What Is BonBoho – Is BonBoho Scam or Legit ? WARNING – SCAM!!

By | December 28, 2018

Quick Review To Find Out What Is BonBoho – Beware of www.bonboho.com.

Scam Or Legit Reviews

Nice work on your research to find out What Is BonBoho. Is BonBoho scam, bad, dishonest, crooked or Is BonBoho good, legit, honest, safe, real, genuine? This BonBoho Review atwww.bonboho.com is to warn people about their site. Many Scam Reports and Negative Reviews Online. They have a scammer address of  QANDIES LIMITED, 2.27 Romer House Lewisham High Street, London, England, SE13 6EE. Potentially 1000’s of scammers are using this address. Report them below if they scammed you out of your hard earned cash. This will help others avoid the scam and also help get their crooked site shut down sooner. Also, beware of AutoZone.Store they are one of their scamming sites, or at least, using the same fake address.

We are going to go through their site and point out all the problems present telling us they are not good. Most of these fake sites are out of China. This scam network are using a UK address but that is not where they are actually from. Watch to see if their are any shipping address from China and I would be interested to hear about that. 

Seems like this network could even have their own way to manufacture goods that are so sub standard that they may not be fit for their intended use. The quality will be inferior to the item advertised and so you will pay over the odds for the cheap, replica, maybe counterfeit goods they will send to you. We will look into the founder and other contact info. The address as said is very well known as a scammer address and they are producing scam sites regularly.

So, I don’t consider that a real name

No email. That is a fail and a deliberately to hide who the real person behind this scam site. This is done so they can’t be brought to answer for their online crimes. 

Their Email is service@bonboho.com – GREAT! Why is that not registered with their site? Already too many things not adding up and only showing scam signs.




What Is BonBoho In Truth – Their Hidden Agenda Exposed.

So, once again, nice work on finding this article. There are several points of desperate concern that we should all be looking out for when we encounter shopping sites. Once you practice looking out for these points then it will become second nature. Where we find info that is dubious at best, LIKE HAVING A SCAMMERS ADDRESS, then we can start to look for reports online. There are 100’s of complaints from very unhappy customers.


Bonhoho.com Review

Don’t Buy Anything From www.BonBoho.com!


Their fraudulent site was registered online in 2018/05/29 with just a year online. This is odd because they presumably may have already invested significant cash, in their real world biz, and so 1 year online is just makes no sense. Also, when sites that pretend to sell goods, its a kind of a give-away scam sign that they are not legit as scammers only register for 1 or 2 years – then run off with the earnings.

Their Address, that they have decided to leave at registration, is Bei Jing. This is nonsense and actually is probably ‘BeiJin’, capital of China. This be true then why do we have 2 addressees for the same business? Multiple addresses is a sign that your order is probably being shipped to you from overseas.


How The Scam Is Done – Scam Signs.

Too many people are complaining of find these scam sites on Facebook Ads. I mean the complaints are so many it seems that they are just being ignored. If so, I predict that will be the next thing they will be in the news for. Anyways, beware of those ads and do make sure to look for reviews before buying from any site you don’t know. Until platforms that earn billions investment in their members security we must do this. Please, don’t forget if you have time, to report them below. We really are each other’s best defense.

  • When an unwary customer lands on a fake site then it happens you may purchase something. Problem is, those images are stolen and they don’t have permission to promote those products. 
  • Did they take for the tax on the order? If not then that is a good sign of a scam.
  • How about a receipt – did you get one? Again, no receipt then that maybe a sign that something is wrong.
  • Take a good look at your tracking information – is it real or fake? Is it ‘static’ i.e. does it never update logically? Save all things that may be used for a refund. Contact your banks or whatever payment provider and push for a refund.
  • Not happy with your received order? If so then I would not be surprised. These scammers may send you out an item that is completely different to what you paid for. Certainly an inferior product is a pure scam.
  • Nothing for your cash? Definitely report them to all agencies online! The more reports etc there are the quicker we can wipe them out of Google and other search engines.



BonBoho Scam Signs – Know The Score Without Getting Burnt!

Here is a few things to consider always when trying to determine if a site is real or not. WHOIS is your friend! Go to there and enter the sites generic info i.e. no http or https. Hit ‘enter’. Now you will see the available info as covered herein this article.

  • Also, thy were doing so well, but their prices are too cheap. I see 80% off too many items. Remember, they are a brand new site. How then can a new site be so generous and still expect to earn to survive as a business? So, that is another sign of fakery.
  • They are CLEARLY ripping off the ‘Boho’ Name! Check out the top tab on their website. It says “Women’s Boho Dresses..” etc. But, they are NOT ‘Boho’ as in Boho.com! They are clearly attempting to confuse people, and by their traffic and complaints online – ITS WORKING! 
  • I think their founders name is not real. If it were authorities be one step closer to putting a stop to their illegal enterprise.
  • Multiple addresses, one of which, is linked to other scam sites.
  • Huge amount of complaints online.





Do You Have A BonBoho Scam Report / Reviews? Everyone Is Welcome To Leave Those Reports and Reviews Below – Thank You.









Final Thoughts.

Stay clear of any site using that Lewisham Address. They are not real and only out to scam you. Be sure to report them below, IC3 and BBB.ORG! Too many complaints online from very angry people. They are being slotted into my List of Internet Scammers.

We about to finish off here about the site in question. Those with questions, additional data, wish to share their experiences etc are welcome to leave your reports below. I respond to all comments usually fast. The next section is something off this subject matter all together. For some that will be you done with this article and I hope to hear from you below. For others, you have encountered a free sign to earn a full time income online for life.



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6 thoughts on “What Is BonBoho – Is BonBoho Scam or Legit ? WARNING – SCAM!!

  1. Viktoria Sæternes

    The shoes was not Leather as told on the site. The clothes was in wish- style (locked nothing like the pic) and when i complane and ask to return They tell me i have to pay shipping both ways because They payd shipping for me to Norway. The offered me 40$ instead of me sending it back! And i dident have to pay toll goin in to Norway wich normally you do when u pay over 300 nok for items abroud.

  2. Eba

    Boots were not as described and did not look like the picture in the site bonboho.com
    Item was sent from China not UK

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Eba,

      Very Sorry to hear this Eba and I thank you kindly for leaving your scam report on BonBoho. I do appreciate your time to leave your comment 🙂 ~ Scam Witness.


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