What Is BohoShow.com – Is ‘BohoShow’ Scam or Legit? – Review

By | April 6, 2019

Find Out What Is BohoShow.com Here – Our ‘BohoShow’ Review.

You are welcome here to our review to know What Is BohoShow.com found at www.bohoshow.com. Is BohoShow com a scam, fake, bogus and malicious or Is ‘BohoShow’ safe, trustworthy, genuine, real and legit? This ‘Boho Show’ Review is a scam alert warning! We will show you why they may not be legit and so you are welcome to leave your own reviews below in the comments.

There are tons of fake e-stores spewing out of China and so that is something we will check on. Not all fake e-stores are from this region, but since it is well known as a high risk country, it is something that we should be looking out for. Let’s find out more why ‘BohoShow’ is not legit below.




Why BohoShow.com is a scam!



What Is BohoShow.com About – Warning!

Registration date for the domain name of Bohoshow.com was in 2018/11/13 and one year is all that they have registered it for. What business do you know that registers for only 1 year? That is, for me anyways, considered to be a low-key scam sign. Why low-key? Because there are instances where founders just want to see if their business will take off or not, and if so, then they have the option to renew.

So, there are some reasons why 1 year is OK. 

There is no address submitted when they registered their address per WHOIS. We see the date, no business address, no founder name and no contact information. That is typical scam site behavior. We have to look to their site and we see a similar black-out of information of this nature.

We see an email address of service@bohoshow.com. We see a phone number of 02085821259. We Googled that email address and we can see that there are several other online companies using the same customer service phone number.

Clearly, one company equals one phone  number. How can other companies be using the same number? Impossible and an excellent scam sign to find!

We have looked for trust seals like McAffee to assure us they have been vetted and are secure. These are not on their site. If you see any, then click on them, and if they lead to nowhere i.e. not clickable, then you are dealing with a fake site. 




Final Thoughts.

They have put a discount on every product on their home page. How are they making cash if they are offering discounts on all of those products. 

Those that purchased may find nothing arrives. If something does then it may be of a low quality to a point that it is not usable.

Those with reports are welcome to place them below in the comments to help warn others. Where we have made any mistakes, we will gladly correct.

Never take one sites word on any other site and so you are advised to seek elsewhere for reviews to confirm or deny what we say here.

For us, they are not a trustworthy site and no legit business blanks out all of that information. The only time this is OK is when you are a blogger, or you are an affiliate of Amazon, Shopify et, where you get a commission for sales.

However, where that is so then we advise such legit sites to make that clear and also to prove it so you avoid being under suspicion. This way you are recognized as legit and sites like ours do not make that mistake.

That is all on What Is BohoShow.com and we hope this article has saved you some cash. Looking forward to your comments to come. They are now going into our websites List of Internet Scammers, which you may view below, of all the sites to avoid past and present.

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