reporting these scuzzy scammers site to our comments or anywhere on our site and we will keep on exposing them. Thank You.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, /,,,,, and there are many more!




Another clue you are on one of their fake e-stores is the addresses they go by. All of them we have proven to be fake and so you may peruse the reviews above for that research. Please report all e-stores using anyone of these addresses. Every post we do we expose those addresses every time and so I am guessing they have or beginning those them from their network 🙂 .


    • 5 Ward Lane Filer ID 83328.
    • 1926 South 67th Street Suite 250 Omaha Nebraska 68106.
    • 3257 NW Market St Seattle WA 98107.
    • PO BOX 16592 San Diego CA 92176.
    • 2306 seagull ct richmond VA 13294.
    • 3607 Menlo Ave #3 San Diego CA 92105.
    • 1527fruitland dr BELLINGHAM WA 98226.
    • 1507 Larkin St High Point NC 27262.
    • PO BOX 7313 Sand Diego CA 92167.
    • PO BOX 152436 Sand Diego CA 92195.
    • 481 41st San Diego CA 92116.
    • 3347 Sugarfoot LaneLafayett Indiana.
    • 7700 Braddock Ave Baltimore MD.
    • 26955 Holly Grove Ct Murrieta CA 92563.
    • 109 patch St Fort Huachuca AZ 85613. 
    • PO BOX 52436 San Diego CA 92195.










list of scam websites.



One thought on “Carleek.Club Reviews – Is ‘Carleek’ Scam or Legitimate Online Shopping Store?

  1. Staie Wooked

    BEWARE is a scam website setup by ponzi scheme chinese scammers. This is a scam website that sells luxurious items at a very cheap price to lure innocent hard working people who want to save some money on the most expensive brand name items. You can find everything from clothing, jewelry, tools, and fishing gear all at a very cheap price but just know none of this is real! In their contact information they list a fake USA address, email, phone number, and business. You’ll only find out you’ve been scammed after you submit the order and you get a tracking number that shows a small package has been shipped to you from CHINA!!!! Months later when the package finally arrives, you’ll see that these yellow bellied ponzi scheme chinese scammers sent you a facemask or a small worthless item in a bag just to make you think you were getting that expensive brand name item at a deep discount.


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