What Is BynSave – Is BynSave Scam or Legit? #1 Review!

By | January 26, 2019

What Is BynSave at BynSave.com about?

Here is a very quick warning all about What Is BynSave. Is BySave a scam found at www.bynsave.com, fraudulent, crooked, dishonest, bad or Is BynSave legit, good, real, genuine and safe. This Byn Save Review is to warn to you be careful with that site. They may not be very legit right now. So those that have handed over their payment details are advised to contact your bank for a refund and maybe to cancel your card, if they are a scam. Right now, I some bad reports but not many, and so must conduct our own analysis, to make our own verdict.

Those that were scammed, if anyone, by BynSave, or are experiencing difficulties in getting their orders, are more than welcome to leave your reviews, scam reports etc, below this article. Many fake shopping sites are coming out of China and so that is something that we are all have to watch out for. Too many a time now they are able to make their own shoddy, inferior goods, goods that maybe counterfeit or even stolen. And as well sometimes these goods are damaged, incomplete or unwary customers are sent out a completely different order! In such cases then clearly you were still scammed and should seek a refund as is your right.



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BynSave.com Review Manual Analysis – What Is ‘BynSave’ and are they Safe or Fake?

Just Googled BynSave.com phone number of 1-800-357-3479 a site called Heating-Cooling.Sale is using the same number! How can two seeming separate companies online be using the same company phone number? So that is not legit and now I don’t trust either one of them. Company information is unique to all companies and where you see such online entities with identical info then you have to kno something is up. So far the answer to What Is BynSave is they are scam. Let us see if that will be our conclusion.


Use Caution at www.BynSave.com!

The site was registered online in 2018/09/27 and for just a year is all they have registered. That is not normal for an online selling company to register for so little time. Actually, legit sites will typically register for years (5/10 years or more) because they know tha t1 year is no time at all to build up an online presence for real long term financial success. So far they have failed the first step and already following a scam pattern used by fake sites.

96 Mowat Ave, TORONTO, ON, M6K 3M1, CA. So I have seen that address many times being claimed by many companies. This means they are lying about their location to hide where they are really based. And so we can not trust that address ergo we have another reason not to trust BynSave. No honest company lies about their information like this. You can Google that address and you may find many companies claiming it.

Typically with fake sites you will see that they do not allow themselves to be known. In this way they do not then place the founders name anywhere online to avoid the cops and being arrested for fraud. And so, once again, they have failed to be honest and allow us to know a basic information like who the founder is. No founder name is a classic tell-tale sign that you are dealing with a deceptive site.

Zero customer support email connected with their site. Not good enough. No legit and honest company hides EVERYTHING ABOUT THEMSELVES and so now I can say with complete confidence the are indeed a SCAM SITE! AVOID THEM. However, that is my personal feelings on them, and so where I can not locate such basic information then I walk away. It is running to similarly to a fake site for me.





  • Their site is shoddy and the layout just seems a little off. I say this not to be rude but to say that it is another scam sign. Fake sites most times won’t take a lot of pride in the layout of their site and so it is just something to watch out for is all.
  • There are many reports online about their bad service to their customers. One report says they ordered a felt Xmas Tree and then saw that they had charged them for 2! Also charged them for expedited shipping and so the price went from $29.99 to $59.99! I have seen this shipping charges being heaped onto people at scammers check carts. You may see that report for yourself HERE. There are 3 other negative reviews there saying similar. Not good.
  • ScamAdviser.com is a great site and they have given them a trust score of 73%! Unfortunately, I don’t agree with that rating, but since so many of their ratings are done by an algorithm, then I can forgive that. So human manual analysis can’t be done on potentially millions of sites daily. Its impossible. And so only when there are many scam report on the aforementioned site, then that score will reduce.
  • Until then, many may get scammed and by then it may be too late to care about their online reputation while we have hoards of people clamoring for refunds instead! Incidentally, they have given a 55% probability that BynSave.com is based in the USA and 45% probability of Canada in origin.


Those that got an order, any chance you can tell us the returns address on the packaging – if any?





Do You Have A BynSave.com Review or Scam Report? Feel free to place all reports and reviews in the comments below to help warn others – Thank You.








Not Recommended










Final Thoughts.

It is by a sheer lack of scam reports I have decided not to recommend that company. Perhaps it is teething problems as they are still quite new. However, I am deeply concerned about the lack of location and founder transparency, and so, I don’t know of any legit company that hides that information. For that reason I am not comfortable to recommend them in case of misguiding others. Of course, it is up to you and I am sure many would love to hear about your experience with them, if any.


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That is all on What Is BynSave at www.bynsave.com. I hope it has helped you decide for yourself. Would love to hear from you if you recommend them or not. Thanks for coming by and looking forward to your comments below.



2 thoughts on “What Is BynSave – Is BynSave Scam or Legit? #1 Review!

  1. Judy

    I order 2 necklaces from this site in September.. Christmas gifts for my daughters!!! I still have not received the product or a refund.. PayPal did not help me either.. spent 50.00! I have email bynsave at least 40 times!!

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Judy,

      Take screen shots of you emails to them as proof of a scam. Let your payment provider know today that you have not received what you have paid for. Let us know how this goes sometimes.
      So contact your bank, or your PayPal which ever payment form you used, and get a refund and cancel your card for a new one, if this is the case per your report.


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