What Is BTMD.Online – Is BTMD.Online SCAM or LEGIT – 100% SCAM ALERT!!

By | December 21, 2018

What Is BTMD.online (www.btmd.online) And All The Reasons They Are Fraudulent.

Great work on finding this review on What Is BTMD.Online found at www.btmd.online. Is BTMD online fake, bad, scam, dishonest, crooked, or Is BTMD real, legit, honest, genuine, safe? This BTMD Review is a warning but also contains all you need to know on why they simply can’t be trusted. Contact your payment provider, if you bought from that site, and seek a refund. Secure your personal banking info as well. Those of you that were unlucky enough to be scammed by the aforementioned site are asked to please provide your Scam Reports in the comments below. This will have the beneficial effect of helping others NOT to lose, what could be, the only Xmas Money they have to buy presents. Thanks Guys 🙂 .

Fake shopping sites is a particularly HORRENDOUS con to fall for. Your personal banking info is the most sought after data scammers want out of you. They may sell on that info for swift and big money and certainly an efficient way to make big money very fast. Typically, shopping sites that are not legit, are hailing from China. Almost always they seem to have a way to make goods, but they are inferior, low quality, replicas, counterfeit, knock offs etc. You will probably NEVER get exactly what you ordered and the order will not be close in value to the money you paid for it.





What Is BTMD.Online at www.BTMD.Online – Get A Refund – Report Them In The Comments.

I like to give the answer early in my articles to save people time, in this case What Is BTMD.online where it is found at www.btmd.online. For many that will be enough. For those that want confirmation of this new scam threat online then just keep on reading. We must begin to try to locate data regarding site ownership, their contact info and if that info is connected to other online scams and then their real world location (are they lying about that). I can tell you now, they have several identical online scam sites currently running as they seek to pull of their Christmas Shopping Site Scam.


BTMD.com Review

DON’T buy anything from www.btmd.online!


www.btmd.online completed their domain registration in 2018/2018/12/07 with just 1 year online. Consider the real world investment of setting up a real biz and then so why are they investing so little in only 1 year online? Makes no sense. Trustworthy and legit businesses will normally register for many years down the line. It is a common sign-monitoring sign and one to watch out for.

AZ, US – 4 Letters is their registration address. Clearly there is no verification or enforcement of legit details when registering a site. That is how, far as I can see, scammers can set up their sites and actually get away with it.

No Founder Name was left at registration. That is not accidental but an intentional attempt not to reveal oneself. Now! That person can scam high numbers of people without potentially being caught because, clearly, there is no address, no Founder Name, No Email Address, No Contact Phone Number – honest businesses are very open about these details. Already, that is enough for me to walk away from their site.

In our last attempt to find out ‘anything’ about them, let us see if they have left an address and other details on their site.

The Address, found in their Contact Us (of which they have 2 ‘CONTACT US’ sections), QANDIES LIMITED2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE13 6EE. That address is connected to other seemingly separate online companies. The obvious question is:- how can many companies have the same address? Well, that is our ‘pointer’ to know these scam sites could very well be owned by the same people.

Their phone number, on their site, is 852 66282369. Yet again, that phone number is connected to other known online scams. 

Email Address support@cpjus.com is a very well known scammers email address. Wherever you encounter that email address – walk away. They are scammers.




What To Watch For With Online Shopping Scams – The Scam Signs Will Save You.

I suspect, given their ‘Christmas Them’, they could very well be shut down soon after the holidays or perhaps edit their site and make it a new years themed sales website. Either events, they can’t be trusted. Below is how they could right now be scamming you. 

1). Social Media Platforms are awash with scam advertisers, using that platforms legitimacy to garner clicks from unwary customers. Always find reviews on selling sites where you have never encountered them before. Better yet, probably just stick with Amazon etc for your gift shopping.

2). ‘NOTE’ the date they say they will take payment for your order. Then, watch when they will take your payment. Typically fake sites will charge well ahead of the date you both agreed to. Sometimes they won’t even bother sending you a receipt or tracking info.

4). Speaking of tracking info, many times, that information is plain fake. And or it will vanish. 

5). Support can become very rude and may end up just ignoring you. Watch out for odd states like “please sympathize, ‘ Understand’ concerning difficulties with your order. Obviously, no real business will talk to their customers in such an unprofessional way.

6). Nothing may arrive for your money. That is the worse thing that can happen regarding your order. Should something arrive then the product will or maybe of terrible quality, damaged beyond acceptable value or use but I bet always never near the price you paid for it. Like I said, they may have the means to produce shoddy goods in order to profit.

7). Shipping Returns. You really have to be careful if you decide to return any products. Though the company may and probably will mess up your order, they will wiggle enough to force you to pay for the return. Companies, the good ones, that mess up your order do not charge.

8). Be sure they are not taking many charges out of your account. Again, contact your bank and get a refund. PayPal, once they receive many charge backs from customers of a scam site, will simply cancel that scammers account and go after them for the money PayPal refunded to their customers. SO! Definitely contact them and complain away.



Do You Have A BTMD.Online Scam Report? You Are Welcome To Report Them In The Comments Below – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

Payment probably will be taken from you very fast and so that is a good warning sign something is wrong. Watch out for several unauthorized charges to you card. Seek a refund ASAP! Goods, if anything is delivered, will not be worth the money you paid for that order. PayPal states, that if you buy something online that is clearly different etc then what was advertised, is grounds to apply for a refund. 180 days is the time to do this. Screen shot everything as evidence to help strengthen your case. The site in question is being put into my List of Internet Scammers.

That is all is necessary to answer What Is BTMD.online at www.btmd.online. Do indeed stay far away from them. Those with additional info to add to this article are very welcome to land that below in the comments, and course, any links to scam sites are welcome as well. You may view the current shopping scam sites in the Home Page Section so you know which ones to avoid in your own online shopping. Thank you kindly for visiting scamwitness.com and looking forward to your scam reports below. Happy Holidays to all 🙂 .



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  1. Neville warner

    Yes i got scammed,i bought a rust remover from this mob.took my money and havnt been able to get in contact with them since.real dodgy.


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