What Is BullsFunds.com – Scam or Legit? Know the Risks!

By | August 11, 2018

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What Is BullsFunds.com and is it Possible to Get Rich Fast!

We are delighted you have chosen to visit our site today to find out more on What Is BullsFunds.com. This article will also answer:- Is BullsFunds.com a lie? Is BullsFunds. com trusted and paying? This BullsFunds Review (non-member) will seek out ownership data and how it all works to hopefully earn you some money. Just know, they are a high risk venture and not everyone will be able to earn with them. Those looking for safer ways to earn can check out our article on Ways to Earn Money by Blogging <- Free to Start.


Company:- https://bullsfunds.com.

Founder:- Unknown.

Created:- 07/08/2018 and registered online for 1 year.

Affiliate Program:- 10% Commissions.

Scam’Legit:- See ourFinal Thoughtsat the bottom of this article.

Farewell Note:- Contains a Recommended Way to Earn Online.


Note:- This is not to be confused with bullsfund.com – different website and we are not writing on them.





What Is BullsFunds.com and is it Worth the Risk.

How it Ends 4 Most

To quickly answer What Is BullsFunds.com is that they are a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program). That is the same as a Ponzi Scheme. Ponzi Schemes are notorious for leaving up to and over 90% of its participants out of pocket.

Who Owns BullsFunds?

There is no Founder Details on their site or at WHOIS – where website owners register their new websites. This is pretty vital data! This is expected from sites that offer paid work to its members, and not expected of bloggers.

Should you lose your money to their website offer than you have no come back. That is how these kinds of business models work.

They are saying they are into the Stock Exchange Markets but there is no evidence of this. Their FAQ’s is worded far too similarly to other HYIP sites I have have exposed recently.

Those sites are HourlyExpress, MineFund Club, Maxiincome, VastPower, PVP Fund, CredibleFunds.US, RoyalCoinCompany, IntroPay, HourCoin PW.

You should definitely stay away from those as well.



How It All Works.

Simply sign up and pick your investment level. The levels are as follows:-

Max Investment is Set at $50,000 for all levels.

1). Min Deposit:- $1.

4% Hourly for 60 Hours.

2). Min Deposit:- $15.

5% Hourly for 50 Hours.

3). Min Deposit:- $0.

6% Hourly for 40 Hours.

4). Min Deposit:- $100.

7% Hourly for 40 Hours.

5). Min Deposit:- $120.

220% for 1.

6). Min Deposit:- $250.

420% after 2 days.

Level 5 and 6 offer insane returns thus creating a huge debt in their program, that as it grows in membership, will be become unsustainable leading to its collapse.

Once you have parted with your money to invest with their program then your part is over. You simply wait and hope you will get some returns. This is a risky venture because it is solely relying in getting new members. Once those new members stop signing up and paying then we see the money will run out. 

When the money runs out then the promised ROI (return on investment) to their older members can never be paid out due to no more money. Each new wave simply only helps to pay for the last older  wave(s) of members. Such websites business model can collapse over night without warning.


When is the best time to invest with such programs?

  • NEVER! It is an illegal program that ends up scamming most of its participants. However, I know there will be some who will continue to risk their cash. So, those that will, here are a few things to look out for to see if it is worthwhile:-
  • Go to WHOI.com and see the age of the site. Older than just TWO WEEKS and chances are being paid returns are quickly diminishing. The older the site the less likely you will see returns.
  • Look to their Investments and Withdrawals. I saw a site recently that, apparently, had over 184K worth of investments by its participants. There was only appro 8K paid out to members. Should those figures be real, than that is not a good sign in my opinion. Payments are spotty at best and only by luck will you get some returns.
  • Google to see reviews and complaints on that site. Too many negative reviews then the Founder has turned completely rouge and not paying most if anyone returns.



Huge Sign of Intentional Deception by BullsFunds.

These schemes are prone to making a statement that they are registered with Companies House. This is the UK’s way of registering Legit UK Businesses. So, when BullsFunds makes this claim then they shall have their own company registration number. Their number is, per their claim, 10591498 <<- I Googled this.

Look below to see what was found:-


False Certificate Info

Same company number but not the same name, and we can also see, the company in was dissolved recently. On BullsFunds website, their Companies House Certificate has different info, and their company name is not their business name on their site. Here we can clearly see that their registration with Companies House is not a valid claim.



Final Thoughts.

They are trying to cloak themselves by telling its members they are apart of the Stock Exchange Markets. There is no evidence, as said, for this and is only an attempt to garner trust. Their site is actually just a Ponzi Scheme where most of its members will lose. Thus, it is a scam. They are also running an illegal online enterprise and so members are actually breaking the law by participating in it.


That is all that needs to be said on What Is BullsFunds.com and hope it has given you the info you were seeking. So, no we dont’ trust them and don’t recommend them as a legal way to earn online. Those that want to earn without risking a penny may want to have a look at Wealthy Affiliate. A legit and trusted online company since 2005 that shows newbies how to earn with their own website, like I do. They offer a Free Lifetime Account HERE and 20 Videos of Free Training. No CC to start – comes with Premium Options.


#1 Recommendation

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