What Is Campreme.com – Is Campreme.com Scam or Legit? Buyer Beware!

By | January 4, 2019

Short Review on What Is Campreme.com About – Your Scam Reports Are Needed!

Swift Review to make many aware on What Is Campreme.com found at www.campreme.com. Is Campreme com fake, dishonest, scam, crooked, fraudulent, bad or Is Campreme good, legit, genuine, real, safe, trustworthy, honest? This Campreme Review hopes to alert you to their malicious intentions. There are others where the same people maybe running running them as well. Those are HobbiLaunch, CottonBlanket Net, GigiBlanket, NanaThread, CottonColor Net, LaLaLandy, GeemaLand, FarmZily, KenShinArt, Sleepious.co and Sleepious.com. There are many more. Please spare a few moments by leaving your scam reports in the comments below this Cam Preme Review – Thank You.

The most complaints left at scamwitness.com on just one of their sites you will find at AmeliaQuilt.com Review. The Amelia Cotton Quilt Company Review has far more additional data also. BgHolding has been the reported company name also. Typically these scam sites have been reported pretty much at the same time online. A Salem Address was noted to be their main business registration which turned out to be a residential property. The BBB tried on several occasions to contact the owners but no response.

It is generally accepted the people behind these fake quilt selling sites are from China. That is where most fake e-commerce sites come from and is something to watch out for. Many times it seems they have the a set-up to produce cheap goods, inferior goods, maybe even counterfeit items. These maybe sent to you for your cash instead of the advertised merchandise on their sites. Let us now take a good look at and find out more on What Is Campreme.




What Is Campreme.com and Excellent Reasons To Stay Clear of Them.

The BBB have linked Campreme to some of the listed sites. There are more and you may view that list HERE. So far you have the answer on What Is Campreme.com and I hope you have not bought from them already. Mysteriously, they don’t appear to have any products on their site. You probably found them on Facebook or another social media site? Well, that would not surprise me as many complaints have come through about people getting scammed through those ads.


Campreme.com Review

Don’t buy anything from www.campreme.com!


Let us now do a background check on Campreme so you can see what I am fully talking about. I don’t expect to find any legit owner details and also expect all associated site data to be false.

Unknown cyber-crooks set up their site online in 2018/08/23. They have only set up for 1 year which is typical of a pattern followed by fake sites. 

Address submitted is PO BOX 1769, Denver, CO, 80201, US. That is the same address as GigiBlankets.com! How can two companies be using the same address? Clearly one of both of these companies are lying. Not that it matters as both are just malicious sites. Actually, many scam companies are using this address and is always a warning sign to me that ‘something’ maybe wrong here.

No email and no founder name. Since there is not a name attached to their site, the founder can defraud as many people as he or she can, and shut down the site when they have earned enough and or when their online reputation becomes too bad. These site registration details appear to have no verification enforcement and is one of the main reasons, as far as I can see, why there are so many scam sites online.




How They Deceive People.

1). Many of their sites specialize is trying to sell high quality quilts that are worth minimum price of $750. However, they pretend to sell them for $60 a pop! That is far too low a price for hand made quilts of the quality many have seen them advertise for. They are out right stealing the image designs from legit quilters and passing them off as their own. What you get, and many have complained, is not what they are advertising.

2). Clearly, and as said, they have not a single product on their site and so I am assuming they are falsely displaying goods on their social media accounts. No point complaining to Facebook because they have been reported as saying they do not violate our policies. 

3). Those that have handed over their payment details are now at risk, possibly, of further fraudulent attempts. It is advisable to contact your payment provider for a refund and to secure your payment data. 

4). Did you notice if you got a receipt for your purchase? Too many times scammers will not send you a receipt.

5). Did you pay taxes on your purchase? Again this is something that they forget or just don’t do when you encounter a false site.

6). Have you tested your tracking information? Another point to watch out for is when you notice your tracking data is fake. They may give you another but it maybe the same story or they maybe sending you an empty envelope, incredibly.

7). Keep a close eye on your account to see if they are continuing to charge you. Many online scams will just try to take more than what they said they would

8). Delivery taking too long? They have promised 1 to 3 weeks. Over the holidays it could be longer. Basically, you are looking at least several months in most cases. That alone is an amazing slow delivery and something that no business could survive if they were legit.

9). Order arrive and it was all wrong? Cheap prints is what they may send out to you. Color is probably going to be off, any writing maybe misspelled and generally speaking those ‘quilts’ have been described as ‘flimsy rags’. Even some customers threw them in the bin. Many have sought and got a refund.

10). Nothing arrive for your cash? SEEK A REFUND NOW!




Do You Have A Campreme.com Scam Report or Review? Please Feel Free To Leave Those Below In The Comments Below – Thank You.










Final Thoughts.

There is piles of extra information in the reviews left at the top of this article. Whatever you see them selling then know you maybe in for a horrible experience. Contact your payment provider to get your card cancelled. Get a refund. If they send you out anything it is going to take longer than two months, average time so it seems, and it maybe an inferior/degraded product. Whatever the item it will not be worth what you paid for it – not even close. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.

Thank you for clicking on this article and trusting us with our research. Many hours have been spent on their entire network to help warn as many people as possible. Hundreds of complaints have been left here about all of these sites exposed on this site. Please do report them below, and those with questions or additional data are welcome to leave them in the comments.

Should you know of anyone site of theirs then feel free to leave their URL as well. Even if you want somewhere to have a good old ‘gripe’ then please feel free to do so 🙂 . The more scam reports that accompany this article on What Is Campreme.com then the quicker they maybe forced to shut down. Thank you for your time and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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