What Is BustaDoubler.com – Is BustaDoubler.com Scam or Legit Site?

By | October 19, 2018

What Is BustaDoubler.com and are They a Real Investment Company?

This article will answer What Is BustaDoubler.com (www.bustadoubler.com) and answer questions like like is BustaDoubler com safe, genuine, real, legit, honest or is BustaDoubler fraudulent, scam, fake, dishonest, crooked and not paying out? This Busta Doubler Review is going to expose their site as the Ponzi Scheme that they are. They are pretending to be investing your money in cryptocurrencies and trading markets. They not have not supplied any proof of this. They have also lied about their Companies House Certificate. This sites research below will leave you in no doubt you are dealing with a fake site.

There are many signs that we are dealing with a fake site regarding BustaDoubler. Their business model is very illegal and only ensures its own collapse. Most will lose their money without any hope of returns. Thousands of online scams are created and so it can be nearly impossible to find the real companies from the fake ones. However, I have found several in my time online. Those interested in working for themselves can have a look at my #1 Recommendation. It will show you a sign that does not cost you a penny to begin. Lets continue with this Busta Doubler Review.



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What Is BustaDoubler.com – How It Works and The Scam Revealed.

This article has already informed you on What Is BustaDoubler.com – it is a scam. Now the rest will show you why it is a fake site and only hell-bent on taking your cash for the person or people behind their site. Let us begin to find out who owns this site. Since they are a ‘real’ investment company then this should not be a problem…

Their site was made 10/10/2018 and only until the same time 2019. One year online, for an ‘invesment company’ is not a good sign. Any site online purporting to either earn you money by investments, or show you how to earn online from home (not including bloggers), will have transparent info surrounding owner ID and company address etc.

Their site does not have such details. As a matter of fact those details are either covered up or substituted for false data. There is no founder name, no address for their business and contact for support. On their site they have pulled out an address from thin air and called it theirs. They have made a claim of being registered in the UK and their icon for this does not click to anywhere. Overseas scammers will make the claim they are registered in the UK to give them a false sense of legitimacy to garner trust. It is a common tactic and you should always verify such claims at beta.companieshouse.gov.uk.

I checked there and there is no sign of their company name. Since they have not left a companies house registration number then we can see that is a 100% big lie and so they have already destroyed their own trust rating. If they can lie on this issue then they are deliberately intending to deceive on all issues.



What They Offer and How It Works to Defraud – Can You Earn With Them?

It is possible to earn good money on their illegal site. However, we should again be further aware that they present no product that they have defined. It is something very vague like investing in cryptocurrencies and markets, trading etc. Nothing, it means nothing and is a common script used by many online Ponzi Scheme Scammers. So, they say they are taking your investments and making decent money. Yet, they have not provided proof of even being able to do this.

What is a Ponzi Scheme?

It is where you are tempted into a program under a wild story of big money relative to investment, and also, relatively small investment for ROI. The time scale is also too quick for ROI and is another sign you are dealing with a scam site. 200% ROI in 90 HOURS OUT OF THIN AIR is not trustworthy and only suspicious. Since they have NOT provided any proof of how they are generating money then that is another sign of such a Scheme. 

The investments made by the first wave of members then is simply circulated to other members to appear legitimate, create payment proofs to encourage others to invest, and so it continues. The second, third, fourth, fifth etc waves of people who invest are just paying the last lot of people.

The Older the site becomes the less chances you have of making any money. Once the sign ups stop coming in then the owners will stop all payments to members, if they have not already. So, to promise all members 200% profits, plus initial investment back, can not mathematically be kept and will only ensure their site closes down anytime and without warning. 

Best time to invest is the first two weeks. Even from day 1 if possible, as the younger the site then the more chances you have of making excellent returns. However, such sites are very illegal as mentioned and so I don’t recommend you go near them. However, there are those that know they are a HYIP – High Yield Investment Program (another term for a Ponzi Scheme) – and so that is your window of opportunity, if you must.








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Final Thoughts.

These Ponzi Schemes are being created all the time where unknown founders are simply chancing their arm to see if they can generate big money for themselves. Granted, some will get paid. Mostly, and about 90%, will be mercilessly defrauded. Do note that they take a maximum of 50K of your money to keep for themselves. That is a lot to lose and I wish you well if you are STILL going to ‘invest’ with them! Those are just money games, and in order for you to win at this game – someone else, or many, will have to lose. They are a SCAM, there is no doubt about that.

Those with questions on What Is BustaDoubler.com are welcome to ask below. Those looking for a legit way to earn, without having your money stolen from you, are welcome to check out my #1 Recommendation, as mentioned. It is only for those that have the work ethic to end up making big money online. Even part-time, you can still make a healthy lump sum that will make a big difference. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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2 thoughts on “What Is BustaDoubler.com – Is BustaDoubler.com Scam or Legit Site?

  1. Abakah Rockson

    Bustadoubler is a real scam site,my withrawal is still pending,they are fake,they don’t pay their members,bad bustadoubler. scammer people. scammers, their foolish and fake admin. Bad luck will punish them

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Abakah,

      So, they have stopped paying out already. That is a bad sign and I can’t see them lasting too much longer in this case. Maybe they will linger for a while more, and one thing is for sure, your comment here is going to stop a lot of people from signing up to them 🙂 .

      Nice work and I am sorry they ripped your off.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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