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By | January 18, 2019

What Is BuyInNice.com About – Leave Your Scam Reports Here.

Welcome and I see you are asking What Is BuyInNice.com found at www.buyinnice.com also known as ‘SuperBuy’. Is BuyInNice com good, legit, honest, real, safe, genuine or Is BuyInNice scam, crooked, dishonest, fraudulent and run by cyber-crooks? This Buy In Nice Review is a warning to stay clear of their site and any site that looks identical to it. They have many copies online and all are fake and only after illegal earnings and your bank details. Contact your payment provider if you purchased from such a site to cancel your card and get a refund.

Please also do leave your scam reports below so others may know not to buy from ‘SuperBuy’ anytime soon. These fake shopping e-stores are cropping up all over the place online and most are out of China. We are going to be doing a quick background check to see if they have submitted legit information. We need to know the owners name, contact information and their location. Where these things are absent then we can see that they have intentionally hidden themselves online. Clearly ,that is deceptive behavior. Lets find out more in this BuyInNice Review.



BuyInNice.com Review – What is it and Why They are Fake.

They are pretending to be a legit hardware store giving your excellent value for your hard earned cash. They have other sites as mentioned such as VipGoodBuy.com. That was registered on the same date as the site in question. Typically, those that made purchases on that site or both sites, should expect to receive an inferior, lower quality, substandard, shoddy and even counterfeit versions of their order. The images are not their own and they have simply taken them without permission to even use to make cash online. They also go by Hot Shop in Web.


BuyInNice.com Review

Don’t buy from www.buyinnice.com aka ‘SuperBuy’!


2019/01/08 is the date they registered that site above online and only for 1 year is all they have decided to do this for. Considering they are selling hardware goods, a highly sought after type of product, why then is it prudent to only want to have your marketing efforts online for such a small amount of time? That is a sign of a deceptive hit and run site that only wants to scam for 1 year and then take off with all the profits. Honest businesses knows it can take years of online work to make a success of your own business.

I see an address from Shanghai and at least they are honest about that, if that be their true address.

Their Phone number of +86.15099213552. That is connected to another scam site that is identical to the one in the image above.

As for the founder name and email address there is none. That is not legit and no honest site will hide that information.



BuyInNice Scam Signs.

I am just curious, did you find out about their site on social media? If so, which one? Many complaints online about people bumping into online scams from advertisements on reputed social media sites. People are waking up to the fact that too little is being done to secure them on these platforms. It ain’t ‘OK’ to click on an ad e.g. on Facebook and lose your cash. You could complain to that platform but they don’t seem to do anything, per many-many online complaints.

Here are the scam signs, that if you apply to other fake online shopping sites, you will never get caught by an online scam again of this kind.

  • Sites that do not let everyone know about their other sites are considered to be deceptive and usually part of a larger scam network. I see many sites that go by ‘SuperBuy’ but different URL’s. All are fake.
  • No information surrounding the owner of these sites. That person or people are have to great lengths to hide their identity from the online world. That is just as well for that person or people because they would be arrested I imagine for what they are doing.
  • CONTACT US page on their site has nothing to contact them with except what could be a phishing forms. Has anyone got a response using that page? Typically it is just for show. They have no address or phone number on their site, not even an email address. All very good signs we are dealing with fakers.
  • Prices are just a little too low for my liking. You can Google the actual and real prices of each product and you should see quite a big separation in those prices. Beware, that if you did purchase from that site, that they have charged you the discount amount and not the original amount.

How They Could Scam You.

  • Landing on their site and handing over your bank info is the worst case scenario. Well, that is exactly what they want people to do. Those thinking they have ordered legit products may not get anything at all. Should anything arrive it may well be a very poor and unusable version of the product, damaged goods, or something entirely different that is near worthless to what you actually paid for your order.
  • When purchase is made then you may see you have to wait 2 months despite their delivery claims. It should never take 2 months to deliver anything!
  • Tracking information is normally just fake. Those that have complained, with other online scams, about that information sometimes get submitted a legit one. However, you may find out that they have sent you out something worthless or an empty envelope just to develop legit tracking data – especially when you are going for a refund and they do this to stall and hope you give up on your refund.
  • Support may turn out to be very unhelpful and may even begin to ignore you. At this point they may have given you communication asking you to sympathize with them, looking for your understanding and patience regarding your order. What real and honest company speaks like this to their customers anyways?
  • Watch out for excessive errors and broken English. Good sign that you are dealing with scammers outside your country.





Do You Have A BuyInNice.com Scam Report? You Are Invited To Leave Your Reports Below – Thank You.














Final Thoughts.

No owner information or real world location disclosed. There is an address but I am doubtful it is theirs considering they are indeed a scam site. Inferior and shoddy goods is what you should expect to receive at those heavily discounted prices. Images are not there own I am guessing and that would be typical of sites like theirs. They are going into my List of Internet Scammers. Please report them below if they have defrauded you.

List of Internet Scammers.

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That is all that needs to be said about What Is BuyInNice.com. I hope you questions have been answered. I am now passing this over to those that have bumped into their site(s) and wish to report them below. Taking questions on this scam and also any additional data you have is appreciated. Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to your thoughts below this article.


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