Brilliantme.Store Review – Is ‘BrilliantMe’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | November 19, 2019

What Is BrilliantMe.Store about? – ‘BrilliantMe’ Review.

Not to be ‘alarmist, or anything, but – BRILLIANTME.STORE IS A SCAM!!!!!!! ‘Ahem’. So, is a scam or is ‘BrilliantMe Store’ legit and genuine? Have no doubts that they are not a legit online store. Our review will expose them and leave you a list of the scam sites in 2019 from this fake shopping network.

Those scammed by ‘BrilliantMe’ are welcome to report them anywhere on our site. You may alternatively leave all reviews of work from home scams in our Online Work From Home Scam Sites List 2019, 2020. List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame you report any kind of scam to that section. Those that may be looking out for a way to earn online can read our Ways to Earn Online from Home  – Free Sign Up!



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Brilliantme.Store Exposed as a Fraud.

I always check the ‘ABOUT US’ sections of all e-store sites I visit. There is one quote I am always looking out for. Wherever you see “… WE LOVE EVERY PASSION AND INTEREST ON EARTH BECAUSE IT IS A REFERENCE TO YOUR UNIQUENESS. AND TO SPREAD EXACTLY THAT…IS OUR CORE VISION…” – run! There are many fake sites in this network and Brilliantme.Store is just one of them. SO! Beware of their other scam sites, ‘sites’ we have found from their network this month alone, such as LifeSpace.Shop,,,,,, Irelia.Store,,,,,, Holiyays.Store, Sosogo.Store,,,, Actcat.Store, Bxcol,,,,,,, Bnetengi.Top, Mvipbsell.Club, and so on.

  • We will look into them anyways. We go to WHOIS and we see that they were registered online on the 2019/11/16. Why have they registered their brand new business, with all the expense of setting it up, just to bring it online for only 12 months?
  • Hit-and-run scam sites will typically register fake businesses for around 1 or 2 years. It costs less that $15 most times, whereupon they call their sites with nonsense names using the same quote, only to develop scam reports on themselves as time passes by.
  • There is never a founders name, contact information or business address when they regsiter their sites. So we really do not have a way now of knowing where they are from.
  • We look now to their website and also there is nothing. Well, close to nothing. There is an email address of That Unique Email Address appears to be a fairly popular one as it is already in use on other website businesses.
  • This can only be it is the same person for all their sites responding to potential scam victims. There is no way it is possible all those separate companies are sharing the same email address. We do not see this other than with fake sites and it is one of those big as heck scam signs never to ignore.
  • When it comes to fake websites they are telling-tales about their prices. Such prices will only get delivered to you something possibly damaged, stolen, inferior goods, cheaper versions, knock offs, counterfeit goods
  • While some people are on the hunt for cheaper versions, many times, scammers will send out too-cheap-to-even-use garments. Fabric so bad that you could not even give it away – no joke. Many customers who were caught out by an online scam have thrown their orders into the trash.
  • They have not established any social media networks yet, if we are to go by the lack of social sharing icons. So that is too unusual for a business as businesses are all about SPAMMING YOU TO DEATH! So why not convince people to share your content if you want to make more sales quicker?



Their Deep Discounts Are Stupid!

  • There is no way any company can knock off so much cash and still make a profit. Are they actually a thrift store with highest quality cloths? So fake sites like ‘BrilliantMe’ may become popular fast due to not telling the truth about their prices.
  • They exaggerate the quality of their goods while at the same time saying things like ‘there maybe a ‘slight’ difference than what is advertised due to lighting etc’. Anywhere you read something so foolish just walk away. That is only an insane thing to say to your customers unless you were of course selling your knock-offs outside a mental hospital – Government Approved One, of course, then there would be ‘some’ sense in it – I suppose.
  • It is too hard to make sense of all those scam signs where we see slight contradictions in such scam sites content to list them all. They are carefully planted within their content to give themselves a way not to deliver to you, make an exchange or not give a refund. That is all.





Final Thoughts.

Even if it were my first time bumping into that scam network, I would STILL call Brilliantme.Store a scam. No business transparency and so no sharing of my payment information. Why would I give a complete stranger online my pay info? Uses the same ‘ABOUT US’ sections from sites known to be part of a huge scam network online. Their newest email of already has other scam sites using it for their biz info. So this is too much to say they are not a scam. Leave your own reviews below to help alert others.




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SCAM SITES LIST 2019, 2020!








2 thoughts on “Brilliantme.Store Review – Is ‘BrilliantMe’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

  1. Maggie

    I ordered from these. Telephone/Laptop mini.
    Showed as been delivered but never received.
    Tried to contact them, threatened them I was going to report them to the police for fraud. Now they contact me telling me they can’t find my order on their system.


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