What Is BuyHotMall.com – Is ‘BuyHotMall’ Scam or Legit? – REVIEW!

By | May 6, 2019

Please Read Our Answer On What Is BuyHotMall.com – It Will Save You Your Cash.

We are going to be keeping this review very short but informative. We will only input information that will assist your understanding on why BuyHotMall.com is a fake power tools store. There are other copies of this site. Those with customer reviews about that site, or sites like them, are welcome to report them below in the comments.

The reviews of customers are of paramount importance as yours could save someone else from losing cash. Sadly, most people fail to do their own due diligence and does cost many people losing their cash. For Example:- In phishing emails 800,000 ‘clicks’ occur from potentially unwary people. Of those people, 80,000 are scammed in some manner. Please always look for reviews before being defrauded out of your own hard earned cash.




www.buyhotmall.com review – warning.





BuyHotMall.com Why They Are Not Legit.

465 NOOR AVE STE B,SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, California, USA 94080 is BuyHotMall.com’s business address. Well, you can Google that address and you will see scam reports about it. This address is being use by other sites and those sites are obviously attached to those scam warnings. This is a huge and classic scam sign of a fraudulent network.

WHOIS is a good place to find out if a store is new, founder name, address, contact information. Where that information is missing, barring data of registration, is never a good sign. So we go to their site and we find this huge red flag about their address.

No founder name. Other copies online are NiceLaptopStore.com, WebSaleVIP.com, HotLapStore.com and there are probably many more.

There is no business transparency and so this situation is where people are potentially giving their payment information to an unknown individual or people. We know their intentions are fraudulent.

You are now advised to contact your payment provider. They may advise to cancel your card as this will stop others from randomly charging your card. Report them online where ever you are invited to do so.

BBB.org, OnlineThreatAlerts, TrustPilot will really hurt these sites if you have time to report them there also.





Final Thoughts.

My personal hope in writing these reort articles is to help prevent as many people as possible from losing their cash. When you have spent many hours reading how the elderly, veterans, single parents losing their cash for presents for their kids birthdays that will never arrive – then you can see why it is very important we all play our parts and share what we know.

That is all on What Is BuyHotMall.com and very much looking forward to hearing from you and others.





2 thoughts on “What Is BuyHotMall.com – Is ‘BuyHotMall’ Scam or Legit? – REVIEW!

  1. wagner mayca

    This is another name for the same scammers just different name store >> vpmgtdj.store/contact_us.html?action=success. It’s a laptop store with ridiculously low prices!!

    I’m glad I did my own research first before buying!!


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