Bundle-Dealer.com Reviews – Is ‘Bundle-Dealer’ Scam or Legit Service Provider?

By | February 14, 2020



What Is BundleDealer.com (www.bundle-dealer.com) – Our ‘BundleDealer’ Reviews / Real Customer Reviews.

Bundle-Dealer.com is a company that says they provide Cable, Phone Bundles, TV, Internet, Satellited TV from “Various Service Providers” yet they only have a phone number and one page on their website! They have failed to list out their service providers that are said to be offering unbelievable discounts. Their site is also Not Secure. They look like a scam but lets take a closer look before we decide.

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Lets begin now this ‘BundleDealer’ Review and see comments for real customer reviews. Should there be none then you are welcome to land the first review to aid others in their search for information if time permits.



Registration for www bundle-dealer com was in 2020-02-08 for a year. What online company says they have unbelievable deals for their customers but only decide to go into business to provide those offers for one year? 

One or two year business time frames are deemed suspicious by online security experts as it is the start, possibly in this case, of a scam pattern well laid down by previous scam crooks. And so that is something to bear in mind before giving over payment info to them.

We see when they registered their site, and by the way you can go to WHOIS.com to see the site registration details of most websites, they have failed to land their founders name. Not even a board of a directors and so now we see they are from ‘PK’ / Pakistan.

We know now their general location but they intentionally opted not to leave a real and completed address. All very common scam signs here. 

We go to their site and all we see is their number of +1-855-635-0381 and there does not appear to be much info about this number upon researching it. Actually, there is near nothing about ‘Bundle-Dealer’ online at this present time.

There is no email that I can find. No founder name / contact name. Where is their business location? Limited forms of contact is a powerful scam sign as most legit companies, actually all legit companies, will move heaven and earth to provide all the contact info leading to sales to their customers. 

Limited forms of contact is something that should stop you in your tracks to make you want to do two minutes of research. 

They have in quotes “Companies that offer multiple services” but that statement is not linked to anything. Everything about their one page website is directing you towards their phone number.

That is not a good sign and so they could possibly see your number and be harvesting it for fraudulent purposes. That is not an accusation but a possibility that anyone working there is welcome to shed more light on.

The other option, instead of thinking they are not trustworthy, is that they could have someone working from home.

In this instance then they do not need to provide a biz address as that would be their own home. That clearly is too unsafe and so there is no sign of this either. 

I have seen many sites that would have an affiliate section stating this so-and-so individual promotes so-and-so’s products and as such earns a commission as a small online business owner. Nothing of that sort in their content.

Their site is NOT SECURE! See the top of their websites URL? Just to the left of that? It says “NOT SECURE”. That is a very bad sign for sure. IF they were a legit company there is no way in hell they would allow their site not to be secured. This means, when a site is not secure, any information you send over their networks can be intercepted by scammers. Not good guys. However, just because site has the GreenPadlock therefore secured still does not make them legit. Always look for reviews.











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