What Is Buyee.Store – Is Buyee.Store Scam or Legit? – SCAM ALERT!!

By | December 20, 2018

What Is Buyee.Store – Swift Article To Warn Online Users of Buyee (Lyshop).

Welcome and well done on doing your research to find out What Is Buyee.Store (www.buyee.store). Is Buyee Store fake, dishonest, scam, crooked, bad or Is Buyee good, legit, genuine, real, safe, honest? This Buyee Store Review is a warning to you not to buy from that site, also known ‘Lyshop’. They are new but already they are accused of taking their users hard earned cash for inferior, cheap, replicas etc – if anything arrives. Contact your bank and to perhaps cancel your card – PUT IN A PAY DISPUTE! Report them below in the comments to help warn others – thank you.

Fake shopping sites seem to normally have the ability to manufacture goods but they as said are not what they are advertising. Typically the images are not theirs and they don’t have the permission of the companies behind the products to sell them. They are after your personal info like banking details, name, home address etc. This data may then be sold onto scammers for future fraudulent attempts. The more negative reviews they get online the quicker the will shut down their site, to perhaps then, start up a new one and continue the scam. Any site that looks like Buyee Store is not to be trusted, as scammers, usually have multiple sites.

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What Is Buyee Really About – The Fraud Revealed!

So far you know What Is Buyee – they are not genuine and only seek to defraud you. There are 1000’s of such fake shopping sites online and so just shop with known stores like Amazon – its safer because they are known to be legit and trusted. To start to reveal why they are fraudulent we begin with the founder of of Buyee.Store.


Buyee.Store Review

don’t buy anything from www.buyee.store!


The site was put up online in 2018/11/05 and already there are warnings online about them. 1 year is all the registered, which for a business that is trying to sell their goods online, is suspiciously short length of time. Actually, it is typical of online scams to create sites for just 1 or 2 years and vanish without a trace, or without warning. They can collapse at anytime. 

Their Address is Alabama, US. Incomplete address is common with fake sites. You can see all these details at Whois.

In their CONTACT US part of their site there is an address. However, I recognize that address used by scammers. It is 2.2 Romer House Lewisham High Stree, London, England SE13 6EE. There is no reason at all to have an address submitted as Alabama and then see an address from the UK, unless of course, if there is deliberate intention to deceive.

Their Email Address is also a known scammer email. Simply Google support@cpjus.com and you will see other, apparently separate sites, using that same email address! So, where ever you see such info attached to a site then you should take that as a warning sign to stay clear.




Scam Signs – The Operations Of Fake Shopping Sites.

Even with just 1 scam network of scamming shopping sites there can many more, identical, floating around online. Below are a few signs when you encounter them elsewhere will help alert you that you are on a fake site.

  • No Founder Name, or even any names, located on their.
  • Address, Email, Phone Number etc attached to other sites online.
  • Multiple addresses indicates that your order could be coming from abroad.
  • Check the date of their site at the bottom and sometime scammers like to deceive on this point. Just cross-check that data with WHOIS.
  • URL address and site logo name, when they don’t match, is another and very common scam sign.
  • Prices too good to be true? I see plenty of items priced at e.g. $299, reduced to $69, for a VOLTA Electric Bike. PLUS! – Free Shipping thrown in for good measure. That is a HUGE scam-alert because no business can afford to make these offers, especially when they are so young as a site, can afford such reductions and expect to flourish. Pure Scam Bait.


Any Of The Below Familiar To You?

Fake Online Shopping Sites seem to run similarly. Below is how they could be messing you around.

1). Your Payment maybe taken very quickly and even before the agreed time period. Check your card regularly to ensure you are on being charged too much, being charged multiples times, and especially watch out for sneaky recurring monthly charges. 

2). Watch out for ads on Social Media because there is no end in sight for the amount of scammers on such platforms. People assume that because they see an ad on You-Tube etc that somehow that advertiser has been vetted and approved. This appear NOT to be the case. Stay safe and shop on the stores you know are safe and trusted.

3). Ensure they did not give you FAKE Tracking Information. So many times scammers will just give you fake info and so take a screen shot of it as evidence. You will need to pass that onto your payment provider for a refund along with all communications.

4). Two months delivery seems to me the usual standard time they keep people waiting on their goods. When you do receive your order then there is a risk that it is not the item(s) you ordered. Typically the monetary value of your order is exponentially less than what you paid – this is HOW they are making big profits.

5). In the very worst case then nothing will turn up for your cash. When you put in for a refund, brace yourself for these kinds of scamming sites, will use stalling tactics with PayPal. As said, take screen shots of everything to help expedite your refund.

6). Customer Support may become increasingly unhelpful the longer your order takes. Even they may become down right rude and belligerent. Eventually they may just come to ignore you all together.



Do You Have A Buyee.Store Scam Report? You Are Welcome To Report Them Below To Help Others Avoid Their Scam – Thank You.












Final Thoughts.

I wish to thank you for clicking on this article and I really hope it has been of use. To round off this article I wish to say the site under question is not real. You could spend your cash and then just nothing turns up. Or if something turns up then the quality of the item is inferior to what you ordered. As said you could pay and then nothing turns up. Seek a refund should you encounter any difficulties. Their site is going into my List of Internet Scammers.

Be sure to see if there are any comments for any additional info. Those with questions on anything written here are welcome to ask below. I personally respond to all comments. 

Beware also of YeahSaveVIP, SuperTime.Online, InnovGoods,  etc as those are scam sites as well. You can click on the Home Button (top left of this page) to see the most up to date and active fake shopping sites. You are all very welcome to report any site you suspect is a fake shopping site. All shares of this article is appreciated to warn people during this time of the year. I hope now you research is complete on What Is Buyee.Store and I wish you the best of luck regarding your refund. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.



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4 thoughts on “What Is Buyee.Store – Is Buyee.Store Scam or Legit? – SCAM ALERT!!

  1. Luke

    This place was a total scam. Website is already offline and no answer at the customer service number.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Luke for reporting your experience with Buyee.Store. Perhaps contact your payment provider and see what they say.

  2. Vicki

    Hi Philip
    Wow, this is incredible how these companies get away with this theft and deceit and you are doing such a fantastic job here revealing these companies to people like myself and others
    With the Internet growing so fast these types of scams are unfortunately growing in numbers as well and its people like you we can thank for giving us things to look out for any signs of scams online
    Thank you, Philip, and please keep giving this information as people need to be saved from places like this
    You are doing such a great job

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Vicki,

      Thank you kindly for your comment on and you are very welcome. If you come across any online scams please feel welcome to report them here. Thanks again Vicki.


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