BtcPaying.World – Is BtcPaying.World Scam or Legit?

By | September 11, 2018

What Is BtcPaying.World and Should You Really Risk Your Money with Them – Read Here First.

Thank you for clicking on my ‘take’ on BtcPaying.World ( Anyone asking as well is BtcPaying World safe, legit, good, honest, paying out or is asking Is Btc Paying World a fake, scam, fraudulent, no real or genuine website will find out here in this BtcPaying non-member review. I wish to inform my readers of the likelihood of earning with BtcPaying. Personally, I know they are a HYIP/Ponzi Scheme, and I hope you forgive then, for not signing up to them. They are indeed illegal sites and is another good reas to stay far away. Below is my research to help you decide for yourself.

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BtcPaying.World Investment Offer – The ‘Spoils’ of Ponzi Schemes are Not Fairly Shared!

BtcPaying.World Site

While taking a good look at BtcPaying.World I decided to go about and see if I can find out who owns the site. I will be honest, I was not expecting to find any legit details. Their site was created 11/09/2018 – same date as this post – and is registered for only 1 year online. Sites that offer real paid work from home jobs just will normally set up a site to last longer. So, that is indicative of hit-and-run-scam-sites! But, not always.

Their address is ‘AZ’ ‘US’. That is a very sparse looking address and really I can’t see how it is legit. The founders name is not listed either at the point of their sites registration. This is clear and undeniable proof they are deliberately hiding true ownership ID. Never a good sign and always should cause you worry and question about such a site.

Below will be a Q and A Style Format to help you scan and skip to your preferred info.

What are they are they selling?

They are saying something very vague about trading and having experts working on your behalf to make investments with your cash. There is no trace of any evidence of this on their site. I can’t verify anything about them trading on anything per their sites content. Real and Legit sites would leave links to proof of how they generate income for their company.

Their Deposits, if we are to believe their unknown founder, is at $667.00 with payouts of $435.35.  That is very important information that I will soon get to as to why you need to view those stats and decide for yourself if they are real monies or just digits on a screen.

What are they REALLY Selling?

A Ponzi Scheme or a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program). Here we can see that such schemes trademarks are no digital download or real world product for monies handed over. You are giving money to a complete stranger online and asking them to double, triple etc via illegal means. It was when I saw their returns that I knew then they were a Ponzi Scheme – those returns are simply not sustainable!

Best time to invest?

Well, I don’t advise you go near them but I know some will be itching and tempted to join them and know when is the best time, if any. The first day it is open and running for business is the best time! From that time up to two weeks is ideal. Maybe even up to 4 weeks but then they will get greedy and keep hold of the money generated by their site to the detriment of their membership.

The Known Characteristics of Ponzi/HYIP Schemes.

They will offer out unbelievable, too-good-to-be-true returns for investments. No real product is exchanged for monies. They are prone to collapsing at any time. They thrive on new members investing money and then they take that money. That money is then paid to older investors, for a while. Some time into their site they will start to run out of investors. This is when they will most likely just shut down their site and start a new one. 

Reasons for them shutting down may also be blogs reporting on them and making others aware of the real intention of such sites, just like what I am doing write now. And of course there will be complaints of no payouts in time. I do encourage you all to please report them below if they did indeed scam you. Thank you.

So, its only a matter of time before we see complaints and then their site is gone forever.

Are they Legal?

No! It is illegal to set up Ponzi Schemes in most parts of the world that have any sense. Such schemes can suck out much needed monies from already economically deprived areas of the world. Since no one knows who the founder is then they can have little chance of getting their cash back. You need to consult with whatever payment method provider to see about a refund on your money somehow.

Is it legal to take part in one?

I am not a solicitor and you should definitely consult for a better answer. But, per my research, if you did not know such a scheme was a con and you invested and earned then you can keep your money. HOWEVER! That is solely dependent on if you brought in new members and so then authorities can take your earnings from you. Those are the only conditions on that situation.

Who will lose the most money?

Let us now get back to the DEPOSITS AND WITHDRAWALS I mentioned earlier. So if you see a site like BtcPaying saying they are giving out good money relative to deposits, then per experienced HYIP Experience Investors, that is a good time to invest – and only if – they are a new site. However, that is entirely dependent on the word of the unknown author of such a site and so it truly is at your own risk. For you to earn someone else will have to be losing their cash.

Point being, those too inexperienced to recognize a Ponzi site when they see one is most at risk of losing big money. Such beginners can lose thousands on the one site after receiving some profits from a smaller investment. You have been warned.



Final Thoughts.

No founder name. No concise was of earning money other than a Ponzi Scheme. No proof of their experts or any evidence of trading. I mean, what else am I to think but that they are indeed a scam site and one that could do a lot of damage to peoples wallets in time. I don’t rate them as legit but as a scam site. Good luck if you are still going to invest with them!


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Have you got questions on What Is BtcPaying.World? Ask me below and I will try to help you out. Need more info on my own recommendation? HERE you can view my research on it. They really can help you earn good money from the comfort of your own home. Those interested may also ask me about them below as well. Thank you all for stopping by and I am looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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