What Is BucksFort.com – Is BucksFort.com Scam or Legit?

By | March 3, 2019

Find Out Here What Is BucksFort.com – The ‘BucksFort’ Review.

You are welcome here in this review on What Is BucksFort.com found at www.bucksfort.com
. Is BucksFort com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, fake or Is ‘BucksFort’ legit, real, safe, genuine, trustworthy? This www BucksFort com Review is we are going to explain why they are not a legit site and why you won’t get free V-Bucks. Those tricked by that site are welcome to leave your own views in the comments below. 



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What Is BucksFort.com About – How The Scam Works.

We are going to run our own scam-check on the sites information. We are looking for site owner name, contact information, business address and their registration date. Where this information is covered up then should be ‘your’ warning sign that something maybe wrong. Those that know of other V-Bucks scams are welcome to alert us below with their exact URL to avoid confusion with other sites.




www.bucksfort.com Scam Alert!



We can easily see in WHOIS that their site was registered in 2019/01/07 and 1 year is all they have made their site for. That is an indicator of a hit-and-run site. Some may say that the owner just wants to see how the first year in online business goes and so that is why the registration length is not longer.

However, most legit online businesses will tend to set up for much much longer. 

We can see that there is no owner name left when they registered their site. That is not a good sign. There is also no address for their business.

So now we are left working on a site for a complete stranger. We have to now hope that the person running that site is serious about helping others generate some free V-Bucks for any works performed.

Heading to their site and there is actually no information of any kind! No site owner name, address, no contact number and not even an email address to make contact. That is a spectacular fail for transparency.

I refuse to have dealings with sites that have intentionally everything about themselves as it is a bad sign.

How The ‘BucksFort’ Scam Works.

Landing on their site we can see they want you to set up an account straight away. This creates a sense of ‘mystery’ and so may prompt many users to sign up for an account. Things are already about to get tricky here.

They claim to be a V-Bucks Generator but I only see reports online that they are a fake site and many are falling for it. They are already attracting many 100’s of people per month to their scam site and so all shares of this article can help save many from this kind of disappointment.

Enter a User Name and pick your Platform. So I entered in some kind of gibberish (not a real word) and picked Platform ‘PlayStation’ and hit Submit.

Then we see options to upgrade for your V-Bucks and I picked the highest grade. Then we have chosen ‘Limited Edition’ and now we see yet another step.

We have to hit on the ‘CONFIRM’ button to progress.




Uhu… so let us see what happens when we ‘Verify’.

We are automatically re-directed to a site called dudemobile.net! Here we are asked to complete 1 of a number of steps. Our choice which one. It is worth noting, no matter what ‘upgrade’ or ‘package’ you pick, you will still be sent to dudemobile.net.

    • Voucher of $750 for local store.
    • Get the best ROBLOX Content.
    • Get the entire FortNight Bonus Pack (they have nothing to do with ‘FortNight’ and only using that name to pawn off their own scam to others).
    • Complete a Survey.
    • FortNight Battle Royal Hints.

Those are the options NOT to pick!

What ever happens you will still not receive any V-Bucks for free. Any apps downloaded, surveys complete, offers accepted and it still does not matter. You will have only generated their scam sites source of some commissions and so we see that they are looking for a free labor work force for their own income.

So we see that these kinds of scams will re-direct to other sites they have signed up to, such sites that may or may not be legit and safe to use, and they will earn that way. 

Those that used their payment information to complete ‘Human Verification’ desperately need to contact your payment provider. There is no way of knowing if that information is in safe hands or not. When cyber-crooks get such data there is nothing stopping them from making withdrawals from your account without permission.

You card provider may suggest to cancel that card to secure it and dispute any charges if there is cash being taken on you.

We ‘clicked’ on ‘Surveys.

There are two re-directs before we land on a site called Your-Surveys.com. So the scam here is you spend too much time filling out a bunch of surveys, after you spend time to sign up to them and confirm, and when you start earning then ‘BucksFort’ earns some small commissions.

That is one way they are trying to get ‘you’ to make ‘them’ free cash. Since you may have signed up through them then they have to be a member of that site to get their own referral commission earnings.

‘Clicking’ on the ‘Get the entire FortNight package’ leads us to a site called track.buzz-track.com. That is a pure white blank web page and only a red herring for what they really want you to click on. Let us see what the other options show up.

Clicking on ‘Get the best Roblox Content’ takes us to a site called a surreal looking site called MODAMANIA. Looks to be a ladies fashion e-store.

So I guess if you buy something here then they get some commissions for that sale. We have no idea as yet if ‘MODAMIA’ is a scam or not so do be careful whom you part your payment information to.

ScamAdviser.com has given their site a 70% Trust Score and really that is too high. Their site is only to get people to do work on other sites so they may earn commissions from that work. When you complete those tasks, whatever they maybe, then you will still not get any free V-Bucks.


What Are VBucks About?

If you are a gamer then you probably know What Are VBucks. However, for those those that do not vbucksknow, here is our research to help answer that question to help give appreciation to the growing rise of V-Bucks scams in the name of ‘FortNight’.

‘V-Bucks’ stands for Vindertech Bucks. They look like the image to the right. Anyways, these are tokens that can be used for a number of in game things. It is a kind of a currency that can be exchanged for visual apparel and other such items. 

They can be redeemed at epicgames.com or fortnight.com. They can be bought as well for actual real cash. So, those sites that are promising a ‘fawcet’ of free V-Bucks you should be very wary of. 






Final Thoughts.

The site under question simply re-directs you to third party offers i.e. other websites. The trickery occurs right from the beginning when they ask you to complete the ‘Verification’ step. There has been no ‘error at all and only a way to get you to do want they want.

Once you land on these other sites, you will now then become one of their referrals, and so if you part with cash or complete any actions successfully, they will or may benefit financially from this.

They are exploiting the success of EpicGames.com and the in-game digital currency known as V-Bucks. In no time at all this fake site has become very popular such is the demand for ‘Free V-Bucks’, which by the way, ‘Free V-Bucks’ does not appear to be real.

What Is BucksFort.com really all about? They are a site that is about ‘self gain’ over exploiting others interest in getting some in-game currency. That is all. The earnings from their own site the unknown owner will keep for him, her or themselves. Please report them below if they have scammed you in some way. Looking forward to all of your comments below.

They are now going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.

List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!






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