What Is BXCol.com – Is BXCol.com Scam or Legit? – Possible Scam Alert!

By | January 29, 2019

Find Out What Is BXCol.com – Is ‘BXCol’ Good or Deceptive?

On the surface they look fairly legit but looking a little closer, we have some suspicions. What Is BXCol.com really all about? Is BXCol com a scam, fraudulent, dishonest, crooked or Is BXCol legit, genuine, safe, real and honest? This www BXCol com Review may just be a scam-warning to avoid their site. Those that were scammed in some way by them are welcome to review them below to help warn others. One thing that links them to a major scam network, is their ‘ABOUT US‘ section. More on that soon.

So many times fake shopping sites are being made and coming out of China. This is a scam monitoring factor when deciding on making purchases online. We need to find out if there are many negative reports online about, their real location and if that checks out, ownership info and how to contact them. Where this information is missing or proven unreliable then surely you must have doubts about them. Lets find out more in this BXCol Review. 


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BXCol.com Reviewed – How to know if they are Trustworthy or Not?

So, let us begin our background check on BXCol.com. Is BXCol safe and honest? I don’t believe. There does not appear to be many online scam reports on them, but, there is something that is giving them away for me! Lets do the background check first, which is a major stumbling block for scam sites, and already they may fail our site safety analysis.




Registration date on the above URL was in 2018/10/05 and ends in 1 year from that date. 1 year is no time at all for a business that is looking to be success in their niche. So already we can say that honest sites tend to go online for many years to come and so it is a point of worry already.

Location is Guang Dong and sometimes that is all they will put. So they are from China, as we know from previous research, and we will see if that matches up with the address on their site – if any. Many times they will give a fake UK, USA, Canada address to win over trust from unwary customers. Problem is, when people get their packages (yet again, if anything), they see an address from China.

No founder name is present and of course no email address.

Now we head to their site. There is an address of from The Peoples Republic of China that a site called salesqp-com are using. That e-store is not up and running anymore. Where see other sites using the same address then we can say they are hiding behind other peoples information. Or, they are running multiple sites. Either way, it is bad news, because how can two companies have the exact same address?Clearly, they can’t.

Phone Number of 853-66382369. That number has scam-alert-reports on them and also connected with least 1 other site. Once again, how can separate companies be using the same phone number? All bad signs and really that is quite enough to call them a scam site. But, we are not done yet! Taking a closer look, several sites are using that number with the same wording in least 1 of their about us section.

SO! Let us talk about their ‘ABOUT US‘ section, where it says something about them loving every interest on Earth because it is a referrence point to your UNIQUENESS etc etc. I have read that on many other sites. MANY! 

See the image below from ActionSallyhy.com – you will notice the exact wording. ActionSallyhy is identical to many other sites, sites, that are getting complaints online from unhappy customers. So how then are we not supposed to called BXCol.com a scam? Well, they are obviously being run by the same people because it is impossible for two separate companies, to have exact same wording, even same emphasis (nuances), and not say they are connected!



You See what I mean? If not, go to Bxcol’s site right now in a new tab, hit their ‘ABOUT US’ section and then you will see the proof for yourself. That is all we need to say they are not trustworthy and a scam. You may see the full list of the sites we have already exposed like actionsally and the aforementioned site in What Is BreakPrime. Another site with the same about us section is HelmetsVip.com.




BXCOL Scam Signs.

So there is a report on Reddit of someone that is not pleased with the aforementioned site. I was surprised to read that one comment said that they are not a scam, but they do send out low quality items. SO! They send out low quality items, not the advertised items, and still they are not a scam? Ever heard of false advertising?!

  • NO! Clearly they are a scam and we have already proven it!
  • They have hidden all trace of a founder name!
  • Address from China, however on many of their sites, they keep on leaving different addresses.
  • Sometimes those address are 2.27 Romer House Lewisham High, Long, England, SE13 6EE, or it is 1928 E. Highland Ave, Ste PMB# 255 etc. ETC! It keeps on chaning. What catches them out badly is their ‘UNIQUENESS’ section, and should you want to see what I mean, simply Google the first paragraph of that section and you should find least 2 full pages of returns of other companies spouting the same exact wording!!
  • Their Phone number is returning many bad reports of other past/present scam sites and reports on that number to beware of it. So, you really have been warned.
  • Savings on most of their products are just too-good-to-be-true! How are they making any profits if they are discounting like crazy! Remember, they are still a new site and so how can a new site be so generous? It takes time for any business to build up good revenue to make some special offers and stand by them.





Have your a BXCol.com Review or Scam Report? Feel Free To Leave It In The Comments Below – Thank You.














Final Thoughts.

Personally, I am in little doubt they are the same as the network exposed before. They have a number of sites that are nothing alike but they are connected. The biggest connection is the about us section as I keep on saying, but where ever you see those exact words, you should leave them be. That that get anything may notice you were sent out something completely different, it was of a much lower quality than depicted on their site – or nothing at all? What has your experience been? They are going into the Internet Scammers List compiled by us.

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I hope you report on that site if they did indeed defraud you. Sometimes they may keep you waiting about 2 months before you even get anything. They may even develop a fake tracking code, you dispute the payment, then they send you out ‘something’ in order to make a real code to win disputes.

This is a problem because sometimes that works and tricks payment providers from not giving out refunds, even though many payment providers must be aware such companies are scams from many prior complaints, it is the unwary customer of both that lose out! That is all on What Is BXCol.com and hope to hear you sound-off  in the comments below.



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