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By | September 11, 2018 – Can You Really Trust that Site?

I have taken a good look at to help those in need of some answers. Those asking is BtcPopularPaying com a fake, fraudulent, illegal, scam, dishonest, bad or asking is BtcPopularPaying good, honest, paying out and legit? This is the only BtcPopularPaying Review you need to have all such questions answered. To start off, they say they invest money in Forex and Securities and they got a bunch of Trading Professionals making good money for your investments. Where is the evidence of this? Well, there isn’t any – I looked. They are based in the United Stated of America but say they are legit with UK Law – that does not make sense. Below is all the info you need to decide for yourself.

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What Is, Owner Data and How it all Really Works for Revenue. Site says they got some people who know how to invest your money in Forex, Securities and all that jazz. However, on the question of What Is BtcPopularPaying, I can tell you that I believe they are a HYIP/Ponzi Scheme. More on that later. For now let us take a good look at their ID and other credentials.

I checked out their location that they have supplied on their website:-

4459 Don Jackson Lane,




OK, to confirm this then I went to WHOIS where the owner of BtcPopularPaying gave a completely different address for their business location:-

1928 E. Highland Avenue,

Ste F104 PMB# 255,




Obviously, those two addresses for the same online business don’t match! Major Big Scam Sign!! Regarding the Founder Name – None was listed. I don’t see Founder name on their site either. This is intentional cover up of one’s own ID online. The point is, when they are accused of ripping people off, then the owner can simply shut the site down and run off with all of the money people invested with. It happens all the time and most sites that say they mine bitcoin are scams.

How do I know they are Fake?

There are a number of inconsistencies in their wording of what they offer. First they say that you can earn 20% for making referrals. Right below that on their site, in much smaller print, you will see that they are actually offering 6% for making referrals ‘instantly’. Honest sites offering this kind of investment simply don’t make such poor mistakes.

Their ROI per investment levels are ridiculously high and not sustainable. This is running at a loss that no company could withstand without causing its own and inevitable collapse. I mean, per one of their investment plans, you are promised 4850% returns – does that sound likely to you? High payout promises like that are signs of a scam.

Its their Business Model makes it unstable and can collapse anytime so you wont be alerted when it suddenly shuts down, it will just be gone.

HYIP/Ponzi Schemes – What they really are.

Your money is never safe in these kinds of investment schemes. You money does not buy you anything that is a digital download or real world product. That is the hall mark of a Ponzi Scheme. When such a scheme promises huge returns then that is a attribute of a HYIP or High Yield Investment Program (just a ‘type’ of Ponzi). 

I mentioned their affiliate program and that is designed to make you work for them to recruit new members, obviously. The problem is when new members sign up, invest, now they to are at risk of being defrauded. This maybe good news for you though as you may receive your ROI plus initial investment, or you may not, all depending on what mode the founder is in I guess. Such is their sites business model unpredictability.

Best time to Invest?

1st month is the best time. Though, I don’t advise you do so for reasons already stated. But I know there will be those just curious to know that. The one’s that lose the most money to such schemes are people who are looking to make big money fast online. That is a myth you must dispel from yourself as that is how you are financing cyber-crooks. They advantage of your impatient desire to earn without working. 

Per date of this post Btc Popular Paying is 1 day old.

Is it legal to invest in such schemes?

Those that did not promote their affiliate to pull others in, and honest did not know they invested in an illegal scheme, appear to be allowed to keep their earnings. I am not a solicitor and so you should consult one if you are that concerned on this issue. Those that did not know its an illegal but did promote their affiliate link can have their earnings confiscated off of them by the law.

Those that promoted a scheme of this nature, and then that particular site turned out to be very damaging overall, could very well be chased down by the law. It has happened. So, stop sharing your link and share this article instead to warn your networks.

Are they even Registered Online as a Legit Company?

Despite their claims that they are a registered company, and comply with UK Laws, their business registration number provided by them does not show up in Companies House database. Companies House is a website that registers all businesses that want to be registered with them. The problem is people from overseas are buying Companies House Certificates to help make the look legit. So, always check their registration of a site that claims that they are registered as a legit company.




Final Thoughts.

Based on their illegal business model I have no choice but to call them an online scam. They have no evidence of how they say they are making money online for themselves and their members. Their script of how they do so is all too familiar to me by now from other illegal schemes online. Moreover, since their script is so similar, I am suspicious to think they are being bought from the same site/owner, but I don’t know which one for sure. Those that lost money to BtcPopular are welcome to report them below in the comments or:- <<– Report Scams Here.


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