What Is BonWigs.com – Is BonWigs.com Scam or Legit Wig E-Store?

By | April 6, 2019

Find Out What Is BonWigs.com – Our ‘BonWigs’ Review.

Hello and welcome to scamwitness.com. What Is BonWigs.com about? Is BonWigs com a scam, fraud, fake or Is ‘BonWigs’ Legit, real, genuine, trustworthy and legit? This ‘Bon Wigs’ review is a scam alert folks. They are using the same phone number as BohoShow.com and ModiFair.com. That is only one scam sign. We will cover more.

Those with their own customer reviews are very welcome to leave them in the comments below. ‘Bon Wigs’ claims to sell real hair extensions,  but then we see that they are doing so up to the tune of 80% off, and so we know they can not be serious. You may receive instead something plasticky and so may not be fit for purpose. Let us know in the comments your own experience.




Why www.bonwigs.com is a scam!



BonWigs.com Review – Know The Scam Signs!

So, we said already that BonWigs.com is using the same phone number as other companies. We invite you know to Google this phone number here of 02085821259 and tell us how many companies do you see using the same number? That is not right for sure, and so obviously, there can only be one phone number attached to one website business.

Registration for this website began in 2018/06/25 and with only 1 year registration could be considered suspicious based solely on that. However, it can happen that founders register for so little time initially to see how their business will fair. They have the choice to renew if so desired.

Their business address when they registered their site was not revealed. They have left out the founders  name as well. So might say this is inexcusable and so now people are left giving out payment info to a site own whom nobody knows. Bad practice. Always look for reviews.

If you can not find any, then use common sense. Huge price reductions are nearly always a sign of a scam site. We can clearly see that some wigs are priced over $3oo and yet they are selling them for just $94.99. Honestly, does that make sense to you?

That company, if the initial price is to be believed, is making a huge loss on that one sale. And so we see the same for all the products on their sites home page. Beware.

We can see that they have not implemented Trust Seals like McAffee to assure customers they are safe. Where we find these seals on scam sites then usually they are not clickable. That is a great scam sign and one to watch out for.




Final Thoughts.

To recap they have a phone number that is linked to other scam sites online. That is a most crucially damaging scam sign. We have tried to be fair to their sites in our previous reports on them, but after this one, we have to deem them all as scams. 

There are just too many companies sharing that number. Those companies, some of which, have scam reports about them. Others, seem to fair quite well for positive reviews.

We have provided you with two already done reviews on the companies who are using the same number for your own research. 

What has your experience been?

They have not taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety of their users personal card information. This means that there maybe potential for your cards information to be sold online to fraudsters.

Since we do not know who the owner is, where they are exactly from, then it is a real concern. Perhaps, if you are struggling to get your order from this company after much time, to contact your payment provider and seek their advice.

They are going into our List of Internet Scammers. You may get an order but we suspect it will not be what they are advertising. The price reductions are too huge and so how can they make a profit giving away such high quality goods?

We are not convinced they are trustworthy based on the above information. Surely, by now, you must agree something is wrong with that site and so you are welcome to share your thoughts below.

All shares of this post could help some one you know from disappointment. That is all on What Is BonWigs.com and looking forward to your reports below.

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