BountySurfer.De – Is BountySurfer.De Scam or Legit PTC/GPT Site?

By | October 3, 2018

Not Sure if BountySurfer. de is Genuine and Real or Fake and Fraudulent? – Article to Answer those Questions.

BountySurfer. de is a new site where they offer work for ‘Paid to Click‘ and as far I see ‘Get Paid To‘ work. The work is easy for anyone to do and all regions are accepted. They are new and so this article is mainly going to answer questions like is BountySurfer de fake, fraudulent, scam, dishonest or is BountySurfer real, genuine, legit good and paying out? This Bounty Surfer will review them based on my experience of exposing online scams. Owner ID, website credentials, work on offer etc will be covered. You can view my research below to help decide for yourself.

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BountySurfer. De –  Owner Credentials and the Work on Offer.

BountySufer.De Website

www.bountysurfer. de website.

While this article will cover the basics on the kind of work they are offering, the minimum payout, payment methods etc its primary focus is to determine if BountySurfer. De is real or being deceptive. As a starting point let us begin by trying to find out ownership details. Scam sites will always hide their founders identity and is usually a reliable indicator of a bad site.

After checking the attached details to their sites registration all I could find was the updated date of the website, which is 01/09/2018. I don’t think I have even seen a site with such little data attached to their stie registration. That is a really bad start and so now we must go to their site to find out if they are provided any identity data and business address for their online website.

After a bit of looking around I did find some information in their Privacy Policy:-

Founder Name is Patrick Rode.

Address supplied is Remmesweilerweg 76, D-66564 Ottweiler.

Email support at info@bountysurfer. de

That is the identity covered. Why those details are not attached to their website registration, occurs I imagine, because they founder does not want to be spammed. 




Type of Work On Offer.

Discussion of Working From Home.

Now we will cover the work they are offering to their members. As mentioned, all people from all regions of the world are welcome to join and it is also free to join. I don’t see any upgrade options but I know see one swear word on their home page LOL which made me chuckle slightly. That is fairly unique and I guess each to their own. I imagine Patrick Rode knows that simply annoys people when they see upgrade options to enjoy the full financial benefit of such sites and so perhaps some it is just some reassurance, that we are not going to have to deal with that.

You will notice you have the following ways to earn with them on their site:-

Their Surf-Bar – appears to be a browser extension that financially rewards you for using their search engine. I quite like the idea of getting paid something for just using the internet and is a great invention, however, will/may take significant time to earn anything of worth to collect unless you are online all day long.

Watch Videos – can be time consuming but at least its another way to earn.

Clicking Ads – I will cover this in more detail in the Pro’s and Con’s section soon.

Doing Jobs or Surveys – The jobs could be doing simple tasks but they have not described that very well. The surveys I have a small ‘gripe’ with and will cover that soon.

Read Emails for Pay – these emails will probably contain and advertiser links to offers you may find use for.

Refer Friends – earn commissions 3 levels deep of 7%, 3% and 1% and that is for life.

Daily Lottery – those can be fun and exciting to see if you win any free cash etc.

Activity Rally – Not described. Anyone use this feature yet? Let us know in the comments below.

Payment Methods – PayPal, SEPA Bank Wire Transfer – more options coming soon per their site.

Minimum Payout is 2.50 euros.

So, as you can see you can get paid for clicking on ads and so they are a PTC site. But also, you get paid for doing various tasks and so they are a GPT site as well, best to my knowledge. Below are the Pro’s and Con’s before I conclude with my opinion on whether they are legitimate or fraudulent in my opinion.






Free to Join.

Everyone welcome.

Multiple ways to earn and get paid.

LOW Minimum Pay Out.

Did not find any bad reports about them online as yet – hoping that will continue as too many times, such sites will give payouts and may even be legit for 1 or even 2 years, and then stop paying. 

Patrick Rode is said to have other sites that pay out! So, there is no reason to suggest SurferBounty will not pay you.

Easy to use website.

Clear and precise GDPR etc in their Privacy Policy Page.




you could be sent off to a third party advertiser website. I am worried about this activity as I must wonder have all advertisers being vetted to see if they are legit or a scam site? So, whatever free trials you sign up to, and you are not that interested in them, do make sure you cancel that trial before trial period ends.

At times, in the Terms and Conditions of third party advertisers they could be sneaky little charges coming out of your account. However, no reports of this behavior has been found online regarding Bounty Surfer.

Surveys – my personal pet hate!

I have been on so may survey sites over the years, and spent significant hours doing surveys, and only to be mentally exhausted and not even earned one lousy $1 for hours of work. The problem here with this kind of work is surveys may just disqualify you because of your region.

SO, you you may end up having only a few surveys a day to complete, thereby making earning potential longer because of your region. They can be very long to complete sometimes, and I know on other sites, when I did complete a survey successfully I simply was not awarded my money. Again, no reports of this with regards to the site being discussed. 

OR!! Which really boils my blood because there is never a way to correct this at all – YOU HALF COMPLETE A SURVEY WITH SO MUCH OF YOUR INFO REGARDING PERSONAL TASTES ETC AND THEN THEY DISQUALIFY YOU!! That is Not OK and really has put me off doing surveys for cash for life!

So, I have had my fill of surveys. What has your experience with Bounty Surfer in this area? Do let every know below in the comments section. And once more, there are no reports of this kind of behavior having occurred on the site being discussed. Just my personal concerns.

It may take you too long to earn anything worth collecting. I know with other sites I worked that were PTC/GPT I just left what little earnings I had made. Just taking up my whole day to reach one dollar, as mentioned. I hope it is quicker on the site being discussed and hopefully my concerns are not occurring with them.





At this moment in time my research did not turn up any foul play or secret intentions to turn into a scam site, as mentioned, at the time of writing this article. Regarding making a full time income from home, or earning anything in a reasonable amount of time, then I am not recommending them for that. However, I do believe they are not trying to scam people and I do wish you well if you decide to go with them. Ultimately, time will tell of their intentions and I am hoping they stay honest because the last thing the internet needs is another boring scam site – not nice.





Final Thoughts.

Based on my significant time online exposing online scams I found little reason to call them as such. They are a new site but the owner Patrick Rode has other sites reportedly paying out. The sheer lack of complaints tells me they are operating correctly and keeping their word. Good luck to those that decide to give them a try and do comment below tell us what you think about them. Anything you want to correct or add to this article, then you are welcome, to leave your suggestions below. Once again, all errors will be corrected and are not intentional, if there is any.

Have questions regarding anything said here and/or about BountySurfer. De? Ask me below and I will be happy to assist. Need a way to earn money for the long term online up to a full time income? I help people and show them how to become their own boss. This is not some over used term but a real way to earn online. I am stunned at my success since joining Wealthy Affiliate and I know you will love it if you give them a go. I have failed many times online but WA was definitely the platform for me. Those interested in being financially successful online are welcome to get their free starter account HERE or read about them HERE <- You will see some beginner earnings, payment proofs. Thank you all for coming to my site today and I am very much looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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